NPC Ad-Hoc Staff Salary in Naira

NPC stands for National Population Commission. The ad hoc staff of NPC is responsible for conducting the census for Population And Housing Check 2023. NPC has recently released the outline of allowances and salary structure for the ad hoc staff of 2023.

Organization Name:NPC Ad-Hoc (National Population Commission)
Monthly Salary Range:₦100000 – ₦300000
Average Monthly Salary:₦200000
Organization Description:The team of ad hoc staff is responsible for conducting surveys across the country and taking facts and figures for the upcoming 2023 population and housing census. NPC hires this workforce to run a smooth census exercise.
Minimum Qualification:Secondary Diploma

The salaries are basically divided into two categories: the basic pay and allowances for training, feeding, and transportation. In this article, we will focus on the overview of NPC ad hoc salary, what are the responsibilities of the profession, and will also look at the salary structure and extras that the employees will get. So, let’s start with the description below.

Overview Of NPC AD-HOC Staff Salary

The National Population Commission has released the salary structure for ad hoc staff of this year who will be involved in the conduction of the 2023 Population And Housing Census. 2 million ad hoc staff members are temporarily employed by the department. The salary of every employee of ad hoc staff is different because of the difference in the ranks.

The average monthly income of the workers is around N 200000. Moreover, the staff includes an Enumerator, Supervisor, Monitoring And Evaluation Officers, Facilitators, Field coordinators, and Quality Assurance Assistants / Rovers. Let’s look at the division of allowances, bonuses, and base salary that the National Population Commission has announced for ad hoc staff for the 2023 Population And Housing Census.


The salary structure for NPC ad hoc staff that has been outlined by the director of the census department, Evelyn Arinola Olanipekun, tells us that the staff will get three different types of allowances in addition to their basic salary. The budgets the team will get include,

  • Feeding Allowances
  • Transportation Allowances
  • Training Allowances

Feeding Allowances

Feeding allowances are further divided into two categories: Specialized workforce and State Facilitator Allowance. The specialized workforce will get N 26000 for three days, in addition to the state training for ten days. State facilitators will get N 2000 for ten days of work.

Transportation Allowances

Every staff member of NPC ad hoc staff will get a transportation allowance of N 20000.

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Training Allowances

The trainers will get N 15000 per day for 13 days of training to a specialized workforce. Trainers will get N 15000 per day for ten days for training to state facilitators. Alternatively, the trainees will get N 10000 per day for their respective number of days.

Keep in mind these above-mentioned allowances will be provided to all categories, including supervisors and enumerators. But also remember the allowances given to supervisors are slightly less in amount and are for less number of training days.

National Population Commission Salary Structure

RankMinimum WageMaximum Wage
EnumeratorN 100,000N 220,000
SupervisorN 130,000230,000
Monitoring and Evaluation OfficersN 15Supervisor0,000
FacilitatorsN 150,000N 300,000
CoordinatorsN 140,000N 280,000
Quality Assurance AssistantsN 130,000N 280,000

This above-mentioned table tells you about the salary structure according to the ranks of ad hoc staff in NPC. Keep in mind the basic salary for each rank will be paid after the census ends. At the same time, the allowances for all ranks will be given to the members side by side.

Responsibilities Of NPC ad hoc Staff

Following are the details of NPC ad hoc staff member’s professional responsibilities. Pay your attention so you can understand what rank you have to do.

Facilitators (N150,000-N300,000)

  • Provide training to all other functionaries.
  • He should be sensible enough to understand the requirements and the details given in the census manual and convey them in an understandable way to other census functionaries.
  • He should be experienced in surveys and should be computer proficient.

Field Coordinators (N140,000-280,000)

  • Provides coordination between 30 to 50 enumerators and five supervisors.
  • He is responsible for assisting in entries into communities and institutions.
  • He makes sure that the supervisors are always available in the field of work.
  • They are responsible for providing and giving feedback to supervisors.
  • Field coordinators have to keep an eye on the working of supervisors and enumerators and should provide the work report to the comptroller.

Quality Assurance Assistants / Rovers (N 130,000 – N 280,000)

  • Those employees who are working as quality assurance assistants are responsible for providing feedback about the quality of work going on in the field.
  • They are mobile and have to keep a check by visiting different sites of work to ensure smooth fieldwork.
  • He should monitor and take steps to improve the quality of work to meet the requirements of the department.

Monitoring And Evaluation Officers (N150,000 – N300,000)

  • Evaluation officers of ad hoc staff NPC are responsible for monitoring and evaluating timely inputs of the work.
  • They are responsible for ensuring high quality and punctuality of the work.
  • Monitoring and evaluation officers make sure that the project that is going on is maintaining its quality and the actual strategic vision.
  • He also has to focus on achieving the exact results as a team that they have intended for.
  • They have to prepare the data and should have to focus on the perfection of the census conduction.
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Supervisor (N130,000 – N230,000)

  • As a supervisor, an ad hoc employee has to monitor the work of enumerators during the census.
  • Supervisors provide coordination between enumerators and charge officers.
  • They are also responsible for handling the unused material to the senior officers after the enumeration job is completed.
  • Moreover, they are responsible for managing workflow and preparing the team schedule.
  • Supervisors in the census are also responsible for sorting out the disputes and issues of the enumerators.

Enumerators ( N100,000 – N220,000 )

  • The enumerator in the census is responsible for conducting surveys and visiting the residents of the assigned area or location.
  • They are responsible for compiling data to maintain the economic and demographic profiles of citizens.
  • Enumerators are also responsible for creating service sheets.
  • They also work on previous surveys to get the census information.
  • They also conduct in-person interviews in which they have to visit the homes of the citizens and have to ask questions about their economic and demographic status.

What is the meaning of NPC staff?

NPC stands for National Population Commission, which is one of the major departments in Nigeria responsible for collecting, analyzing, organizing, and publishing the data about Nigerian people and economy. This department has recently outlined the salary structure of ad hoc staff for the 2023 Population And Housing Census.

What are the duties of NPC?

NPC is basically responsible for conducting services to collect data about the population, houses, and economy of Nigeria. They also select, analyze, and publish the data about migration statistics. Moreover, they are also responsible for enumeration of the Nigerian population via surveys and censuses.

What is the minimum and maximum salary of ad hoc staff per month?

NPC has recently outlined the structure of salary for ad hoc staff 2023 population and housing census. The minimum income is N 100,000 for ad hoc staff, including the base salary and allowances. Alternatively, the maximum income of an ad hoc staff member is N 300,000, including his allowances and base salary.

What are the ranks of ad hoc staff in NPC Nigeria?

There are different employees working on different posts in ad hoc staff at NPC. There are enumerators, supervisors, facilitators, field coordinators, quality assurance assistants, and monitoring and evaluation officers in a team of ad hoc NPC.

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