EFCC Ranks & Salary in Nigeria

Being one of the biggest departments in Nigeria, every other individual strives to get into the EFCC, which is a good decision in itself. However, getting into a department without knowing the salary range beforehand is a foolish mistake.

Organization Name:EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission)
Monthly Salary Range:₦168500 – ₦300000
Average Monthly Salary:₦234250
Organization Description:Individuals working for this Department are responsible for investigating economic and financial frauds and scams.
Minimum Qualification:The minimum qualification required to become an EFCC officer is a Bachelor’s degree in Law, Finance, Economics, or other similar fields.

The average salary of an EFCC employee is ₦234,250, which is a very handsome amount. For more details about the earnings of citizens belonging to this Department, you will have to read the article below. It will provide you with all the useful information.

Overview of EFCC Salary

EFCC is an abbreviation of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, which is a major Department in Nigeria. The qualification required to become an EFCC officer is having a Bachelor’s degree at minimum or a Master’s degree ideally.

The average salary of an EFCC officer is ₦234,250. This amount is considerably higher than other government agencies in Nigeria.


An EFCC officer also earns different bonuses and allowances apart from their salary. The different types of allowances include travel allowance or transport allowance, uniform allowance, hazard allowance, and meal subsidy.

Salary Structure

When it comes to EFCC, there are multiple ranks. However, the most major ones are the five mentioned below. The salary of each rank has also been shared.

RankSalary per MonthSalary per Year
Graduate Assistants (Entry level)₦168,500₦2,022,000
Graduate Assistants (Mid Level)₦201,000₦2,412,000
Agent Detective Superintendent₦245,000₦2,940,000
Deputy Detective Superintendent₦300,000₦3,600,000

EFCC Recruitment Salary

The EFCC recruitment salary is the salary package that is offered to entry-level officers with little to no experience. The recruitment salary of EFCC is ₦158,000 per month.

Responsibilities of EFCC

The major responsibility of the EFCC is investigating financial and economic crimes in Nigeria. This means they need to investigate different cases of financial crimes such as money laundering, counterfeiting, fee fraud, contract scams, illegal fund transfers, etc.

The officers need to gather concrete evidence of the case they are working on. Making sure that the evidence is gathered through legitimate means is also the job responsibility of EFCC officers. They also need to arrest suspects involved in crime cases and prosecute them in court.

What are the benefits of working for the EFCC?

The first great benefit of working for the EFCC is that the person receives different bonuses throughout the year. In addition to that, the job comes with many opportunities for career growth. Lastly, it is a meaningful job that allows people to do some good in the country.

What are the requirements for joining the EFCC?

The first requirement of EFCC is that the individual needs to be between 22 and 35 years of age. They also need to be a registered Nigerian citizen with at least a Bachelor’s degree. In addition to that, the person also needs to pass all the exams and checking of the Department, which includes the medical exam, record check, and document check.

How do I apply for a job with the EFCC?

In order to apply for a job, you need to open the website of the Department and then open the job listings page. You need to download the application form, fill it out completely, attach all the required documentation with it, and then submit it.

What is the career progression like at the EFCC?

The career progression at EFCC is very promising. With time, as an officer gains experience and shows better performance than others, they will be eligible for promotion, which will bring better salary packages along with other incentives.

How does the EFCC salary compare to other government agencies in Nigeria?

The salary of EFCC officers is very good compared to those who work for other government agencies in Nigeria. EFCC offers higher salary packages, along with bonuses such as performance-based bonuses and other incentives.

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