Civil Defense Salary per Month & Levels in Nigeria

The Nigerian Civil Defense Service works hard to protect the nation and its people from threats, attacks, and disasters. If you are considering a career in a civil defense agency, a vital facet of understanding it involves learning about the ranks in this field and the accompanying salary structure. Moreover, civil defense officers in Nigeria play a crucial role in safeguarding important infrastructure, disaster management, and public education on safety measures, and their average monthly salary is ₦115,044.

Organization Name:Civil Defense
Monthly Salary Range:₦24709 – ₦205380
Average Monthly Salary:₦115044.5
Organization Description:The civil defense officers are responsible for providing protection and measures against threats, attacks, and disasters in Nigeria.
Minimum Qualification:you must have a Bachelor’s degree B.Sc, a Higher National Diploma (HND) or Ordinary National Diploma (OND), and a West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

The potential recruits always consider this field for its attractive compensation package; however, there isn’t much clear and specific information on how much money the civil defense officers make. Nevertheless, this article will serve as your guide in understanding the remuneration structure of civil defense in Nigeria. So, whether you are exploring career options or simply curious about the salary structure, continue reading to find out more about this occupation.

Overview of Civil Defense Job & Salary

Jobs in civil defense in Nigeria are offered by the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC), a paramilitary agency. This Federal Republic of Nigeria’s agency is in charge of protecting lives and properties together with the Nigerian police. Similarly, the average salary of a civil defense officer is ₦115,044 per month and ₦1380533 per year.

The monthly income in civil defense varies significantly, and it depends on the rank and experience of the civil employee. Like other forces, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps also has ranks and command hierarchies. Therefore, the pay structure is also different for various levels.


Apart from the core salary structure, the NSCDC also offers a range of valuable perks and allowances designed to enhance the well-being and satisfaction of civil defense officers. Even though the exact bonus and extra money given to employees in this field is elusive, they still receive benefits such as a housing allowance to secure accommodation. Moreover, this helps the civil defense officers and their families to live comfortably.

Additionally, they also get transportation allowances to lighten the financial burden of commuting to the work area. Moreover, lunch subsidies and hazard allowances are also offered. These perks and benefits are given based on employees’ levels and ranks.

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Salary Structure

One of the reasons why some people prefer this field is its competitive and attractive salary package. Usually, people go for this job for the honor and prestige it holds, but knowing about the salary structure is equally important. Moreover, the information on various online platforms is quite ambiguous; therefore, this article is based on the estimated salaries given in one of Nigeria’s leading newspapers.

The salary of a civil defense employee is connected to their educational qualifications and experience within the organization. This means that the officers are rewarded for their talent, efforts, and hard work, which can be seen from their education and qualifications. Furthermore, this creates an environment where everyone tries to improve themselves.

Ranks Based on Education

There is a direct correlation between the qualification and rank of an employee. For instance, an HND holder occupies a level 7, a graduate is placed at level 8, and as the qualification level increases, the rank also increases. Therefore, a lawyer and a Master’s degree holder are set at level 9, and a medical doctor holds level 12.

Civil Defense Salary for SSCE Holder Salary

The SSCE holders are given support staff positions like General Duty, Mechanic, Driver, Artisan, and Technician. However, their level increases with experience. Moreover, their monthly salaries range from ₦30,000 to ₦50,000.

Civil Defense Salary Level 1 Salary

Civil Defense in Nigeria does not have a level 1. The lowest level in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) offers is level 3.

Civil Defense Recruitment Salary

A civil defense officer’s recruitment or starting salary is ₦30,000 to ₦50,000. Level 3 is the initial or starting level of civil defense in Nigeria.

Civil Defense Level 3 Salary

The minimum basic salary of a level 3 Assistant Cadre in civil defense ranges from ₦30,000 to ₦50,000. However, these SSCE holders can get a maximum of ₦50,000 to ₦70,000 per month after adding the allowances and bonuses.

Civil Defense Ranks and Salary
RankAnnual Salary
Assistant Cadre₦296,506 – ₦374,259
Assistant Inspectorate Cadre₦357,385 – ₦411,454
Inspectorate Cadre₦483,014 – ₦567,065
Assistant Superintendent Cadre II₦858,956 – ₦986,991
Assistant Superintendent Cadre I₦939,310 – ₦1,056,416
Deputy Superintendent Cadre II₦1,012,562 – ₦1,143,539
Superintendent Cadre II₦1,094,027 – ₦1,252,038
Chief Superintendent Cadre II₦1,158,172 – ₦1,325,234
Assistant Commander₦1,225,584 – ₦1,405,449
Deputy Commander₦1,619,447 – ₦1,825,589
Chief Commander₦1,759,921 – ₦1,966,281
Assistant Commandant General₦2,272,288 – ₦2,464,560

Responsibilities of Civil Defense Officer

Civil Defense is the organization that trains ordinary people to enable them to help the armed forces, medical services, or police force. Following are a few of their responsibilities;

  • Respond to crises or disasters.
  • Assist in the maintenance of peace and order.
  • Safeguard the lives and properties of the citizens.
  • Protect pipelines from vandalism.

In short, the average salary of a civil defense is ₦115,044 per month. Moreover, the wages and additional perks depend on the rank and qualification of the employee.

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