Neolife Salary in Nigeria

NeoLife is a nutrition company involved in making and selling whole food nutrition products made of superb quality materials. The company has been working for more than 60 years now and is operating all around the world. NeoLife is not only limited to food items but is also now manufacturing nutritional skin care products and providing home care items, too.

Organization Name:NeoLife International, LLC
Monthly Salary Range:₦3115599.4067 – ₦28938653.255
Average Monthly Salary:₦16027126.33085
Organization Description:NeoLife has been working since 1958, and the company is responsible for manufacturing superb quality pure whole food nutritional products and selling them to the world. It is working to provide health benefits to its customers.
Minimum Qualification:Must have a degree in bachelors of nutrition & deep understanding about nutrients.

Currently, there are more than 50 countries in which NeoLife branches operate. The company offers superb quality nutritional products for daily life use, including eating, skincare, and home care, that are explicitly made from natural whole food ingredients.

Overview Of Neolife’s Salary

NeoLife is one of the well-known nutrition companies in operation since 1958. The company additionally provides food products with whole nutritional value, including skin care products and home care items.

The average salary for NeoLife employees is about N 18,460,231.25 per year. The pay depends upon location, employee education, certificates, and skills. Well, not only the salary but the company also provides several additional benefits and bonuses to its workers, depending upon their position.


The company is renowned for providing its employees with several benefits in the name of bonuses and extras to its employees. Each employee will get many benefits and perks depending upon the post of an employee in the company.

Aside from the base salary, this NeoLife company provide its employees with the benefits of healthcare, disability grant, pension, and social security and also provides paid leave if they need it. Well, you don’t have to worry if you will work in NeoLife as the company takes care of its employees and provides a good bonus and profits to them. Furthermore, keep in mind the company also provides discounts for its employees for its products, depending upon what position they’re seated in the company.

Company Overview

The company NeoLife came into being in 1958, and since then, it has been manufacturing highly nutritious food supplies. The company is not only manufacturing food supplies and products but also distributing and selling them worldwide.

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NeoLife provides healthy skin care products and home care products with high affordability, intending to end poverty and poor wellness. There are several countries in which the company is working, including South Africa, East Africa, West Africa, Asia, and South Pacific areas.

Neolife also works in Europe and other countries, including France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Spain. The company claims that every product it manufactures is made with the help of a team of leading doctors, nutrition experts, and researchers and brings it to the market after approval from the Scientific Advisory Board to ensure it delivers next-level health benefits to its customers.

What is the meaning of NeoLife?

NeoLife is termed “new life” and is used as a symbol of giving power and regenerating your body with the nutrients you need. It is a company manufacturing nutritional products, food products, skincare, and homecare items for its customers to provide them with a life full of vitality and health.

What countries is NeoLife working in?

NeoLife works in the US, Canada, Australia, Botswana, Denmark, France, Finland, and Germany. The company operates in Hungary, Japan, Italy, Iceland, Island, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, and Romania.

How much does a NeoLife pay?

There are several posts in the NeoLife company that undoubtedly pay you a good salary in addition to its bonuses and extras. The minimum wage in the company is around N 37,387,192.88 per year, whereas the maximum salary in the company is around N 347,263,839.06 per year. Now, you can estimate how much the company pays its employees.

What companies are similar to NeoLife?

NeoLife competitors in the industry are Designs For Health, Eqology, and Omega Protein. The company is one of the significant famous companies providing nutritional products to its customers, and that is why it has lots of competitors. Another similar company with NeoLife is Purium Health Products.

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