NHFSS Salary Scale

Do you want to join the Nigerian Hunter and Forest Security Service but need more information about the salary structure and educational requirements? The information in the article will answer all the queries because officers’ salaries are discussed. You can refer to the table if you possess a WASSCE and want to join the NHFSS.

Organization Name:NHFSS (Nigerian Hunter and Forest Security Service)
Monthly Salary Range:₦20000 – ₦500000
Average Monthly Salary:₦260000
Organization Description:The Nigerian Hunter and Forest Security Service, or NHFSS, provides awareness campaigns that help reduce crime. They assist the police and other security agencies in finding practical solutions to the ongoing crimes in the country. The NHFSS officers ensure everyone’s lives and properties are safe.
Minimum Qualification:The educational requirements differ for officers based on their ranks. A low-rank officer must possess a WASSCE, whereas a high-rank officer must have a degree. Hence, the qualifications of the officers are different according to rank.

You can learn about the pay scale and ranks of the Nigerian Hunter and Forest Security Service officers. The information will help you gain more knowledge and reach a decision.

Overview of NHFSS Salary

The Nigerian Hunter and Forest Security Service, or NHFSS, protects the lives and properties of people in ungoverned areas. It is registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission to support the Nigerian police in providing protection. The officers are hired at different ranks, according to which the salaries are decided.

The higher-level officers get a higher salary than the entry-level officers. You can find information related to the salaries of officers below. It can help people interested in joining NHFSS and serving the country.

The Nigerian Hunter and Forest Security Service pays a decent amount to their officers every month. Every officer earns an average of ₦ 260,000 monthly after being hired by NHFSS.

Salary Structure

The table gives an overview of the officers’ salaries of NHFSS according to their ranks.

RanksMonthly Salary in Naira
Assistant Cadre₦ 20,000 to ₦ 35,000
Inspector Cadre₦ 55,000 to ₦ 80,000
Deputy Commandant General₦ 200,000 to ₦ 350,000
Chief Commandant General₦ 500,000 or more

Responsibilities of NHFSS

The Nigerian Hunter and Forest Security Service officers are responsible for the following.

  • The officers of NHFSS must communicate with the police and other departments to reduce crime.
  • They should introduce crime prevention programs and increase awareness.
  • The NHFSS officers should protect every citizen’s life and property.
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A brief yet informative article on the NHFSS salary is written so Nigerians can know about the salary structure. Every officer is paid according to their rank and experience. A higher level officer earns three to four times more than a lower rank officer of NHFSS.

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