Nigerian Army Salary & Ranks + Allowances

Are you of the opinion that army officers get high salaries every month? The Nigerian officers get different salaries according to their rank amongst commissioned and non-commissioned officers. They can go up to the top and earn more than they were getting after being appointed.

Organization Name:Nigerian Army
Monthly Salary Range:₦120000 – ₦1500000 for commissioned & 180000 for non-commissioned officer.
Average Monthly Salary:₦810000
Organization Description:It is the primary responsibility of a Nigerian army officer to protect the country and maintain its territorial integrity. The officers are trained to perform duties and restore law and order situations. Moreover, they are liable to protect the country by land and prevent external aggression.
Minimum Qualification:Education is essential when applying for the Nigerian army. The applicant must pass NECO/NABTEB/WASCE in up to two sittings. Moreover, they must be qualified from a renowned university with at least a second division.

If you’re curious about salary according to rank, scroll down to read the article. The exact figures, along with the monthly allowances, are explained. People willing to apply for the Nigerian army can get much help from the article.

Overview Of Nigeria Army Salary

The Nigerian army is responsible for looking after the citizens of Nigeria and protecting the country from the inside and outside. As an armed forces member, it is the responsibility of the officer to serve the country. The British trained the Nigerian officers before World War 2.

The officers are divided into two categories, i.e., commissioned and non-commissioned officers, and the salaries vary according to it. Not every officer appointed by the army will get the same amount of money because of the difference in experience and rank. The salary structure according to the ranks and categories is explained.

Hence, it is essential to fulfill the eligibility criteria to join the Nigerian army. Education and no criminal history are necessary to get into the forces. After getting selected, the applicants are paid different salaries according to their ranks and categories.

The average salary of a commissioned army officer is around ₦ 800,000, and that of a non-commissioned officer is ₦ 115,000. The amount varies with the allowances and bonuses paid after fulfilling tasks or missions. An officer at a higher rank will earn more than a newly appointed officer in the force.


Other than the monthly salaries, Nigerian army officers get a ration allowance. The officers were getting ₦ 1,000 per month, but it was increased to ₦ 2,000 in August 2023. They were unhappy about the increase because they were expecting ₦ 5,000 as the salaries are too low.

Most officers earn less than ₦ 100,000 monthly, which isn’t enough to fulfill their daily needs. Besides the ration allowance, the army officers get training, transport, operation, and special force allowances. These vary from officer to officer, depending upon their rank and years of experience.

Nigerian Army Salary Structure

Commissioned OfficersSalaries (Monthly)
General₦ 1,500,000
Lieutenant General₦ 1,000,000
Major General₦ 950,000
Brigadier General₦ 750,000
Colonel₦ 550,000
Lieutenant Colonel₦ 350,000
Major₦ 300,000
Captain₦ 220,000
Lieutenant₦ 180,000
Second Lieutenant₦ 120,000
Non-Commissioned OfficersSalaries (Monthly)
Army Warrant Officer₦ 180,000
Master Warrant Officer₦ 120,000
Warrant Officer₦ 95,000
Staff Sergeant₦ 80,000
Sergeant₦ 70,000
Corporal₦ 60,000
Lance Corporal₦ 57,000
Private Soldier₦ 50,000

Responsibilities Of A Nigerian Army Officer

Just like the armed forces of other countries, the Nigerian army has responsibilities and duties that must be fulfilled. The officers must act according to the roles entrenched in the country’s constitution. Some of the responsibilities are mentioned so ordinary people can have an idea.

  • The first responsibility is to maintain the territorial integrity. The country must be secured from all the land, sea, and air borders.
  • The code of conduct and duties of an army officer are mentioned in the constitution. It is essential to act according to it.
  • The army officers are liable to aid civil authorities in maintaining law and order situation in the country. If the President of Nigeria calls for action, they must do so.

Hence, these are some primary responsibilities of an armed officer in Nigeria.

What are the army ranks from lowest to highest?

The ranks are divided into two categories: commissioned and non-commissioned officers. A General ranks highest, whereas the Second Lieutenant ranks lowest among commissioned officers. At the same time, a private soldier is the lowest among the non-commissioned categories.

Do you get paid while in basic training?

The Nigerian army officers get paid when they are training. They get their monthly salary to send it back home.

A detailed article on Nigeria Army Salary is written to help people better understand the salary structure and ranks. The officers are appointed after they complete their primary education and pass the physical, physiological, and mental tests. They get appointed at the lowest ranks and can go up to the higher level with experience.


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