NSCDC Salary in Nigeria

NSCDC Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corp department entertains a massive workforce, mostly credited to their above-average base salary. Not only this, but the department itself is highly reputed and known for its social services across the state. If you are entering the department and want to know all about NSCDC salary, keep on reading this guide.

Organization Name:Civil Defense, Defense Management, Crisis Management
Monthly Salary Range:₦31188 – ₦305332
Average Monthly Salary:₦168260
Organization Description:Employees in the Civil Defense Department manage, monitor, and evaluate risk factors for security in the state and take precautionary measures to prevent it.
Minimum Qualification:Matriculation (for basic low-grade salaries), Undergraduate (for upper-grade salaries. Preferences will be given to people with qualifications in civil defense/ fire courses/ computer-related courses.

Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Salary

Employees in NSCDC or Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps are expected to earn anywhere between ₦31,188 and ₦305,332, based on the position they are placed in. The salary at each hierarchy level is also dependent on a person’s experience, qualifications, and expertise in the role. Finally, according to NSCDC, salaries are also revised after each rotation on a merit basis.

NSCDC Extras

The Civil and Defence Department has a rotational system for revising salaries and incentives. However, most employees state that the department has no proper structure of incentives and bonuses aside from the prevalent issue of wage disparity. However, given the dangerous nature of the job, the department offers compensation to employees (insurance, medical, etc).

NSCDC Civil Defense Salary Structure

The NSCDC Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps has a defined hierarchy structure, with each level and rank having its own average salary. So, let us get in and discuss these salary structures.

Levels (Professional Ranks)Includes Employees from Which BackgroundAverage Monthly Salary (Exclusive of Incentives)
Level 3 – 6Assistant Cadres₦31,188
Level 7Assistant Inspectorate Cadre₦34,288
Level 8Inspectorate Cadre₦47,255
Level 9Assistant Superintendent Cadre I₦82,249
Level 10Assistant Superintendent Cadre II₦95,295
Level 11Deputy Superintendent Cadre II₦104,337
Level 12Superintendent Cadre₦82,249
Level 13Chief Superintendent Cadre₦104,337
Level 14Assistant Assistant Commander₦117,121
Level 15Deputy Commander₦152,132
Level 16Assistant Chief Commander₦163,857
Level 17Deputy Commandant General and Assistant Commandant General₦205,380 and ₦225,290
Level 18Commandant General₦305,332

Responsibilities of a Civil Defense Department Employee

The Civil Defence Department of Nigeria is responsible for enabling the state to assess the risk (for biological, chemical, conventional wars, and unconventional security threats) and take precautionary measures to solve it. However, the professional responsibilities of its employees depend on his/ her role in the department. Let us discuss some of their broader professional responsibilities for a clearer picture.

  • Minimizing the number of casualties due to conventional wars or intra-state crisis situations.
  • Providing active civilian support to those in war situations.
  • Coordinating the activities of government agencies and private entities for public welfare.
  • Supervising, monitoring, and evaluating the programs for state disaster management.
  • Making sure the effective crisis management programs are implemented effectively.
  • Some other duties include preventing vandalization, rescuing civilians, regulating the private guard company, and managing disasters.

What is the minimum salary of NSCDC employees?

The basic monthly salary of an NSCDC employee is anywhere around ₦31,188.

How many salary ranks are there in NSCDC?

There are a total of 18 ranks in NSCDC, starting from Assistant Cadres to Commandant General.

What is the maximum salary of NSCDC employees?

The maximum salary of an NSCDC employee is around ₦305,332.

What is the average NSCDC salary for graduates?

The graduate positions in NSCDC start from Level 7 to Level 12. Hence, their average salary scale is between ₦34,288 and ₦82,249.

Though stressful and challenging, working in NSCDC is definitely a worthy profession for anyone who wants to challenge himself. It is known for its above-average wages and social repute. I hope this guide was helpful for anyone planning to enter the department.

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