NPA Salary in Naira

The Nigerian Ports Authority, or NPA, has all the major ports under it. It hires plenty of people to work together to conduct operations at different ports in the country. The NPA is a federal agency, so the salaries differ for each employee.

Organization Name:NPA (Nigerian Ports Authority)
Monthly Salary Range:₦21000 – ₦600000
Average Monthly Salary:₦310500
Organization Description:The NPA is responsible for managing and operating all the ports in Nigeria. All the workers hired by the port authority must fulfill their duties so they run smoothly. It is essential for the high turnout around and in the port area.
Minimum Qualification:The qualification requirements differ for every worker at the Nigerian Ports Authority. Workers are appointed for different posts, so they must have relevant degrees and work experience.

If you want to know the exact figure each worker is making, dig into the article below. You can also find out about the incentives the employees are getting. The information will help you decide if you want to join NPA or look for other options.

Overview Of NPA Salary

The Nigerian Ports Authority, or NPA, is a government agency responsible for operating all the ports in the country. It was formed in 1954 and operates all the major ports, including the Calabar Port, River Port, Delta Port, Onne Port, etc. The NPA hires many staff because loads of people are needed to manage ports in Nigeria.

People believe that government agencies like the NPA pay their workers decent salaries. They are well-paid and even get allowances to fulfill their daily needs. I’m discussing the salaries below; you can see if it is true.

Hence, on average an NPA can make around ₦ 317,000 in a month. The more years of experience, the higher the salary like any other government employment.


Like all the other federal government employees, the NPA workers also get incentives and medical allowances. Employees enjoy all the perks and get free medical care, retirement packages, and pensions. The incentive and pension amount are set according to the basic salary.

Salary Structure

The table shows employees’ salaries at different levels at the Nigerian Ports Authority. It will help you know about the monthly income of NPA employees.

Job TitleMonthly Salary In Naira
Administrative Secretary₦ 21,000
Real Estate Associate₦ 42,000
Administrator₦ 70,000
Counselor₦ 180,000
Desk Cadet Officer₦ 300,000
HSE Officer₦ 400,000
Corrosion Engineer₦ 250,000
Control Engineer₦ 600,000


The Nigerian Ports Authority is responsible for operating the ports in the country, and each employee has a specific responsibility. A few of them are mentioned below so people can have an idea.

  • Employees at NPA are responsible for overseeing the daily operations. They must look into cargo handling and storage.
  • All the workers must follow the rules and regulations and carry out planning for infrastructure development.
  • The safety and security of the goods are the staff’s responsibility at the port. They must protect everything and facilitate the people.

What is the work of NPA?

The NPA is also known as the Nigerian Ports Authority and is responsible for operating and managing all the ports in the country. All the major ports in the country fall under this authority.

Who is the MD of NPA Nigeria?

Mohammed Bello Koko, a 54-year banker became the Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority in February 2022.

A brief article on NPA salary is written so all the interested people can know how much the employees earn. Different workers get different monthly salaries depending upon their rank. You can apply for the level you’re eligible for at NPA.

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