CONRAISS Salary Structure in Nigeria

Consolidated Research and Allied Institutions Salary Structure (CONRAISS) is a progressive milestone achieved by the government of Nigeria. It is a structure designed in 2009 to replace the outdated salary structure for the research and allied institutes. Currently, CONRAISS has reformed again, and these new changes have altered the entire model.

Organization Name:Research & Allied Institute
Monthly Salary Range:₦34560 – ₦501657
Average Monthly Salary:₦268108.5
Organization Description:A CONRAISS employee is responsible for assisting with technical problems, conducting research, teaching, and evaluating the present data.
Minimum Qualification:The minimum qualification for CONRAISS is a Masters degree in STEM.

If you are eager to apply for this department, then I will suggest you see the salary structure with the extras such as bonuses and allowances. The Government of Nigeria has increased the overall salaries of the employees and provided them with supportive allowances so employees can have a better lifestyle. Let’s discuss the core elements of the CONRAISS salary structure, including the responsibilities of the workers.

Overview Of CONRAISS Salary Structure

CONRAISS is a sophisticated salary structure to distribute the salaries among the employees of research and allied institutes. Basically, this model offers a very simple approach for the higher authorities to understand the needs and the efforts of each designation. Then, the model describes how the money should be divided into the departments so that every employee receives a sufficient amount.

The entry-level income in the research or allied institute is about ₦34560, and the experienced employee receives ₦501657. In these two amounts, you can see that neither the lower rank gets an insufficient amount nor the higher one gets extra money. The average income in the research and allied institutes is ₦268109.


Research work is under development in Nigeria as the researchers do not have the appropriate tools and machinery to conduct their studies. However, the government is offering extras such as allowances and bonuses, plus it is upgrading the present tools and the instruments of research.

The employee receives medical insurance in which he is able to get treatment for free. He also has housing and transport allowances in which the employee gets rental expenses or the apartment from the higher authorities. Lastly, transportation from home to the office and vice versa is available for the employees at subsidized rates.

Salary Structure

As I have mentioned, the salary structure of CONRAISS is sophisticated and better than the previous one. The structure of the salary is designed after comprehensive research. Anyhow, here is the structure of salaries available with maximum details.

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Grade Level/StepsSalary For MalesSalary for Females
CONRAIS 01 (Step 1 – 15)₦34,560₦29,376
CONRAIS 02 (Step 1 – 15)₦45,067₦38,3075
CONRAIS 03 (Step 1 – 15)₦46,553₦39,570
CONRAIS 04 (Step 1 – 15)₦47,353₦40,250
CONRAIS 05 (Step 1 – 15)₦49,036₦41,6800
CONRAIS 06 (Step 1 – 15)₦50,336₦42,7850
CONRAIS 07 (Step 1 – 15)₦62,097₦52,7825
CONRAIS 08 (Step 1 – 15)₦87,659₦74,510
CONRAIS 09 (Step 1 – 15)₦179,050₦152,192
CONRAIS 10 (Step 1 – 15)₦223,450₦190,932
CONRAIS 11 (Step 1 – 15)₦256,749₦218,2365
CONRAIS 12 (Step 1 – 15)₦268,906₦228,570
CONRAIS 13 (Step 1 – 15)₦320,897₦272,7625
CONRAIS 14 (Step 1 – 15)₦378,008₦321,3060
CONRAIS 15 (Step 1 – 15)₦501,657₦426,4085


Here is a model available in the table that states that the women employees of the search for the allied institutions will have lower salaries as compared to the men. It is because the agency is working under the rules of the government. The Government of Nigeria allowed the agency to pay 12% to 15% less to women as compared to men.


Qualification also plays a major role in the model as if one is more qualified with better research understanding, then the chances are high that he may receive a heavy salary. Research work is based on skills, so if you have more experience with high qualifications, then you will have a high salary.

Responsibilities of Research & Allied Institutes Employees

  1. Conducting Research: The job is all about research, so an employee is expected to show his skills in studying a phenomenon thoroughly with effective findings.
  2. Findings: Research is a skill, so one should not be biased and learn to stay neutral while studying a phenomenon. Further, he should show his findings to the related bodies for confirmation that the findings are accurate.
  3. Teaching: It is not only important that you conduct thorough research and present findings. However, the employee should teach or train the public about his new findings.

What is a Conraiss?

Consolidated Research and Allied Institutions Salary Structure is a system to determine and distribute the salaries of research and allied institutes.

Research work is one of the most important parts of academic and nonacademic settings. Research is not always related to scientific phenomena but also to seeing the happiness ratio, unemployment ratio, or the population number in the country. CONRAIS is a way to distribute money within the agency so everyone gets an equal share.

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