Air Hostess Salary in Nigeria

The air hostess job in Nigeria is a combination of glamor and responsibility, as she should have self-presenting skills with the ability to understand her duties. The government of Nigeria took multiple actions to reform United Nigerian Airlines. In these reforms, the major part was to take the salaries of the air hostesses from low to high so they could meet both ends with the help of extra bucks.

Occupation:Air Hostess
Monthly Salary Range:₦113000 – ₦359000
Average Monthly Salary:₦236000
Description:An air hostess offers passengers safety, comfort, and well-being with the help of her services.
Minimum Qualification:National Diploma or Higher National Diploma with maximum height and physical fitness.

The government also provided them with more facilities, such as allowances and bonuses, to increase the quality of passenger attendant positions. Currently, acquiring the air hostess occupation in Nigeria is one of the best ways to make progress as fast as possible. Come with me to understand the salary structure of the air hostesses, their extras, and their ranking system.

Overview Of Air Hostess Salary In Nigeria

The job of an air hostess is risk-taking as she has to manage the passengers who belong to different countries. She also encounters life-threatening conditions such as plane crashes or technical faults in the plane in the middle of the journey. Additionally, she has to face challenges like teaching passengers how to stay calm and solve their complicated issues.

It raises the question of whether these air hostesses get the amount according to their efforts and struggles. An estimation suggests that the entry-level salary of an air hostess is ₦113,000 whereas the highest pay is ₦359,000. The average salary is about ₦230,000 which is better than the other jobs, additionally, they also get extras such as bonuses or allowances.


There is a list of the allowances and bonuses companies offer to air hostesses. For example, the travel allowances in which they get subsidized travel journeys from one to another country. They also receive medical and life insurance in which if they require treatment, then the airline will offer all the expenses.

The air hostesses get accommodations from the airlines as they travel from one to another country, so they receive a pass or token of a five-star hotel. Additionally, they get meals during their duty time as they are the responsibility of the airline. Lastly, airline companies offer periods of rest to air hostesses.

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Salary Structure

The salary structure is not complicated in the jobs of air hostesses as they all have almost similar pay. The salary may vary according to the airline as if you work in a private airline, they offer more bucks compared to the government airline. However, the salary table is mentioned below.

LevelsSalarySalary Distribution
Entry level₦113,00065% employees
Average₦230,00010% employees
Most Senior₦359,0005% employees

In this table, you can clearly see how the salary is distributed among the flight attendants. 65 percent of air hostesses receive an entry-level salary of ₦113,000.

In contrast, only 10% of air hostesses have an average salary of ₦230,000, and 5% earn more than average because of their seniority. The rest of the 20% of air hostesses earn below ₦113,000.

Responsibilities of Air Hostess

  1. Safety Procedure: The very first part of their jobs is to ensure the safety of the passengers. An air hostess should be all ears and eyes to identify the threats and make sure that all the passengers are safe.
  2. Comforting Passengers: Another part of their job is to comfort passengers by offering them pillows or drinks. In this part, some airlines also offer their passengers a small tab or headphones to enjoy the trip.
  3. Preparing Cabin: Air hostesses should help passengers fit their moveable luggage in the cabin on the plane without causing disturbance and noise.
  4. Guidance: The air hostess is responsible for guidance as she should inform passengers about the rules and regulations of the airlines and what they should do in case of a catastrophe.

How long can a girl work as an air hostess?

The air hostesses work eight to ten years. After that, an air hostess is promoted to check the ground duties, such as checking air hostesses or training new girls.

What is the main thing for an air hostess?

The main thing for an air hostess is to assist the passenger in case of confusion or disturbance.

How many days do air hostesses get off?

An air hostess gets 12 days off every month.

The job of an air hostess is full of disturbing elements and risks, but the facilities an airline offers eliminate the toughness of the job. An air hostess should focus on her style of presentation and ability to interact with new people if she wants to progress in the future. Anyhow, the salary structure, the qualification requirement, and the responsibilities of an air hostess are mentioned above.

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