Chief of Army Staff Salary in Nigeria

The Chief of Army Staff is the second most powerful position in the country after the head of state. A COAS is considered the top head of the army department of Nigeria that deals with security issues. He is responsible for making strategies for the protection of the public.

Occupation:Chief of Army Staff
Monthly Salary Range:₦120000 – ₦1500000
Average Monthly Salary:₦810000
Description:Responsible for developing strategies for the security of the region.
Minimum Qualification:The army head should have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in Nigeria.

The position of COAS is often labeled as the most powerful in Nigeria. But some analysts say that he possesses more power than money as his salary is less than our expectations. Let’s dig into the details of how much he earns and compare it with his duties.

Overview of Chief of Army Staff Salary

The head of the army is known as the Chief of Army Staff in Nigeria. Currently, Taoreed Lagbaja is running this position. It is the most sensitive position in the country, therefore the exact salary details are not revealed, but the estimated income is available.

The lowest income of an army commissioned man is about ₦120,000. At the same time, the head of the army gets ₦1,500,000 monthly. If we see the average income in the commission officer ranking, that is ₦810,000; however, the head of the army also gets a list of extras.


There is a list of facilities given to the Chief of Army Staff in which bonuses, allowances, incentives, and extensions are included. The army chief has personal staff, free medical care, free travel and transportation, high security, elite-class accommodation, and other benefits.

Salary Structure

The salary structure of the army department is not complicated. There are multiple ranks in the commission’s services, from second lieutenant to the Chief of Army Staff. The higher one enjoys more power and facilities as compared to the lower position holders.

Responsibilities of Chief of Army Staff

  • Command: The basic purpose of the Chief of Army Staff is to organize the entire army and control the structure efficiently.
  • Planning: The Chief of Army Staff is the one who develops plans with his juniors for the protection of the interests and country.
  • Resource Management: He also looks after the budget and needs of the army. He manages resources efficiently and spots the officers malfunctioning in the department.

The Chief of Army Staff is a very sensitive post in Nigeria as he deals with the security problems of the country. The purpose of this position is to protect the country and region’s interest in order to progress. The salary of the Chief of Army Staff, Taoreed Abiodun Lagbaja, is mentioned above with his responsibilities and other details.

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