Nigerian Army Screening Date

The process of joining the Nigerian army continues beyond just applying. Screening is one of the most crucial stages of the whole process involved in joining the Nigerian Army. Candidates eagerly wait for the screening date after submitting their application, as this date marks the commencement of the meticulous evaluation process involving physical, mental, and medical assessments.

Many of you who are reading this must have applied for the Nigerian Army and want to know about the Nigerian Army screening date, right? So, stick around in this quick guide, we will reveal the Nigerian Army screening date and shed light on its procedure and significance that plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of a candidate.

Nigerian Army Screening Date

All those who have applied for the Nigerian Army, embrace yourself because they have released the screening date for 86 Regular Recruits Intake (86RRI) and that is from 4th December 2023 to 17th December 2023. All shortlisted candidates must appear on the screening date at the designated centres for further assessment.

All applications are evaluated carefully, and those candidates who meet the criteria are shortlisted for the screening test. The list of shortlisted candidates is shared on the official website online. So, if you are wondering how will you know if you got shortlisted or not, check their website frequently.

What to Bring on Screening Day?

Have you visited the Nigerian Army’s official website? Congratulations! If you are on the shortlisted candidates list, you are already one step closer to your dream of joining the Nigerian Army.

I know the anxiety level of candidates is super high on screening days because this is far more than just an examination. It involves physical fitness, mental health, and medical assessment but stay calm because you got this. Don’t forget to take the following when you appear for the screening exercise:

  • Be punctual and bring your ID card with you.
  • Must bring your academic certificates.
  • A valid certificate of state of origin.
  • Printouts of the online application and supporting documents.
  • 2 recent passport-size photographs.

Eligibility Criteria for the Nigerian Army Screening Test

It’s not easy to be a part of the Nigerian Army; all candidates go through thorough examination and assessment to prove they are eligible for the job. To pass the screening test, a candidate must meet the following criteria when he appears on the designated Nigerian army screening date.

  • Candidate must be a Nigerian citizen by birth.
  • The age limit to be eligible is between 18 years to 26 years.
  • Qualification-wise, a candidate must have at least 5 credits in WAEC/ NECO results. Good result in Mathematics and English Language is a plus.
  • Any candidate appearing in the screening test must not have any criminal record, not even a single one.
  • You must be physically and mentally fit.
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Keep in mind the use of electronic devices is strictly prohibited during the screening test. One of my friends failed his chance because of this because a recording device is not only confiscated but also leads to automatic disqualification.

Is Nigeria Army shortlist out 2023 2024?

Yes, the shortlisted candidates list for the 2023 to 2024 group is out. Any individual who has appeared in a screening test has a chance to get shortlisted depending on his eligibility and screening assessment tests.

How do I check my shortlist for the Nigerian Army?

To check the shortlist for the Nigerian Army just visit the recruitment portal and search your name in the search bar.

What are the shortlisted candidates?

The shortlisted candidates are those whose job application gets approved because it match the job’s predetermined criteria. In short, these candidates are the best choice for the job.

The screening test is the stage where the applicant’s abilities and capabilities are rigorously evaluated. It goes beyond the physical and mental capability.

All candidates must appear on the decided Nigerian Army screening date i-e., 4 to 17 Dec 2023. The screening day is the gateway for the candidates that decide whether they are physically, mentally, and medically fit for this tough job or not.

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