Radiography Salary in Nigeria

Radiographers operate X-ray equipment to assist in diagnosing the patient’s conditions. They use equipment and machines that produce high-quality diagnostic images to properly analyze the patient. Radiographic technicians are experts in imaging sonography, computer tomography, MRI mammography, and vascular interventional radiography.

Monthly Salary Range:₦364150 – ₦552950
Average Monthly Salary:₦458550
Description:Radiographers are specialists who are trained to use the equipment and machines in order to produce x-ray images that will help in diagnosing the illness of the patient.
Minimum Qualification:B.Rad Programme

Although their role varies from one individual to another, professionals are highly in demand not only in Nigeria but worldwide. But in this article, we will look at the overview of radiography salaries in Nigeria, their bonuses, and the salary structure based on which they are paid. Pay attention because we have tried our best to collect the data from genuine resources like official government survey results, research, and government official salary data.

Overview of Radiography Salary in Nigeria

Radiographers play an essential role in hospitals and other clinical settings like laboratories. They are skilled enough to operate heavy machinery and instruments to create high-quality diagnostic images that will help the doctor in diagnosing the illness of the patient correctly.

One of the appealing aspects of being a radiographer is that students are not required to complete years and years of education. Instead, they can achieve their certifications only within a short time of training, within 2 to 3 years. Also, the salary of radiographers varies from one individual to another due to variability in circumstances.

The average salary that a radiographer can get in Nigeria is ₦ 364,150 a month. This, when converted into annual wage, becomes ₦ 4,369,800 per year. This is the average salary and is concluded after adding the benefits of allowances and bonuses like housing and transport.

Moreover, the salary also varies based on several other factors like location, gender, skills, and experience. The median wage calculated after the data we have gathered from our research tells us that a median salary for a radiographic technologist is ₦ 4,102,700 per year. It means that 50% of the radiographers in Nigeria earn more than this, and 50% of the radiographers in Nigeria earn less than this.


Now, let’s talk about the incentives, bonuses, and extra payments or increments radiographic technicians get in Nigeria. Well, like other major industries in Nigeria, the healthcare industry also receives an annual increment of 2% in their salary, and so is the case with radiographers.

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Moreover, when it comes to bonuses and incentives, radiography is somehow a low-bonus job. The research concludes that around 52% of the radiographers in Nigeria have not received any bonuses in the last year of their employment. At the same time, only 48% of the employees received one bonus previous year.

Salary Structure

Salaries Based on Professional Experience

The salary of an individual varies a lot based on professional experience, and so is the case with radiographers. Those radiographers who are at the very start of their careers earn comparatively much less than those who have more than 15 years of experience. Following are the details of the average salaries on the basis of the professional expertise of radiographers.

  • Those radiographers who are at the very start of their career, with only experience of 0 to 2 years, can make up an annual income of ₦ 2,662,900.
  • Then, we have those radiographers who have more than two years of experience and less than five years. They can make up to ₦ 3,263,500.
  • With 5 to 10 years of practical experience in the field, a radiographer can get an annual income of ₦ 4,618,200.
  • Then come the professional radiographers. These are those who have more than ten years of experience. With 10 to 15 years of experience, a radiographer in Nigeria can earn an annual salary of ₦ 5,399,900.
  • Lastly, we have highly skilled and professional radiographers with over 15 years of experience. Since they are highly professional and have been serving in their field for more than 15 years now, they can make up an average annual income of equal to or more than ₦ 5,940,300.

Salaries Based on Education

Of course, the salaries of radiographers vary based on the education they have. With a higher degree, you can earn a higher wage as compared to an individual who does not have a higher degree.

With a bachelor’s degree education, radiographers in Nigeria can make up an average annual salary of ₦ 2998500. Alternatively, we have those who have master’s degrees. In Nigeria, they can make up an average income of ₦ 5,806,300 per year.

Salaries Based on Gender

Although gender should not affect the salary of an individual, unfortunately, it does in most of the professions. The same is the case with radiographers. There is a significant difference between the salaries of male radiographers and female radiographers working in Nigeria.

Male radiographers earn more than female radiographers. Research shows that the average annual income of a male radiographer is ₦ 4,609,700.

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Alternatively, a female gets only ₦ 3,970,700 per year salary while working in the same field. This tells us that there is a difference of around 16% in the wages of male and female radiographers.

Responsibilities of Radiographer

Following are the critical responsibilities of radiographers working in Nigeria. Pay attention to the details so you can have an idea of what a radiographer has to do in his field.

  • Radiographers are responsible for using radiography equipment and machines.
  • They are also responsible for using surgical equipment carefully because they are portable and pretty complicated when they have to perform X-rays properly.
  • They have to monitor the equipment, supplies, and machines and ensure that they’re working in the perfect condition to give the desired work.
  • Radiographers are also responsible for analyzing and making reports of the X-ray results.
  • They conduct not only X-rays but also imaging sonography, computer tomography, MRI, mammography, and vascular interventional radiography.
  • They also have to prioritize the cases from individual to individual to schedule the appointments and deal with the emergency procedures all side by side.

Is there a difference between male and female radiographer’s salaries in Nigeria?

There is a noticeable difference in the salaries of male and female radiographers. Males earn an average of ₦ 4,609,700 per year, and females earn an average of ₦ 3,970,700 per year. This shows that there is a difference of 16% in the salaries of both individuals, and males get 16% more than females while doing the same job.

What is the average salary of a radiographer in Nigeria?

A radiographer who is working in Nigeria earns an average salary of approximately ₦ 364,150 per month. Keep in mind the salary is approximated because it varies from one individual to another due to the differences in gender, education, skill, and experience.

What is the range of lowest and highest annual salaries radiographers in Nigeria can get?

The minimum annual salary a radiographer can get in Nigeria is ₦ 2,314,800. Alternatively, the highest yearly wage a radiographer in Nigeria can get is ₦ 6,635,400. This gives us the range of approximated salaries between ₦ 364,150 to ₦ 552,950 per month.

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