CONHESS Salary Structure in Nigeria

People claim that joining healthcare professions is a guarantee of success, but very few know how much these professionals earn monthly. In the past few years, the health care services department has emerged as a major sector of the government. The reason behind the emergence is the reforms by the government, such as CONHESS.

Occupation:Health Services Employee
Monthly Salary Range:₦80000 – ₦350000
Average Monthly Salary:₦215000
Description:Providing health care to patients, administrating medications, psychoeducating clients, and enhancing their well-being.
Minimum Qualification:The minimum qualification varies for doctors MDCN, for nurses NMCN, and for pharmacists B.Pharm.

It is a Consolidated Health Salary Structure that is a system to distribute the salary of health and medical professionals in Nigeria. It states that salary should be distributed according to the level and the rank of the employee. Let’s dig into detail about how much the medical and health care services profession earns in Nigeria, according to CONHESS.

Overview Of CONHESS Salary Structure

There are a variety of professions, such as medical doctors, pharmacists, nurses, laboratory technologists, physiotherapists,s and radiologists. The salaries of these employees are determined by the Consolidated Health Salary Structure. It is a system in which the information about salaries is released before the year starts so the employees can see their increments.

The minimum salary on the bench is ₦80,000, whereas the maximum one is ₦350,000. The average salary of a health or medical professional is almost ₦215,000. In contrast, the median value, according to an estimation, is ₦150,000.


No doubt, medical and healthcare professionals receive extras, but these allowances and bonuses vary according to their ranking and post. For example, the higher ranking medical professionals get a house and free health care services. At the same time, the low grades get monthly extra money because of their efficient performance and medical insurance.

Additionally, travel allowances are common in the medical and healthcare sectors, such as the majority of the employees getting free transport from the institute to home. It is not only safe but also helps a professional to save money. Lastly, the overall allowances are received by both higher and lower rank professionals at the end of the year.

Salary Structure

The salary structure is a bit complicated because there is a list of the professions. The salaries are given to the employees according to their rank and level, but there are factors that can influence the amount. First is the gender, second is the qualification, and third is the experience or skills of a professional.

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StructureMonthly PayFemale Salary Private SectorFemale Salary Government Sector
CONHESS 07₦80,000₦70,400₦68,000
CONHESS 08₦90,000₦79,200₦76,500
CONHESS 09₦100,000₦88,000₦85,000
CONHESS 10₦120,000₦105,600₦102,000
CONHESS 11₦150,000₦132,000₦127,500
CONHESS 12₦180,000₦158,400₦153,000
CONHESS 13₦230,000₦202,400₦195,500
CONHESS 14₦280,000₦246,400₦238,000
CONHESS 15₦350,000₦308,000₦297,500


The government of Nigeria has a rule that the female in any department will get 15% less than their male counterparts. The rule does not apply in certain conditions, but in CONHESS the salaries of the female doctors or nurses are lower than the male professionals. Interestingly, the percentage of lower income is slightly different in the private sector; as mentioned in the table, the majority of the private sector pays 12% less to females than their male counterparts.


Another thing is the qualification of a person; if the person has higher qualifications with top grades in the final exams of medical or health care examinations, the chances are high that the salary may increase. Additionally, if a medical professional enhances the quality of his education from a Master’s to a Ph.D. and further, then it adds an increment in his salary.


Lastly, experience matters a lot in medical and healthcare services. An experienced professional has more chances to get high salaries as compared to his unskilled counterparts. For this, the professional is expected to participate in the training and development programs.

Responsibilities of Medical & Health Care Professional

  1. Care: The first and foremost duty of a medical and health professional is to care for the patient and provide him with all the resources so that the patient can cope with real problems.
  2. Diagnoses: The medical professional is responsible for diagnosing the illness and the malfunctioning of the patient’s body organs.
  3. Ethical Practice: The professional is expected to practice in the realm of ethics. For example, the professional should not hurt the integrity, beliefs, and physical features of a patient.

What is the meaning of conhess?

Consolidated Health Salary Structure is the meaning of CONHESS.

What is the hardest nursing specialty?

The hardest specialty in nursing is in the psychiatric setting.

CONHESS is a proper method to distribute the wealth of government legitimately. According to this method, there is a system that determines the salaries of medical and health professionals. It informs them how much the other levels are earning and what their importance is for the sector of services.

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