Medical Laboratory Scientist Salary in Nigeria

Are you curious how much a medical laboratory scientist makes in Nigeria? A few of you might know the exact figures because the pay scale varies for every MLS based on their experiences. Today’s discussion is about the basic salary of a medical scientist in Nigeria.

Occupation:Medical Laboratory Scientist
Monthly Salary Range:₦75000 – ₦200000
Average Monthly Salary:₦137500
Description:The medical laboratory scientists are responsible for performing tests to detect abnormalities causing diseases in the patients. After a physician recommends, they analyze and examine blood tests and body fluids.
Minimum Qualification:It is mandatory to complete a bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science or Clinical Laboratory Science because they include training sessions. Completing this is a requirement in Nigeria if you want to work as a full-time laboratory scientist.

It will give an insight into how much they make in a month. Moreover, you’ll know their roles and responsibilities and the degree needed to get a full-time job in Nigeria.

Overview Of Medical Laboratory Scientist Salary

Medical laboratory scientists or clinical scientists perform blood and fluid tests in the laboratory. They help examine samples, detect diseases, and report to hospital or clinic physicians.

A senior laboratory scientist in Nigeria will have higher pay than those working at the lower level because of experience in the field. The salaries differ according to the education and experience in the area. Read the information to know how much a medical laboratory scientist makes in a month when working in Nigeria.

Hence, medical laboratory scientists earn a good sum of money in a month. The basic salary is decent and can be increased after the bonuses and increments. On average, a medical laboratory scientist can make around ₦ 137,500 monthly.

Salary Structure

The table shows how much a medical scientist earns when working in Nigeria. The ranges explain the amount made by a MLS based on their experience in the field.

ExperienceRange (Monthly)
0 to 3 years₦ 75,000 to ₦ 99,000
3 to 9 years₦ 100,000 to ₦ 150,000
More than nine years₦ 150,000 to ₦ 200,000


A medical laboratory scientist in Nigeria has the following responsibilities.

  • They are responsible for taking samples and detecting diseases or abnormalities in people.
  • They have to work in the laboratory to prepare solutions that can be mixed with the sample to get accurate results.
  • Maintaining a clean setup and performing procedures safely is their core responsibility.
  • A medical scientist must report back to the physician with accurate results.
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Hence, these are a few responsibilities of a medical laboratory scientist working in Nigeria.

How much are medical lab scientists paid in Nigeria?

A medical lab scientist earns around ₦ 75,000 to ₦ 200,000 monthly, depending on their experience and field qualification.

How can I become a MLS in Nigeria?

To become a MLS in Nigeria, you must complete a four-year bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science or Clinical Laboratory Science. Moreover, getting training sessions for working in the lab is essential.

What is the work of MLS in Nigeria?

Medical lab scientists are responsible for analyzing and detecting abnormalities in specimens. They work to get accurate results and report back to doctors.

Hence, a brief article explains the salary of medical lab scientists in Nigeria. The MLS with less experience makes less money than the ones with great experience. They get more profits and bonuses when affiliated with physicians or hospitals.

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