Web Developer Salary in Nigeria

The professional whom we call the web developer is the one who is responsible for the construction and designing of the websites. They construct the website to meet the needs of users and ensure that the websites run smoothly, look good, and provide easy access points. Web development is one of the growing fields in Nigeria that has a lot of scope regarding job opportunities.

Occupation:Web Developer
Monthly Salary Range:₦138000 – ₦476000
Average Monthly Salary:₦307000
Description:A web developer is someone who is professional in his field. He designs and constructs websites according to the user’s demand and makes sure the websites work efficiently without any loading or error issues.
Minimum Qualification:Bachelor’s degree certificate or Diploma

Here in this article, we will briefly discuss the web developer’s salary and the professional responsibilities of the web developer that he is supposed to fulfill. This guide is about the overview of web developer salaries, their average and median salary, and everything about them so you can have an idea about what would be the salary of a web developer in Nigeria.

Overview Of Web Developer Salary

A web developer is a professional who constructs websites for users according to their demands. The field is getting famous day by day, and the need for web developers is increasing rapidly. A person working in Nigeria as a web developer earns around N 300,000 per month.

This is an average salary that varies drastically on the basis of gender, location experience, and education. The median point of a web developer salary in Nigeria is ₦ 286,000, which means half of the web developers in Nigeria earn more than ₦ 286,000, and half of them earn below ₦ 286,000. Let’s look at the following details that tell you about the bonus and extra income of web developers and what are the actual professional responsibilities that a web developer has to fulfill.

Salary Structure

Salary According To The Experience

  • Those with 0 to 2 years of experience earn around ₦ 156,000 monthly as a web developer.
  • Those who have experience of 2 to 5 years as a web developer earn around ₦ 209,000. This amount is approximately 34% more than those who make it in entry-level jobs.
  • Those with 5 to 10 years of experience get a monthly income of ₦ 309,000.
  • Then comes web developers with 10 to 15 years of experience who earn around an average amount of ₦ 376,000.
  • The professionals with more than 15 years of experience and less than 20 years of experience get an average income of ₦ 410,000 per month.
  • Moreover, web developers with more than 20 years of experience earn an average of ₦ 444,000 per month.
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Salaries On The Basis Of Gender

Gender should not affect the salary, nor should it affect the salaries of web developers. But there’s a noticeable difference in their wages. Males earn more than female web developers in Nigeria.

The average difference between male and female salaries as a web developer in Nigeria is 22%. A male earns around an average of ₦ 329,000 per month, whereas a female earns an average of ₦ 270,000.

Salaries On The Basis Of Degree

The minimum education requirement to get a job as a web developer in Nigeria is a certificate diploma or bachelor’s degree. Your salary definitely depends upon the degree you have. If you have a certificate or diploma in web development, you will earn an average of ₦ 178,000 monthly.

Alternatively, if you have a bachelor’s degree, you will earn around ₦ 280,000 per month as a web developer in Nigeria. Moreover, if you have a master’s degree which is considered the highest degree in web development, you can get a good amount of monthly income, somewhere about ₦ 470,000.

Responsibilities of “Web Developer Salary”

  • Web developers are responsible for designing website layouts and user interfaces with the use of CSS / HTML practice.
  • They are responsible for creating and maintaining software documentation.
  • They are also involved in the data integration from multiple databases and back-end services.
  • Web developers cooperate and work in collaboration with web designers to create and match the visual design intent.

Do web developers get paid well?

Yes, you can say that web developers are generally paid well. Countries like Nigeria, which are now moving on towards betterment, need more web developers in their country. So we can say yes, web developers are generally paid well in Nigeria, with an average income of ₦ 300,000 per month.

What is the median salary of web developers in Nigeria?

The median salary of web developers in Nigeria is ₦ 286,000. That means half of the web developers in Nigeria earn below ₦ 286,000, and half of the web developers in Nigeria earn above ₦ 286,000.

Who are web developers?

Web developers are involved in constructing websites and developing World Wide Web applications using the client-server model. They create and maintain websites and ensure their performance stays up-to-date and efficient without any loading or error issues. They are basically called programmers who are responsible for creating a fully functional website after receiving the designs from web designers.

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