Marine Engineering Salary in Nigeria

You are about to apply for the marine engineer job but are unsure about the salary, right? The salary determines the future of a job; if the amount is low, then the position holder will face challenges. In contrast, if the salary is high, the job will be suitable for a wide number of people.

Occupation:Marine Engineer
Monthly Salary Range:₦681534 – ₦17552657
Average Monthly Salary:₦9117095.5
Description:The marine engineer is responsible for regulating, operating, repairing, and maintaining the marine vessels and the marine systems.
Minimum Qualification:The minimum qualification required is a bachelor’s in marine engineering from an authorized institute and holding a SAMSA certificate.

So if you have decided that you want to become a marine engineer, then come with me to see the minimum qualification and the average salaries one receives in the occupation. Also, discover what the extras a job holder receives in this position and the responsibilities of a marine engineer. It is time to launch our quest, so let’s kick off.

Overview of Marine Engineering Salary

Marine engineering is one of the most respected jobs in Nigeria as it has a high scope and is considered the most challenging occupation. A marine engineer is an expert who designs the electrical system of the marines, installs them, and repairs them in case of damage. The job is very tough as one has to deal with a lot of complications, but a question arises: how much does one earn after all this struggle?

Basically, the entry-level salary of a marine engineer is ₦681,534, which is pretty heavy if you compare it with the other jobs in Nigeria. The highest pay one receives as a marine engineer is ₦17,552,657. According to an estimate, the average income of a marine engineer is ₦9,121,476, whereas the median income is ₦1,513,947.


Marine engineers receive a list of facilities from the government of Nigeria in which free or subsidized food is the most crucial one. The majority of marine engineers spend hours repairing a machine, which does not allow them to go to a cafe and have a deal, so the companies provide meals in their workplace that are subsidized or free.

Because the job is pretty tough, sickness or physical conditions are common for marine engineers. The companies offer them paid leave or sick leave, depending upon the condition. They also get housing allowances with medical and life insurance.

Salary Structure

The salary of marine engineers varies according to the conditions and the hierarchy of the ranks. There are multiple levels in which the entry level is the beginning stage, whereas the highest is considered as the project manager. The hierarchy may vary according to the company.

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Entry level₦681,534
Most Senior₦17,552,657


According to a survey, the city matters a lot when it comes to the salary. Basically, the mega-cities organizations offer higher salaries as compared to the small ones. That is because of generating more profit and having a large-scale business in cities like Cape Town or Johannesburg.


Gender also creates a major difference between the salaries. A survey claims that women marine engineers receive lower salaries as compared to men. There is a clear 15% percent difference between the salaries of the men and women marine engineers.

Responsibilities of Marine Engineer

  1. Design & Maintenance: The very first task a marine engineer performs is to design the machinery of the ship as well as maintain the instruments.
  2. Performance Monitoring: It is also important that the marine engineer should see whether the ship’s machinery is malfunctioning or not. It can save the ship and the staff from dangerous catastrophes.
  3. Risk Assessment: The engineer should also prepare for the anticipated risk after the design and maintenance of a machine. These risks may erupt after the repair of the machinery.

What is Marine Engineering in Nigeria?

Marine engineering is a field in which one has the expertise to maintain, repair, operate, and regulate the machinery related to marine ships or equipment.

How long can a marine engineer work?

The working hours vary according to the company policy, but the rule says that a marine engineer cannot work more than 40 hours.

What field of study is marine engineering?

It is the engineering of boats, ships, submarines, and marine vessels. In this field, one learns different skills, such as how to maintain and regulate the machine or repair the machine with the help of different tools.

Marine engineering is a tough field in which one has to face a list of challenges, such as long working hours, unavailability of food in the middle of the sea, and limited resources in Nigeria. Therefore, the field is growing but not as fast as it should be. Anyhow, the salary structure and the factors that influence salary are mentioned above.

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