Front-End Developer Salary in Nigeria

Front-end developers are getting paid really well in Nigeria, considering that the profession is emerging and applies to almost all industries. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, an average front-end developer earns approximately ₦267,000.

Occupation:Front-End Developer
Monthly Salary Range:₦141000 – ₦405000
Average Monthly Salary:₦273000
Description:A front-end developer creates and manages websites using web languages (CSS, HTML, JavaScript) to access and interact with them.
Minimum Qualification:BS or undergraduate in Computer Science or a similar field. Preferences will be given to those with proficiency in coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery.

Want to know more about front-end development salaries in Nigeria? Give this guide a quick read.

Front-End Developer Salary Overview

The average front-end developer in Nigeria is anywhere around ₦267,000, which makes it approximately ₦3,200,000 on a yearly basis. According to the salary chart, around 65% of the employees in this profession earn from ₦158,000 to ₦214,000, whereas 20% of them have an estimated earning of less than ₦158,000 per month. In addition, the median wage enjoyed by front-end developers across Nigeria is approximately ₦214,000.


The job has a variety of extra benefits when it comes to private settings, as most of them are employees by private sectors. According to the National Bureau of Labor, 52% of employees enjoy bonuses with their annual salary, worth anywhere between 3% and 5% of their original yearly salary. Aside from this, some companies also offer fringe benefits like housing allowance, rent, transportation, medical waiver, and insurance.

Front-End Developer Salary Structure

Though there is no set hierarchy of employees working as front-end developers, most of their pay is determined by their education and years of expertise. So, let us discuss how they are paid on the basis of these two according to popular statistics in detail.

Pay Scale by Education

  • Level 1 includes employees who have a certificate or diploma with an average salary of anywhere between ₦141,000 and ₦199,000 per month.
  • Level 2 are employees with a bachelor’s degree. They have an average monthly salary of ₦258.000.
  • Level 3 is reserved for employees with a Masters degree. They have an average monthly salary of ₦405,000.
LevelsEducationSalary Range (Monthly)
Level 1Certificate or Diplomabetween ₦141,000 and ₦199,000
Level 2Bachelors Degree₦258.000
Level 3Masters Degree₦405,000

Pay Scale by Expertise

  • Level 1 is reserved for freshers with an expected salary of approximately ₦141,000.
  • Level 2 includes employees with experience between two and five years. They have an expected monthly salary of ₦199,000.
  • Level 3 includes employees with five to ten years of experience with an expected salary of ₦283,000.
  • Level 4 includes employees with ten to fifteen years of experience and have an estimated salary of around ₦330,000.
  • Level 5 includes employees with fifteen and twenty years of experience and have an estimated salary of around ₦363,000.
  • Anywhere earning above ₦405,000 falls in Level 6 and usually has over twenty years of experience.
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LevelsExpertise (Years)Salary Range (Monthly)
Level 1Less than 2 years₦141,000
Level 2Between 2 and 5 years₦199,000
Level 3Between 5 and 10 years₦283,000
Level 4Between 10 and 15 years₦330,000
Level 5Between 15 and 20 years₦363,000
Level 6Over 20 years₦405,000

Responsibilities of a Front-End Developer

Front-end developers are required to make sure the website visitors can easily interact with the webpage by using programming languages like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. They also use a combination of designs to take care of debugging and website structure. Here are some professional responsibilities of an average front-end developer based in Nigeria.

  • Optimizing the user experience using coding languages (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc).
  • Implementing the website design into mobile applications.
  • Creating and optimizing small tools to improve the traffic and site interaction of the viewers.
  • Managing and building the SEO using best practices.
  • Fixing bugs on the websites and testing the website for usability.
  • Building tools that adapt the work across different devices (screen sizes).
  • Providing pre-built components for the management of the state of the application.

What is the minimum salary of a front-end developer in Nigeria?

An entry-level front-end developer in Nigeria earns around ₦141,000.

What is the maximum monthly salary of a front-end developer in Nigeria?

On average, the highest monthly salary of a front-end developer is ₦405,000.

Do front-end developers get paid well?

Yes, given it is a technical field, front-end developers get paid really well, especially in private settings.

How much does an average front-end developer make in Nigeria?

An average front-end developer makes approximately ₦267,000.

Finally, front-end development is a growing technical field in the country with numerous opportunities for promotion. The fact that it also entertains fringe benefits and bonuses attracts a large mass of employees each year. I hope this guide has managed to provide you with a sneak peek into front-end developers’ salaries in Nigeria.

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