EFCC Chairman Salary in Nigeria

There is no harm in dreaming big. If you think that you have a keen interest in the economic and financial matters of Nigeria, you should definitely join the EFCC. However, your aim should be to reach the topmost position of this commission, which is the Chairmanship.

Occupation:EFCC Chairman
Monthly Salary Range:₦500000 – ₦750000
Average Monthly Salary:₦625000
Description:The EFCC Chairman is a figurehead who oversees all the important functions and activities of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. He ensures that all the Financial and Economic crime laws are applied to cases pertaining to money laundering, advance fee fraud, illegal fund transfers, contract scams, and so on.
Minimum Qualification:It is stated in the law that the Commission’s Chairman must be a serving or retired member of any government security or law enforcement agency; however, the rank should not be below that of an Assistant Commissioner of Police or its equivalent. Plus, he/she must also have a minimum of 15 years of cognate experience.

So, to give you all the motivation you need or the information you seek, I am about to provide you all with a detailed overview of the EFCC Chairman’s salary. In addition to that, I will also touch up briefly on his roles and responsibilities in the department. So, I would suggest that you read out the following complete article.

Overview of EFCC Chairman Salary

The EFCC Chairman is the figurehead of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. He has the primary responsibility to supervise all the activities of this department and ensure that all the laws that should be applied to various financial fraudulent cases are properly applied. His average income salary is about ₦ 625,000.

Responsibilities of EFCC Chairman

1. Ensure Law Enforcement

The primary responsibility of an EFCC Chairman is to make sure that all the applicable laws are properly applied to the cases he is supervising. He keeps a bird’s eye view of all the activities of his subordinates.

2. Takes Important Decisions

It is the sole responsibility of the Chairman of EFCC to make the most important decisions. These are the decisions that involve complex judgments and require expertise that comes from years of experience and practice.

So, I would say that the role of an EFCC chairman is very critical in the Nigerian Government and its ministries. The responsibilities associated with this seat are irreplaceable, and the person embodying this position should be worthy enough for this title and all the financial benefits that go with it.

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