JCHEW Salary in Nigeria

Junior Community Health Extension Workers (JCHEW) are significantly important members of the healthcare system in Nigeria. They provide and promote basic healthcare practices in the underdeveloped and rural regions of the country. Their role is undoubtedly important, so how much do they get paid for their services?

Occupation:JCHEW (Junior Community Health Extension Workers)
Monthly Salary Range:₦60000 – ₦175000
Average Monthly Salary:₦117500
Description:The JCHEW workers are responsible for providing primary healthcare services, preventing and controlling both communicable and non-communicable diseases. They also work cooperatively with communities to address different health issues.
Minimum Qualification:To become a community health worker, you must possess three (3) ‘O’ level credit passes in English language, Biology, and Mathematics and pass in the other two subjects in NECO, GCE, or WAEC at not more than two settings.

If you are planning to join JCHEW, you must understand their basic salary structure to make an informed decision. Therefore, keep reading to learn JCHEW’s salary structure and responsibilities.

Overview of JCHEW salary in Nigeria

The JCHEW worker’s salaries depend on their experience level, qualifications, and position. As a JCHEW worker, you can expect to earn an average income of ₦117,500. However, keep in mind that this is the estimated amount; there are JCHEW workers who earn more and less than the stated amount.


In addition to their salary, community health extension workers also receive bonuses depending on their performance and experience level. The bonuses can vary significantly, ranging from ₦1K to ₦10K or more.


As stated above, the income of community health extension workers significantly depends on multiple factors, including the worker’s position, years of experience, healthcare facility location, and the sector you are working in. The following is the list of salaries of JCHEW workers at different career levels:

Career LevelSalaries
Entry-Level Worker₦60,000 to ₦ 75,000
Mid-Level Worker₦66,000 or more
Senior Level₦175,000 or more

Responsibilities of JCHEW Workers

JCHEW workers undoubtedly play significant roles in the healthcare of communities. Their responsibilities and duties are as follows:

Basic Healthcare Services

Providing basic healthcare services to the community is one of their main roles. These basic services include minor sickness treatment, first aid, taking care of children, etc.

Promoting Healthcare

JCHEW workers actively participate in educating people about different health issues, family planning, sanitation, and hygiene, promoting healthy lifestyles, and more. Moreover, they also work with communities to identify and address different health problems.

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In addition, they also manage records of health activities, like patient treatments, etc. They must submit these reports to their superiors.

What is the highest pay for JCHEW workers?

JCHEW workers with higher levels of experience and qualification receive higher salaries. For workers at the senior level, their salary typically starts from ₦ 175,000. However, the salary may vary across the country due to the healthcare facility location and the type of sector the individual is working in.

In essence, Junior Community Health Extension Workers (JCHEW) are important members of the Nigeria healthcare system that offers significant support to the community. An entry-level JCHEW worker earns approximately ₦ 60,000 per month or more. In contrast, seniors with extensive years of experience command a salary of about ₦ 175,000 per month.

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