Biochemist Salary in Nigeria

Biochemists play a vital role in healthcare, research areas, pharmaceutical studies, and agriculture in Nigeria. However, due to a diverse spectrum of factors that influence the salary of biochemists in the country, it is hard to conclude how much their monthly income is. Additionally, some raise criticisms that they are not getting money according to the efforts they put into the work.

Monthly Salary Range:₦329000 – ₦1020000
Average Monthly Salary:₦674500
Description:A biochemist studies the basic principles of living things by researching cell functions.
Minimum Qualification:A candidate should have at least a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry with registration in ISLT or NSB.

Declaring a statement for such rumors is unfair until one investigates the salary and the other facilities biochemists receive from the controlling bodies. The purpose of today’s discussion is to go through the salary details and see the salary structure. Let’s understand everything related to a biochemist position with factual data.

Overview of Biochemist Salary

Biochemists are one of the highly earning professionals in Nigeria because of the peak demand in the market. A biochemist deals with the chemical processes of living things in which cells, bacteria, viruses, or animals are prominent ones. The least qualification for conducting research or serving an organization is that one should have a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry with a certificate of ISLT or NSB.

The lowest salary of an entry-level biochemist in Nigeria is incredibly mouth-opening, ₦329,000. Whereas the highest salary recorded is ₦1,020,000 monthly, and the average biochemist gets ₦659,000. If you see the median income, that is ₦609,000.


According to a survey, there are 53% of biochemists receive incentives and bonuses, while 47% are unable to earn any extras or allowances. There are different kinds of bonuses; in which the prominent one is the personal performance award. If a biochemist discovers a very strange phenomenon or accomplishes a milestone before the due date, he gets the personal performance award.

The company performance award is also given to the employees in which the research center gives a profit share to the biochemists. Some organizations offer medical insurance by which the employees can get free or subsidized medical treatment, and lastly, house allowances are commonly received by senior biochemists.

Salary Structure

Experience is everything when it comes to a job in which you are dealing with scientific phenomena. Biochemists do not have a complicated hierarchy of ranking like the corps department or medical staff is organized. There are gender, qualification, experience, and type of sector differences in the job

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RankMonthly SalaryEducationSalary For Women
Entry level₦329,000₦509,000₦306,030
Senior Level₦1,020,000₦703,000₦949,400
Average Salary₦659,000₦924,000₦613,330


There are some positions in which women earn more, while in others, men are money-makers. In terms of biochemistry, women earn 7% less than men. In the table above, you can see the original salary and 7% less salary for the women working in the field.


Education plays a crucial role in determining the salary of a biochemist. For example, the bachelor-level biochemist gets 38% less than the master’s. And the Ph.D. biochemist gets 31% more than the masters, so there is a very clear difference between salaries and education.


The public and private sectors are the two main sources of money. In the public sector, biochemists get 7% more as compared to the people who are working in the private sector because the government hires only highly qualified biochemists and can afford their expenses as it gives salaries from the national treasury.

Responsibilities of Biochemist

  1. Planning A Study: The very first task is to design a research in which a biochemist determines the tools of research and sets the strategy.
  2. Conducting Research: The job is all about research, so once the first task is done, biochemists conduct research on the phenomenon.
  3. Manage Laboratory: The third task is to manage the tools and take care of the laboratory settings. Otherwise, the dangerous viruses or bacteria can spread all around the area.

What can a biochemist do in Nigeria?

A biochemist can work in a variety of organizations or fields. He can join the food or nutrients researcher position. He can go to the pharmacists or health care departments.

What is the professional body for Biochemistry in Nigeria?

Nigerian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Can a biochemist own a pharmacy in Nigeria?

No biochemists are not allowed to own a pharmacy.

Biochemistry is an interesting field in which professionals study a variety of phenomena and see their chemical basis affecting the living organisms around them. The rumors that they do not get money according to their work are baseless. Nigeria has a list of seats for biochemists, so if you are eager to earn money, then you should go into this field.

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