Aeronautical Engineering Salary in Nigeria

Aeronautical engineering experts deal with the complicated structure of the aircraft and repair the spacecraft. A professional works 8 to 10 hours a day and sometimes more in order to complete the daily tasks. It indicates that the job is backbreaking, so an engineer should get a high salary as he is working long hours.

Occupation:Aeronautical Engineer
Monthly Salary Range:₦196000 – ₦548000
Average Monthly Salary:₦372000
Description:An aeronautical engineer is responsible for designing and developing aircraft, repairing them, and ensuring their safety.
Minimum Qualification:A candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering or mechanical engineering and be registered for COREN.

According to the surveys, the salaries of aeronautical engineers are satisfying, but a small group of professionals has criticized the engineering branch. If you are eager to apply as an aeronautical engineer and confused about what you should do, then you ought to see the salary structure of aeronautical engineers in Nigeria. Also, you should see the responsibilities and facilities given to the aeronautical engineers.

Overview of Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautical engineering is an evolving field in Nigeria, as hundreds of positions are available for graduates. An aeronautical engineer is one who deals with the design, development, maintenance, regulation, and repair of an aircraft or spacecraft. One should have a bachelor’s degree from a certified university and be registered for the COREN.

The salary of an entry-level aeronautical engineer is about ₦196,000, and the highest record is ₦548,000. The average income of an aeronautical engineer is nearly ₦363,000, and the median amount is ₦324,000. Apart from these salaries, they also get extras such as allowances and bonuses.


According to a survey, only 28% of aeronautical engineers get bonuses, while 78% are deprived of these facilities. The prominent bonus award in these extras is the performance-based bonus, in which an employee gets a reward amount at the end of the month if he accomplishes a goal before the due date or constructs something unique. Then comes the overall company progress amount, known as the “profit share bonus.”

Aeronautical engineering is a long service duty in which the employees need to work more than 8 to 10 hours in case of emergency. Therefore, meals such as lunch and dinner are provided, and some get accommodation or rental expenses from the firm.

Salary Structure

There is no complicated ranking hierarchy for aeronautical engineering, but the salary may vary because of some factors. Firstly, the experience can cause a great difference in salaries. Secondly, gender and education are also important in setting the salaries of employees.

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RankMonthly SalarySalary For Women
Entry level₦196,000₦176,400
Senior Level₦548,000₦493,200
Average Salary₦363,000₦326,700


In this table, you can see the original salaries of the employees and the women aeronautical engineers’ monthly pay. The difference is clear: women get less pay than their male counterparts. There is a 10% difference between men’s and women’s aeronautical engineer salaries.


The minimum qualification requirement is a bachelor’s, which helps you get an entry-level salary. But if you hold a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering, then the chances are higher that you will make more bucks. A master’s degree holder earns 53% more than his junior.

Responsibilities of Aeronautical Engineer

  1. Design & Development: Without design, no one can develop something. Therefore, the aeronautical engineer works on the design of an aircraft by researching the entire structure and reading the manuals of different crafts. Then, they work on the development by gathering resources.
  2. Test: The next task is to see whether the newly developed equipment is working or not. For this, the aeronautical engineer tests aircraft in the training area and then takes it out of the area to see real performance.
  3. Maintenance & Repairing: If the aircraft is working accurately, then the aeronautical engineer should maintain it daily. Lastly, they repair it in case a malfunctioning part is not working.

How many years to study aeronautical engineering in Nigeria?

Aeronautical engineering is a 5-year program in Nigeria.

Which subject is most important for aeronautical engineering?

Space and science are the most important subjects for aeronautical engineering.

What is the hardest subject in aeronautical engineering?

Theoretical aerodynamics and structural aerodynamics are the hardest subjects in aeronautical engineering.

Aeronautical engineering is one of those fields of engineering that has high demand, but the aspirant’s numbers are low. That is because people are not eager to study the program as the course is pretty difficult. Anyhow, if you want to become an engineer and are looking for a decent field, then pursue aeronautical engineering.

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