CONTISS Salary Structure in Nigeria

The academic and non-academic staff salaries are determined by the Consolidated Tertiary Salary Structure in Nigeria. It is a method used to bring transparency to the system. CONTISS is a sophisticated model that helps employees see their salaries and the income of the lower and higher ranks.

Occupation:Academic & Non-academic Employees
Monthly Salary Range:₦120647 – ₦493347
Average Monthly Salary:₦306997
Description:An academic and non-academic employee is responsible for teaching research or human resources management.
Minimum Qualification:One should have qualifications according to the department, such as a Masters or Ph.D. in a particular course.

If you are planning to apply in academic or non-academic settings, then you should see the ranking system, the salary structure, and the responsibilities of these positions. Let’s dig into the detail and discuss how the structure works and what are the factors that influence the salaries of employees.

Overview Of CONTISS Salary Structure

CONTISS is a system which indicates how we can distribute the salaries of the employees. The purpose of this method is to show direction to the authorities in the light of a proper structure so that they can acquire an optimistic approach to distributing salaries. CONTISS is designed for academic and non-academic employees, including Professors, Teachers, Teacher assistants, Lecturer, or Registrar, Libertarian, and Human resources management.

According to this structure, the salaries of the employees vary following their ranks. For example, the minimum salary in academic and non-academic settings is ₦120647, depending upon the level. Additionally, the highest pay in the department is ₦493,347, depending upon the experience, whereas the average salary is ₦493,347.


There is a list of extras for academic and non-academic employees, such as they get housing allowance, medical, and life insurance. They also receive transport allowances and overtime bonuses. In the housing allowance, the government or controlling body offers the employees to build houses or get money for the rent every month.

Additionally, medical insurance allows the servants to get medical assistance for free or at very low rates as they are employees of the government. Transport expenses and duty allowances are given to these servants. They also take a heavy amount as pension.

Salary Structure

The structure of CONTISS is very complicated as it is spread among thousands of servants. There are multiple classes or ranks in the structure; the higher rank gets more money as compared to the lower one because of the efforts and the struggle it puts in. There are a few factors that cause differences, such as gender, experience, and qualifications.

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Following is the CONTISS Salary Structure based on monthly income

ProfessorCONUASS 7N6,020,163N5,117,138
ReaderCONUASS 6N5,004,750N4,253,038
Senior LecturerCONUASS 5N4,455,506N3,787,180
Lecturer ICONUASS 4N2,684,010N2,281,408
Lecturer IICONUASS 3N1,979,640N1,682,694
Deputy University LibrarianCONUASS 6N5,004,750N4,253,038
Principal LibrarianCONUASS 5N4,455,506N3,787,180
Senior LibrarianCONUASS 4N2,684,010N2,281,408
Librarian ICONUASS 3N1,979,640N1,682,694
Librarian IICONUASS 2N1,754,902N1,492,667
Graduate LibrarianCONUASS 1N1,447,767N1,230,601
CONTISS 13 (SeniorCONTISS 13N3,632,404N3,087,543
CONTISS 12CONTISS 12N2,827,525N2,403,396
CONTISS 11CONTISS 11N2,578,127N2,191,408
CONTISS 9CONTISS 9N2,109,627N1,793,183
CONTISS 8CONTISS 8N1,855,515N1,577,187
CONTISS 7CONTISS 7N1,589,508N1,351,082
CONTISS 6CONTISS 6N1,062,683N902,281


The country is impacted by the traditional ways of the world, that’s why we can see a major difference between the salaries of the men and women in a particular sector. It is stated that the female employees receive less salaries as compared to their male counterparts.


Qualification plays the same role as gender. The more qualified people get higher salaries as compared to the lower qualified people. The purpose of this difference states that structure is based on quality rather than quantity of the employees.


Experience can create a major difference between two people in the academic and non-academic sectors of the employees. Basically, the highly experienced employees get high-rank salaries while the less experienced employees have average or minimum salaries.

Responsibilities of CONTISS Employees

  1. Teaching: The first and foremost duty of academic employees is to teach students effectively, whether they are at the university or college level.
  2. Research: Another thing is to focus on the research to grow appropriately in a particular field and refresh the knowledge.
  3. Administrative Duties: The non-academic employees should offer their administrative services to students or teachers of an institute.

What is the meaning of Contiss?

CONTISS means Consolidated Tertiary Institution’s Salary Structure.

How many professors are in Nigeria?

There are 11,877 professors in Nigeria.

CONTISS is a sophisticated structure for the salaries of academic and non-academic employees. It is known that the system helps higher authorities to distribute the salaries in the multiple ranks according to their services and struggles in light of their qualification and experience. The salary structure is mentioned above with all the ranking systems and factors that influence the salaries.

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