Physiotherapist Salary in Nigeria

The salary of a physiotherapist is in question as some claim that they earn thousands of naira while others claim their duties are very tough, so the government should pay them more. In Nigeria, the field emerged in the late 1900s, but in the beginning, it was not famous. Currently, it is the need of every hospital, medical center, and health care department.

Monthly Salary Range:₦114000 – ₦328000
Average Monthly Salary:₦221000
Description:A physiotherapist treats clients with physical conditions and body impairments by providing physical exercises.
Minimum Qualification:A candidate should have at least a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy and registration with PRBN.

No doubt, the demand for physiotherapists in the country is high. However, if you are planning to apply as a candidate, then you should see the salary structure, extras, and responsibilities of the physiotherapist. Come with me to understand the salary structure of physiotherapists in Nigeria with all the other essential details.

Overview Of Physiotherapist Salary

A physiotherapist is one who teaches exercises, resolves bone or muscle impairment, and improves the client’s physical condition. A physiotherapist is one of the highest-earning professions in Nigeria. To become a physiotherapist in the country, one should have high marks in Bachelor of Physiotherapy with a license and registration in the Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Board of Nigeria (PRBN).

If you see the income chart, the lowest salary of a physiotherapist is about ₦114,000, while the highest one earns ₦328,000. Comparing both of these salaries, the average income is ₦216,000. Additionally, the median salary is ₦195,000, and therapists are not limited to the salaries; they also get extras.


If you see the past data related to the bonuses and the awards, almost 22% have received bonuses, whereas 78% are not awarded with anything. In these bonuses, the performance award is commonly given to the employees who provide their best to the organization. Secondly, a company performance award is also given to the employees as a “profit-share bonus.”

The physiotherapists also get free or subsidized medical treatment from expensive hospitals. Some senior physiotherapists receive accommodation such as apartments or rental payments from the organization. Lastly, improving your qualifications can also help you increase your salary.

Salary Structure

The salary structure of physiotherapists is not hard to understand. There are differences related to experience, education, type of organization or hospital, and city. The lower to higher ranking determines the salaries of physiotherapists. For example, the lower or entry-level gets less, and the senior ones receive more payment.

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RankMonthly SalarySalary For Women
Entry level₦114,000₦132,240
Senior Level₦328,000₦380,480
Average Salary₦216,000₦250,560


Physiotherapy is one of the few professions in which women get higher salaries than men. Interestingly, women physiotherapists have 16% more salaries than men in all private and government sectors. The differences vary from hospital to hospital.

Experience & Education

One with higher experience gets a higher salary. If you are working for more than 1 to 4 years, then chances are high you get the average level of pay mentioned above. Moreover, physiotherapists with bachelor’s degrees get 20% lower salaries than therapists with master’s degrees.

Responsibilities of Physiotherapist

  1. Physical Examination: The very first task is to diagnose the patients with the physical conditions. For this, the physiotherapist conducts a detailed examination to understand the muscle or bone illness.
  2. Treatment: After diagnosing the problem, the physiotherapist should plan the treatment by seeing the risks. He investigates the entire previous condition, then sees the origins of the problem and plans a treatment.
  3. Therapeutic Exercise: Then comes the therapeutic exercises in which a physiotherapist trains the client to move the body. He also guides the client on how to tackle the problem alone without assistance.

How good is physiotherapy in Nigeria?

Physiotherapy is a good career in which one can make plenty of money. It is one of the most demanding positions in Nigeria.

How long is physiotherapy in Nigeria?

The course of physiotherapy is 5 years long, known as the Bachelor of Physiotherapy Programme.

Is physiotherapy in demand in Nigeria?

Yes, physiotherapy is a demanding career in which one can make progress. There are hundreds of seats available for physiotherapists in hospitals.

How many schools offer physiotherapy in Nigeria?

Almost 13 schools offer physiotherapy in Nigeria.

Who is the youngest professor of physiotherapy in Nigeria?

Hamza’s Dossier is the youngest physiotherapist in Nigeria.

There are very few areas in which one can make progress in a short duration, and physiotherapy is on top of them. The discipline came to Nigeria in the late 1900s and currently has become a highly demanding profession. Its studies are very challenging, but one can make a considerable amount of money after completing the degree.

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