Biomedical Engineering Salary in Nigeria

Since technology is advancing in Nigeria, biomedical engineering has become an emerging field in the country that promises to provide you with a good future. There is a good scope of jobs for biomedical engineers in Nigeria because the field is one of the exciting fields. It has been noticed that most of the students opt for the field because the profession is not only exciting and adventurous but very respectful too.

Occupation:Biomedical Engineer
Monthly Salary Range:₦148141 – ₦436033
Average Monthly Salary:₦292087
Description:Biomedical engineers deal with the engineering side of biological systems related to humans and animals. They design, evaluate, and develop health products and biological products for the betterment of humankind.
Minimum Qualification:Bachelor’s Degree In Biomedical Engineering

Well, in this article, we will be talking about biomedical engineers salaries in Nigeria, what duties they are supposed to fulfill, the bonuses they get, and what is the salary structure on the basis of which biomedical engineers are paid. Let’s, without wasting any more time, start with the guide below so you can know what average salary you can get as a Biomedical engineer in Nigeria.

Overview Of Biomedical Engineering Salary In Nigeria

Biomedical engineers are supposed to deal with the biological systems of humans and animals by applying engineering principles and concepts for the betterment of humankind and their health. They design and develop the machines, tools, and equipment for healthcare purposes. Since Nigeria is advancing in technology, there is an excellent space for biomedical engineers in the country.

Despite being one of the most demanding and complex fields, a biomedical engineer earns an average income of ₦ 285,133 per month. This amount, when converted into a yearly salary, becomes ₦ 3,421,600. Well, this is the average amount that can be more or less according to the skills, professional experience, education, and the place an employee is working in.

Let’s talk about the median salary of Biomedical engineers in Nigeria. The median wage is the middle value, and for biomedical engineers who are working in Nigeria, it is ₦ 3,288,400 per year.

That means half of the biomedical engineers earn more than this, and half of the biomedical engineers earn less than this median amount. Let’s discuss the distribution of biomedical engineers’ salaries on the basis of professional experience, gender, and education in the details below.


Like many other countries, Nigeria also gives iys employees a reward in the form of salary increments every 19 months. The salary of biomedical engineers increases by around 10% every 19 months. That means the annual increase would be approximately 6%.

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Moreover, when we talk about bonuses and incentives we get, from our research, we have come to know that biomedical engineering is a low-bonus job. Around 49% of the employees working in the field have reported that they have received only one bonus in the last 12 months of their work.

Alternatively, 51% of the biomedical engineers have told the researchers that they have not received any bonuses in the last year. The bonuses that you can get as a biomedical engineer could be individual performance bonuses, company performance bonuses, goal-based bonuses, and holiday bonuses.

Salary Structure

Salaries According To Professional Experience

The salaries of Biomedical engineers vary a lot based on their professional experience. Following are the details of the wages of biomedical engineers based on their professional expertise. One thing that you must keep in mind is that these are the approximate figures and the salary of an individual can be more or less than this.

  • Biomedical engineers who are working in Nigeria and have recently completed their degree or have experience of less than two years can expect to get a yearly wage of ₦ 2,015,600.
  • Those biomedical engineers who have experience working in the field between two to five years can make up to ₦ 2,711,900 per year. This is quite significant than the salary newcomers in the field get.
  • Then, we have biomedical engineers with 5 to 10 years of experience. Those biomedical engineers who have 5 to 10 years of experience can earn approximately ₦ 3,529,600 per year.
  • Professional biomedical engineers with an experience of more than ten years and less than 15 years can earn an average salary of up to ₦ 4,270,100.
  • The biomedical engineers with more than 15 years of experience can make up an average of ₦ 4,667,500 annually.

Salaries According To The Education Level

Undoubtedly, education plays a vital role in depicting an individual’s salary. Those biomedical engineers who have a Bachelor’s Degree education can make up to an average yearly wage of ₦ 2,844,200. Alternatively, those biomedical engineers working in Nigeria with a master’s degree education can make up a moderate amount of ₦ 3,959,700 per year.

Salaries According To Gender

Unfortunately, there is a lot of difference between the salaries of males and females in many professions. And the same is the case with biomedical engineering. Although there should not be a gender difference in the salaries, there is a noticeable difference in the salaries of biomedical engineers in Nigeria.

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Male biomedical engineers can earn an average yearly income of ₦ 3,672,500 annually. At the same time, a female biomedical engineer can make up a moderate amount of ₦ 3,263,500 per year. That means male biomedical engineers earn around 13% more when compared with the salary of female biomedical engineers in the same job.

Responsibilities Of Biomedical Engineer

  • Biomedical engineers are responsible for designing and manufacturing devices like artificial internal organs of the human body.
  • They are responsible for providing technical support for equipment used for biomedical purposes.
  • Biomedical engineers help in making correct diagnoses of the patients and planning appropriate treatment by testing, repairing, and maintaining biomedical equipment.
  • They manufacture and approve new equipment and conduct civil tests before using that equipment directly for human health.
  • They are also responsible for installing the new equipment by installing them, establishing them, adjusting them, and testing them.
  • Biomedical engineers also deal with special equipment services, check the service contracts, and maintain the equipment inventories.
  • They are responsible for maintaining the quality of equipment used for human health and making sure a safe and healthy professional working environment.

What is the minimum average biomedical engineering salary that you can get in Nigeria?

The lowest annual salary you can get in Nigeria while serving as a Biomedical engineer is ₦ 1,777,700. This amount, when converted into a monthly wage, becomes 148,141. Keep in mind this is the average salary, and the amount varies based on several factors like experience, skill, and the place you are working in.

What is the median salary of a biomedical engineer in Nigeria?

The annual median salary for a biomedical engineer is ₦ 3,288,400. Median salary is a middle value of the salaries distributed. That means 50% of the population will get more than this, and approximately 50% of the population will get less than ₦ 3,288,400.

What is the scope of biomedical engineering in Nigeria?

There is an excellent scope for biomedical engineers in Nigeria, and this is because Nigeria is advancing in technology. There is a wide range of companies and projects for which biomedical engineers are needed. Since they work in collaboration with healthcare professionals and for the betterment of human health, they have a promising future in Nigeria.

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