NASENI Salary in Nigeria

NASENI stands for National Agency For Science and Engineering Infrastructures. The agency is located in Nigeria and was created in 1992 under the Nigerian Federal government. There are around 150 staff members working in Naseni, including bankers, scientists, engineers, administrators, lawyers, state civil servants, and industrialists.

Organization Name:NASENI (National Agency For Science and Engineering Infrastructures)
Monthly Salary Range:₦130000 – ₦605000
Average Monthly Salary:₦367500
Organization Description:NASENI is the agency working under the government to provide Engineering and Science Infrastructures for the country’s development.
Minimum Qualification:BSc Degree

If you are interested in joining Naseni and are looking for a salary that they pay to their staff members, you are at the right place. The guide covers everything about Naseni’s salary, including the salary structure, allowances, bonuses, and extras. Pay tension to the details to understand how much the organization pays its employees.

Overview of NASENI’s Salary

NASENI agencies satisfy their employees with a very reasonable salary so they can meet their needs and earn a good living. It has been noticed that the average wage of Naseni employees is approximately ₦ 367,500. Keep in mind this is the average and approximated amount that varies on the basis of job position, level of education, and years of experience.

Moreover, like other Federal government agencies, if you are an employee in the government sector in Nigeria, you will also get lots of benefits in the form of allowances and extras in addition to your base salary. The following details cover the Naseni employees’ allowances that they get in addition to their base salary at Naseni.


NASENI is one of the government agencies in Nigeria that ensures to provide you with lots of employee benefits and allowances. Some of them are housing allowance, transport allowance, meal allowance, and medical allowance. Let’s look at the details of these allowances below.

Housing Allowance

Housing allowance is given to the employees in order to cover the cost of housing. This way, the organization makes sure to support their employees to improve their overall well-being.

Transport Allowance

Transport allowance is given to the employees in order to cover the transportation costs. This allowance covers transportation charges and expenses to and from work. This makes it easier for the employee to come and go from the office.

Medical Allowance

Medical expenses are also covered under medical allowance at Naseni for their employees. Those employees working at Naseni are provided with medical assistance to cover the cost of medical needs.

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Meal Allowance

The agency also makes sure to provide meal allowance to its employees. It covers the expense of food during office times and working hours, making living more affordable and convenient.

It also provides several other benefits to its employees, including development, career growth, and job security. It also provides training and ensures the maximization of the knowledge and skills of its employees. Undoubtedly, the agency is one of the reliable agencies that can help you not only live a good life but also enhance your education skills, knowledge, and chances of contributing to the country’s development.

Salary Structure

The National Agency for Science and Technology Infrastructure in Nigeria is a government agency that depicts the salaries of its employees on the basis of Consolidated Research And Allied Institutions Salary Structure. Following are the details of wages at Naseni on the basis of their professional experience. Check out what entry-level and experienced graduates will get while working with the agency.

Entry-Level Employees At NASENI

The minimum salary Naseni will give to its employees is no less than ₦ 130,000. The salary is a per month salary that, when converted into a yearly salary, it becomes ₦ 1,560,000.

Experienced Workers At NASENI

Alternatively, the experienced graduates who have professional experience of working in a particular field and are skilled in their work can expect to earn a monthly salary of ₦ 250,000 per month. This becomes ₦ 3,000,000 when converted into a yearly salary.

Responsibilities Of “NASENI”

The National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure in Nigeria was established in 1992 and had a mandate to appropriately manage the development of capital goods, research engineering, and production in order to maximize the mass production of standard goods, services, and parts that are needed for the development and advancement of the nation on technology level. There are several key responsibilities that the agency has to fulfill, but some of them are mentioned below.

  • The agency is mainly responsible for ensuring that the development system and the national research system of the country are managed independently of the civil services system.
  • Naseni is also responsible for ensuring cost-effective, affordable, and efficient employment in the presence of available resources.
  • They are also responsible for establishing the frequent practice of an open, accountable, consistent, corporate, and equitable research management system in the country.

Is there any difference between the salaries of entry-level and experienced employees at Naseni?

Yes, just like in other fields, there is a notable difference in the salaries of entry-level Naseni employees and graduates. Those Naseni employees who are new can make up an average minimum wage of ₦ 130,000. Alternatively, those who are experienced and skilled in their field can earn ₦ 250,000 monthly salary, including allowances and benefits.

What is the average salary of an employee working at Naseni Agency?

The average salary an employee working at Naseni agency in Nigeria can get is approximately ₦ 367,500. Remember, it’s a moderate amount, and the salary greatly varies based on education level, experience, and the job position. Moreover, the wages of employees at Naseni lie in between the range of ₦ 130,000 to ₦ 605,000.

What are the key focus areas of Naseni?

Naseni covers and focuses on various areas. This includes machine tools and equipment, renewable energy, laboratory equipment, electronics, and mechatronics. The agency has more than 150 staff members, including lawyers, administrators, scientists, bankers, and engineers.

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