Asisat Oshoala Salary per Week and Net Worth in Naira

  • Monthly Salary: ₦33670456
  • Salary per Week: ₦8417614
  • Annual Salary: ₦404045472
  • Other Income Sources: Brand endorsements

Asisat Oshoala is a Nigerian football striker, currently playing for Barcelone (from 2020 onwards) and the national women’s football team. She had previously played for Chinese Club Dalian Quanjian FC (signed a contract in 2017). Wherever she was allocated, groups and brands attracted her for amazing performances on and off the field, earning him a massive net worth.

Are you interested in knowing more about the Nigerian player Asisa Oshoala’s salary and income details? No worries, here is everything you want to know about her net worth, brand campaigns, income assets, and monthly salary. So, give this article a quick guide.

Asisat Oshoala Income Details

Asisat Oshoala Salary
Name:Asisat Lamina Oshoala MON
Date of Birth:09/10/1994

According to Daily Cannon, the player enjoys a weekly salary of around ₦8,837,338 and a monthly salary of anywhere around ₦33,670,456, which is pretty decent compared to her previous ventures. However, the Falcon striker is set to get associated with Barcelona on a labor contract basis, with which she is expected to earn around ₦13,468,749 on a weekly basis this season, definitely an upgrade from the existing contract.

Asisat Oshoala Football Player

As an established football player in Nigeria and internationally, Asisat Oshoala has managed to build a massive net worth, much of which is attributed to her lucrative deals with brands and teams in the tournaments and club leagues. Currently, she is playing for a Chinese group and enjoys an impressive income. If you want to know more about her net worth and brand endorsements, dive right in.

Net Worth

Though the player’s net worth has increased significantly over a few years, the specific amount is contested among the general public. If we consider all the reported figures, the players have a total worth of anywhere between ₦786,590,000 and ₦3,932,950,000, which is significantly higher than any other Nigerian player currently playing in the Premier Club League. Do consider that this impressive figure does not come alone from his professional achievements but also from lucrative brand campaigns.


The Falcon striker superstar Asisat Oshoala’s net worth is also attributed to her international brand campaigns and endorsements with local brands. Currently, she is the brand ambassador of some popularly-known ventures like MultiChoice Nigeria, Lontor, and Ibekwe. Speaking of international brands, she is campaigning with Nike during this season and will be wearing the brand’s equipment.

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Asisat Oshoala Foundation

In 2019, the Nigerian women striker established the Asisat Oshoala Foundation. The aim of building this foundation was to promote gender equality and address the issues and challenges of women’s representation and sports development in Nigeria. Recently, she has also announced the organization’s program to donate to and facilitate underprivileged children in the country.

Asisat Oshoala Income Assets

Though she does not like to post about her income assets on social media, Asisat Oshoala has managed to build herself stable finances. Hence, you won’t be able to find detailed information about her income assets. Still, here are some things you would like to know about her car collection and a multi-millionaire mansion in Nigeria.

Car Collection

Like any other football player, Asisat Oshoala has a soft spot for luxury cars. According to Business Insider, the player has spent significantly (reported around ₦11,993,543) on his most popular Mercedes Benz CLA 250, which is an exclusive edition model. Moreover, she also has an entire collection of Audis, Rolls Royce, and Mercedes; however, the player has not made the models publicly available.


According to several reports, Asisat Oshoala has recently bought a luxury mansion in Nigeria along the coastal areas of Lagos for her parents. She threw a housewarming party for her family and posted it on social media. By the look of it, this is definitely a multi-Nigerian millionaire mansion with multiple stories and an expensive exterior.

What is the weekly salary of Asisat Oshoala?

Asisat Oshoala currently earns a weekly salary of anywhere around ₦8,837,338.

How much does Asisat Oshoala earn on a monthly basis?

Under a contract with Barcelone Femini, Asisat Oshoala earns ₦33,670,456 on a monthly basis.

How much is Asisat Oshoala salary per week?

Asisat Oshoala earns around N8417614 per week.

How old is Asisat Oshoala?

Asisat Oshoala was born in 1994, which makes her 29 years old.

Does Asisat Oshoala play for the Nigerian national team?

Yes, Asisat Oshoala plays as a football striker in the Nigerian Women’s national football team.

Which club is Asisat Oshoala playing now?

Asisat Oshoala recently ended her contract with the Chinese group Dalian Quanjian FC. Forward, she will be playing for Barcelona Femini in the season.

Asisat Oshoala is one of the popular Nigerian female football strikers, currently playing for FC Barcelona Femini a national football game. As a successful player who earns numerous medals in tournaments and cup leagues, she enjoys a lucrative salary and brand campaigns. Finally, I hope this guide has managed to give you valuable insights into Asisat Oshoala’s salary.

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