Frenkie de Jong Salary and Net Worth in Naira

  • Monthly Salary: ₦2422098804
  • Salary per Week: ₦605524701
  • Annual Salary: ₦29065185648
  • Other Income Sources: Interviews, endorsements, personal businesses, advertisements, and appearance fees.

Frankie de Jong is on every sports news channel because of his latest performances for the FCB. No doubt, his fame has increased particularly in the past few years, which also enhanced his earnings. Let’s discuss how much this footballer earns per month and does he possesses other sources of income after getting a handsome salary.

Overview of Frankie de Jong & His Salary

Frenkie De Jong Salary
Name:Frankie de Jong
Date of Birth:12/05/1997

Frankie de Jong is the godfather of European football club Barcelona. He has earned a list of titles in which Copa del Rey: 2020–2, Supercopa de España: 2022–23, UEFA Nations League runners-up: 2019, and La Liga: 2022–23 are the most famous. He started his career as a professional Dutch player, and currently, he is enjoying the status of one of the best Barcelona players.

No doubt, he has earned fame with the help of his performance and his efforts. It not only made Jong popular but also one of the richest sportspersons in Europe. According to an estimation, his monthly salary is more than ₦2 billion and he has built an empire of ₦15 billion net worth.

The major role in his success is his dedication to Barcelona and the national team. He never compromises on the performance and always fights till the end of the game. Some claim that he will become the best footballer of the future, while others say he is the youngest best player in the realm of soccer.

Frankie de Jong’s Career As A Footballer

Like all other sportspersons, Jong knows that the sports career life is not more than 20 years, so he worked on the other sources of income. These sources generate passive income for Jong such as the interviews or promoting a brand. Let’s see his other sources of income in detail.


The interviews you see on the TV after the match are paid for as he charges all those companies that present a featured background during the press conference. Furthermore, he charges for the YouTube interviews and the podcasts on the other applications. The interviews on channels such as EA Sports or Ten Sports are also paid.


Frankie de Jong has appeared in a list of endorsements or promoting projects. In these endorsements, he wears the shirts of a particular brand or company. These endorsements are mostly indirect in which he shows his association with a brand or company to enhance fan following or customer ratio of that organization.

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Appearance Fees

The appearance fees are also a major part of his earnings, as he charges for appearing at all kinds of events. You often have seen him inaugurating new clubs and sports academies or appearing at public events as a chief guest. He charges for these activities depending upon the duration; however, he also has other sources of income, but we cannot describe all of them because of time shortage.

Frankie de Jong’s Assets

He has a pretty mouth-opening salary and a huge net worth. It indicates that Jong has a unique lifestyle as he can afford all kinds of luxuries.

Well, it is true to some extent because he uses sports and supercars as well. He lives in a huge mansion; let’s discuss it in detail.


Jong does not like to show off his lavish lifestyle, but according to his servants, he owns expensive vehicles. His favorite car is the Macan S model worth ₦26000000. He also has other cars, but there is very little data available, such as BMW and the Mercedes Benz.


Jong does not own a house but a huge mansion with unbelievable facilities. He has a gym, pool, and training area with a large parking for his cars.

Jong lives here with his family, and he also has houses in the homeland and other countries. He has a strong surveillance system dependent on a network of cameras.

Why does Frenkie de Jong want to stay in Barcelona?

Yes, he wants to stay in Barcelona as the club has a helpful environment with supporting colleagues.

Is Frenkie de Jong happy at Barca?

Yes, he is happy at Barcelona, according to his statements.

Frankie de Jong is one of the few soccer players who earned mountain-like fame in a very short period. He has been playing for a few years, but in this short duration, he has rocked the field of football multiple times. We should acknowledge his efforts and appreciate him because of his success; anyhow, the income and net worth are explained above with assets and other sources of income.

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