Mason Mount Salary per Week and Net Worth in Naira

  • Monthly Salary: ₦855041113
  • Salary per Week: ₦213760278.25
  • Annual Salary: ₦10260493356
  • Other Income Sources: Lucrative Brand Deals

Mason Mount is an English central midfielder who has currently switched from Chelsea to Manchester United, resulting in him with a highly lucrative contract. Many have explained the earned amount as an overcompensation from the club to counter its historical rival, Chelsea. However, you can not undermine the players’ stellar performance while accounting for this contract.

Wondering about what is the average Mason Mount salary? Give this guide a quick read and learn everything about his income assets, net worth, contract details, and yearly salary.

Mason Mount Income Details

Mason Mount Salary
Name:Mason Tony Mount
Date of Birth:10/01/1999

Mason Mount is an English player currently associated with the London club Manchester United and earns anywhere around ₦855,041,113 as a base salary per month. It is the base salary, and according to the contract with the club, the player has chances to earn up to ₦292,791,719 weekly based on his performances in the tournament. Before that, he was associated with Chelsea up till 2023 and earned around ₦78,075,000 weekly, which is nothing compared to his earnings with Manchester United.

Mason Mount Football Player

Chelsea and Manchester United’s legendary rivalry in the Premier League has definitely benefited Mason Mount in the new season of 2023/2024. The shocking value of the contract offered by Manchester United significantly added to his net worth. Here is a breakdown of Mason Mount’s net worth, endorsements, and market value.

Net Worth

As of 2023, the former Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount’s current net worth is approximately ₦19,508,912,000, which is a pretty solid amount of money, considering that the player is still young and has not yet entered prime years of football. Aside from the lucrative contracts with clubs, most of his net worth is accredited to the brand endorsements. It is safe to assume that he will be making a massive net worth in the coming years and will extend his contract with Manchester United.


Mason Mount, as a successful football midfielder, has been enjoying lucrative brand deals with sports giants like Nike. In this season, Nike is expected to give equipment and shoes to the players so that he can promote them in the tournaments. Moreover, he has also signed a deal with Combat Gaming and is currently an ambassador of the group in E-Sports, adding significantly to his net worth.

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Market Value

After signing the contract with Manchester United in 2023, Mason Mount enjoys a market value of anywhere around ₦4,768,768,200, considering the over-compensation of the player from the club. However, if we compare it with last year’s market value of ₦6,495,357,032, it is much less, most of which is accredited to the number of medals he won last year. This year, we will have to see his performances and their impact on his market value.

Mason Mount Income Assets

Mason Mount, given his Stellar performances and income assets, has managed to build a number of income assets. Despite the fact that he is private about his assets, here is a breakdown of some of them so you can have an idea about his earnings.

As per Business Insider, Mason Mount enjoys a stellar collection of luxury cars like Range Rover, Audi R8, Audi Q7, Mercedes Benz, and BMW. Though he had a whole lot of luxury cars, he ditched most of them for the city center life in Cheshire.

Apart from this, the English player owns a luxury apartment in the Northern city, which is the most-priced possession of Mason Mount. Also, he has several real-estate properties in Northern Cheshire; however, he has been discreet about these properties.

What car does Mason Mount have?

Mason Mount has an entire collection of luxury cars. Currently, his car collection includes Range Rover, Audi R8, Audi Q7, Mercedes Benz, and BMW.

What is the current contract of Mason Mount in the Premier League Club?

Currently, Mason Mount is associated with Manchester United.

What is the estimated net worth of Mason Mount in 2023?

As of 2023, Mason Mount enjoys a net worth of anywhere around ₦19,508,912,000.

What is the monthly salary of Mason Mount?

Mason Mount has an approximate salary of ₦855,041,113 on a monthly basis.

What is the transfer value of Mason Mount in Premier League 2023/ 2024?

Mason Mount has an approximate transfer value of ₦4,768,768,200, aligned with Manchester United in the Premier League 2023/2024.

Mason Mount is an emerging legend, currently playing for Manchester United as a midfielder and enjoying an extremely lucrative contract in comparison with Chelsea. He has switched from the club and been over-compensated by the club, considering their arched rivalry with Chelsea. Aside from this, he also enjoys several brand endorsements with E-sports and sports brands.

Finally, I hope this guide has been able to give you valuable insights into Mason Mount’s salary.

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