Iwobi Salary per Week and Net Worth in Naira

  • Monthly Salary: ₦394542400
  • Salary per Week: ₦98635600
  • Annual Salary: ₦4734508800
  • Other Income Sources: Advertisements and sponsorship deals.

Alex Iwobi is one of the well-known Nigerian footballers who play for both Nigeria’s national team and his club. He is a 27-year-old professional footballer who made his debut in football in the year 2017. He was born in Lagos and moved to England when he was 4.

The player is a well-known player who is known for his reflexes and perfection in the game. He plays as a midfielder for both Nigeria’s Super Eagles team and Premier League club Fulham.

The player is 5 feet 11 inches tall and is known for his exceptional skill, which is the significant reason for making him a successful footballer right from the start of his career. Let’s discuss the details of Alexander Chuka Iwobi and his salary, his career history, the assets that he owns, and what are his income sources that are responsible for making him so prosperous.

Overview of Alexander Chuka Iwobi & His Salary

Iwobi Salary Per Week
Name:Alexander Chuka Iwobi
Date of Birth:03/05/1996

Alexander Chuka Iwobi plays as a midfielder and is one of the most famous footballers in Nigeria. The player has made his name in the game because of his vibrant energy and passion for football. He has a family background in football because his maternal uncle was one of the legendary former footballers, Jay-Jay Okocha.

The player has a net worth of approximately ₦ 7,217,731,399 and is currently playing at a per-month salary of ₦ 98,635,600. Moreover, we have come to know that he not only earns from his game but also earns from the advertisements and sponsorship deals that he signs. Plus, he has recently moved to Fulham and signed a contract with the club that will end in 2028.

Let’s look at the in-depth details of Alexander Iwobi about his career, income sources, and assets that he owns. Make sure you don’t miss anything so that you can get complete information about your favorite footballer in one spot.

Alexander Chuka Iwobi Career as Footballer

Alexander Iwobi has been interested in football since he was very young. He was among those players who played football not only to earn but because they had a passion for the game. This Nigerian International midfielder is one of the most versatile and talented players on the field.

Right now, he has signed a five-year contract with Fulham that will end in 2028, and before that, he played for Everton and Arsenal, too. Let’s look at the details of his professional career as a footballer in the guide below.

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Iwobi started his professional career by joining Arsenal in 2016. He debuted as a substitute in a League Cup match in 2013, ultimately making way for his success in the game. The player then again was on the field against Swansea City.

He played as a substitute for Mesut Ozil. During the time when Alexander Iwobi was playing for Arsenal club, the club faced lots of challenges, but what made the player a favorite for the club management was his commitment to the team.

His unwavering dedication and presence made him one of the noteworthy and respectful players of football both on and off the pitch. The contract with Arsenal ended in 2019.


Alexander Chuka Iwobi, after completing his contract at Arsenal then, moved to Everton in 2019. There, the players signed a five-year contract. His initial fee at the Everton club was ₦ 91,983,026.55 per week.

Well, keep in mind this was not the only salary the player got while playing for Everton. In addition to this impressive base salary, he also got so many incentives and bonuses because of his fantastic performance in the game that made him one of the top players in Football history. The contract with Everton ended in 2023, and the player joined Fulham.


The player, after leaving Everton, joined Fulham on the 2nd of September 2023. This deal was significantly amazing in his journey as a footballer. He signed a five-year contract that will end in the summer of 2028 with Fulham.

He reunited with his former manager there, his manager at Everton, Marco Silva. Marco Silva was among those coaches whose guidance made Alexander Iwobi one of the top footballers because, according to Alexander Iwobi, Marco Silva was the person who polished his skills and brought out his true potential.

How Iwobi Earns Additional Income Sources

Alexander Chuka Iwobi is a very reserve person who does not like to share his personal assets and information about himself with the media. He prefers to stay silent and keep things private and away from the spying eyes of the media and the general public. But somehow, we have come to know that Alexander Iwobi is also into brand endorsement and sponsorship deals.

Alexander Chuka Iwobi’s Assets

Alexander Chuka Iwobi is one of the top players who has a net worth of more than ₦ 7,217,731,399. He spends his wealth wisely and is currently the owner of his lavish mansion in Nigeria and several cars, including BMW and Mercedes. Let’s look at the details of Alexander Iwobi’s assets below.

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We have very little knowledge about the home that the player owns. But from the pictures and photographs that the player officially posted, we have come to know that he lives in a lavish mansion located in Nigeria. The pictures represent that the player has a luxury taste and prefers to live in a comfortable place.


Moreover, when we talk about the automobiles or the cars the player possesses, we come to know that he has a BMW and a Mercedes with him. Although the player has not yet revealed the vehicle he owns either officially or anywhere on his social media platforms, we know he owns several impressive automobiles. Moreover, another rumor that we have recently got about the player is that he is going to take ownership of a private jet within some time.

How much does Alex Iwobi earn as his base salary in 2023?

In this current year, 2023, Alexander Chuka Iwobi, a Nigerian footballer, earns a base salary of ₦ 394,542,400. He gets this salary from Everton, the club he is playing for now. Recently, he signed another five-year contract with another club, Fulham, that will end in 2028, and he is planning to leave Everton.

What is the estimated net worth of Alexander Iwobi?

Alexander Iwobi is one of the popular professional footballers who is renowned for his versatility and game. He has made most of his income from his game. According to the research, we have come to know that Iwobi has a net worth of approximately ₦ 7,217,731,399.

Is there an anticipation of Alex Iwobi renewing his contract with Everton?

Yes, there are rumors that Alexander Iwobi is going to renew his contract with Everton. This is because he is demanding an increase in his weekly wage. Moreover, keep in mind this information is not confirmed by the player or the club on their own officially.

Alexander Chuka Iwobi is one of the well-known Nigerian footballers who plays as a midfielder and is known for his versatile game. He is a passionate footballer who belongs to a family where his maternal uncle was also a well-known former footballer. He owns several cars and lives in a mansion of his own.

Moreover, the player has managed to earn around ₦ 7,217,731,399. Although most of his net worth came from his salaries and bonuses that he gets as a footballer, but he also earns from sponsorship and advertisement deals that he signs.

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