Mason Greenwood Salary per Week and Net Worth in Naira

  • Monthly Salary: ₦303000000
  • Salary per Week: ₦75750000
  • Annual Salary: ₦3636000000
  • Other Income Sources: Brand endorsements and side businesses.

If you are a football fan, it is impossible if Mason Greenwood has not got your attention. His moves, the way he shoots, and dribbles in the ground can make anyone stick his eyes to this young football player, and some of you must be here because you are curious about Mason Greenwood’s salary, right?

This article is for those who came here to find out Mason Greenwood’s salary because this young man has got all their attention in football matches. So, read ahead and explore Mason Greenwood’s salary, career, net worth, assets, and much more.

Overview of Mason Greenwood and His Salary

Mason Greenwood Salary
Name:Mason Will John Greenwood
Date of Birth:01/10/2001

Manchester United never let down its supporters because all the players in this one of the best Premier League clubs are extremely talented, but today’s focus is Mason Greenwood. His full name is Mason Will John Greenwood, and he was born on 1 October 2001. He is a professional English football player who is people’s favorite for his remarkable football skills and raising salary demands.

As per reports currently, Mason Greenwood’s salary is around ₦ 303 million, and his estimated net worth is over ₦1 billion. He earns a handsome amount from football, but apart from football’s salary, he used to endorse famous sports brands like Nike till 2022, but things are different now. In short, he has no other income sources and solely earns from football.

Mason Greenwood’s Career as a Footballer

Mason Greenwood is a 21-year-old young footballer who made his professional football debut in an Under-18 match as a Manchester United FC player in 2017. He was part of Manchester United till 2022. Here is a detailed history of his football career from 2017 to 2023.

International Debut

He also plays as a forward in England’s national football team. Greenwood played his first U-21 national football team of England in 2019 and made his senior international debut for the England team in September 2020. His international debut match was against Iceland in a UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) Nations League game.

The Dark Phase

Mason Greenwood is undoubtedly super talented and got into England’s national team in just a few years. He was successful in no time, but his success didn’t stay for long, and he was into hot water for some serious allegations that were dropped later but affected his career badly. As a result of these allegations, he has not been able to play a single match since January 2022.

Watching a young talent getting destroyed by an unproved allegation made the head coach of Getafe CF take immediate action and offer a deal to Mason Greenwood. His contract with Manchester United FC was till 2025, but due to the ongoing circumstances, the club decided to suspend him, which is why many of Mason Greenwood’s fans have not been able to watch their favorite player on the ground for a long time but gladly he is in Getafe FC now and signed a season contract with Getafe FC in 2023.

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Mason Greenwood Salary Profile

Here is the salary history of Mason Greenwood from his first club to the current football club. From his debut year to date, this table includes the weekly and annual earnings of Mason Greenwood. If you are interested in Mason Greenwood’s salary, read ahead.

YearWeekly SalaryYearly Salary
2019₦ 99081.63₦ 5152244.76
2020₦ 23779591.20₦ 1236538742.40
2021₦ 73320406.20₦ 3812661122.40
2022₦ 73320406.20₦ 3812661122.40
2023₦ 73320406.20₦ 4070273360.40

He got suspended from one of the best football clubs, Manchester United, for almost eleven months and rebuilt his career at La Liga club Getafe CF. He has signed a season-long loan deal with a club in Spain to kickstart his career again away from Manchester United.

His weekly earning at Manchester United was around ₦ 75491680.00, but according to the season deal he signed, he will receive ₦ 25110580.00 from Getafe while his old club, Manchester United, will cover the remaining ₦ 62249406.43. He has not officially left the club but joined Getafe on a loan deal from his previous club, and according to report, he will return to Manchester United in June 2024. Moreover, although he is not part of Manchester United, he still club covers over 50% of his salary in his new club.

TimeMason Greenwood Salary
Daily₦ 147million
Weekly₦ 737million
Monthly₦ 31 billion
Annual₦ 383 billion

Additional Income Sources

Mason Greenwood earns well from football and also his additional income sources, which include brand endorsements and side businesses. However, after the 2022 arrest, he got no brand endorsements. Before the arrest, he was endorsing a famous sports brand, Nike.

Currently, the only additional source of income he has left is his business, which brings about ₦ 773986113 to Mason Greenwood’s bank balance. The legal actions taken against him in the previous year have destroyed his reputation and affected his career badly, but he hasn’t lost hope and is trying to rebuild his career in Spain.

Mason Greenwood Assets

With ₦ 1billion net worth, Mason Greenwood is undoubtedly a young, talented, successful English footballer. He also owns several cars and houses that are his assets and make him a wealthy man. Here are the details about his assets.


Mason Greenwood owns multiple Mercedes, which shows his love for Mercedes and luxury cars. The cars he owns are:

  • Mercedes Benz CLA 250 Coupe
  • Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe
  • Mercedes Benz AMG C63S Coupe
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Mercedes Benz CLA 250 Coupe₦ 30647000
Mercedes Benz GLC Coupe₦ 35486000
Mercedes Benz AMG C63S Coupe₦ 66133000


Apart from owning luxurious cars, Mason Greenwood is also an owner of lavish houses in Manchester and Bradford. However, he hasn’t shared anything about his house publicly, so from location to the worth and everything in between, no one knows anything about his house.

How much is Mason Greenwood paid a week?

Mason Greenwood earns up to ₦ 74985450 per week after transferring to Getafe CF from Manchester United.

Who pays Mason Greenwood’s wages?

Although he got transferred to Getafe CF, his previous club, Manchester United, still pays a significant portion of Mason Greenwood’s wages, and only a smaller amount of his weekly salary is covered by Getafe.

Will Greenwood play for Man Utd again?

It is not confirmed, as neither Greenwood nor Manchester United has announced anything related to his return. He has mentioned a few times the decision is between his club and him, but currently, he is focused on rebuilding his career by staying away from the club.

How much is Mason Greenwood’s house?

According to some reports, Greenwood has got a new villa near his Getafe’s training center, and it costs him ₦ 8065000 per month.

Is Mason Greenwood back?

Nothing can be said for sure, but there are very few chances of him returning to his club, Manchester United, after the allegations and cases registered against him. Moreover, he is trying to rebuild his career in Spain through a club-based loan, so there are equal chances of him continuing in Getafe and Manchester United.

Which club is Greenwood now?

He is currently in Getafe CF and plays as a forward for the club.

Will Mason Greenwood be in FIFA 23?

No, after his arrest in 2022, he has been suspended from all sports activity, including club matches and international and national matches.

Is Mason Greenwood in EA FC 24?

As per news and reports, Mason Greenwood will be included in EA FC 24, but he will not appear after his arrest with his old club, Manchester United.

Mason Greenwood has shown excellent football skills from a very young age, and his talent is the reason that made him famous and a millionaire. This rising England football star has already seen ups and downs in his career, but his passion for football is still the same.

His football skills, talent, and hard work are behind the handsome salary he receives, extraordinary net worth, and jaw-dropping asset list. Mason Greenwood’s salary, net worth, and assets are enough to shock anyone because, at a young age, he has accomplished a lot. We have included all the exciting information regarding Mason Greenwood’s salary, life, career, etc., in this article, and I am positive you will enjoy reading about the life of your favorite footballer.

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