Ansu Fati Salary and Net Worth in Naira

  • Monthly Salary: ₦896437828
  • Salary per Week: ₦224109457
  • Annual Salary: ₦10757253936
  • Other Income Sources: Sponsorship With Nike and other multinational brands.

Ansu Fati’s full name is Anssumane Fati Vieira, who is a 20-year-old Spanish footballer currently playing for Barcelona. This Spanish player right now is playing for both the Spanish National team and the Barcelona club in La Liga. He plays as a left winger, but because of his versatility, he can play in other positions, like as a right winger and center forward.

The player was born in 2002 and is among those players who started playing football at a very early age of their life. He started playing football at the age of 10 years when he joined Sevilla. The player currently is playing at a salary of ₦ 896,437,828 per month and is known to be among the top rich young footballers because of a total net worth of approximately ₦ 34,607,933,134.

Let’s look at the in-depth details of the overview of Anssumane Fati Vieira’s career, salary, assets, and income sources so you can have all the important information about him. Pay attention so you do not miss or skip anything important.

Overview of Anssumane Fati Vieira & His Salary

Ansu Fati Salary
Name:Anssumane Fati Vieira
Date of Birth:31/10/2002

Anssumane Fati Vieira is one of the well-known Spanish footballers who is currently 21 years old and has been playing football since he was 10. He is playing for Barcelona at a salary of ₦ 896,437,828 per month and has a net worth of around ₦ 34,607,933,134.32. He is among some of the rich, young, and talented footballers who are creating histories in the game.

We have recently come to know from the resources that the primary income source of the player is not only professional contracts but also the sponsorship deals that he signs with multinational brands. He is among those young, talented players who have skills and are the playmakers. One of the most notable achievements in his career at Barcelona was getting the number 10 shirt after Lionel Messi left it vacant.

Since the number 10 shirt is one of the prestigious shirts and is given only to the best players, it has been given to Ansu Fati after Lionel Messi left the club. Let’s look at the in-depth description of Ansu Fati’s career, history, assets, and additional income sources that are making him richer day by day. Let’s, without wasting any more time, start with the guide below.

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Anssumane Fati Vieira Career as Footballer


Anssumane Fati Vieira is known for being one of the young football players with such a heavy net worth. He started playing football when he was only ten years old in 2012. He played for local side Sevilla and Herrera’s minor squads and, after that, joined Barcelona’s La Masia in 2012.

Then, in 2019, the player signed his very first professional deal with the club Barcelona. He signed his deal on 24 July 2019 and made his debut on 25th August 2019. The deal that was signed with Barcelona has to run until 2022.

At that time, the player became the second youngest player in the club because of his age, which was 17 in 2019. Furthermore, he also made his Champions League debut in the same year, 2019. He became Barcelona’s youngest player in his Champions League debut, where the club played against Borussia Dortmund.

He got the number 10 shirt in 2021 because of his performance and after Lionel Messi left Barcelona. After that, the Royal Spanish Football Federation took an interest in him and granted Spanish citizenship to him on 20th September 2019.

He made his debut for the under-21 squad on 15th October 2019. Ansu Fati then made his International debut in 2020 on 3rd September. He played against Germany in his debut.

How He Earns; Additional Income Sources

Well, we are unaware of the footballer’s additional income sources, and all we know is that his main source of income is his football career. But from resources, we have come to know that the player is earning from his sponsorship deals with multinational brands like Nike. So we can say he might also be earning from signing sponsorship deals and doing advertisements for other companies and brands, too.

Otherwise , we have no information related to any other income source like investments or property from which Ansu Fati is earning. But because the player is a professional footballer and is known for his next level of Football skills, he must be getting several bonus incentives in addition to his base salary, which is the reason for making him rich and wealthy.

Anssumane Fati Vieira’s Assets

All we know about Anssumane Fati Vieira’s house is that he owns a house located in Catalunya, Spain. The player has not revealed the details of the house, but what we came to know from the pictures that he posts on social media or from our resources is that the player has a lavish home in Barcelona, where he lives with his family for now. Moreover, the cars that the player owns include Audi.

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We got the news that this car was given to him by his sponsors, but because he does not have a license, he cannot drive it currently. Moreover, we also got to know that because he is not really passionate about vehicles, he does not take an interest in cars. He only has an Audi, Cupra, and a few other cars under his ownership.

What is the current salary of Ansu Fati?

Ansu Fati is a well-known professional Spanish footballer who is known for his moves and versatility in football. He is currently earning ₦ 896,437,828 salary per week and is currently playing for La Liga club Barcelona.

What is Ansu Fati’s yearly salary?

Ansu Fati is currently earning ₦ 896,437,828 per month salary from his club La Liga Barcelona. When we convert this salary into a monthly yearly salary, it becomes ₦ 10,757,253,936. Moreover, the player has a net worth of ₦ 34,607,933,134, which makes him one of the richest players in Football history.

How much has Ansu Fati earned over their career?

Ansu Fati has earned approximately ₦ 34,607,933,134.32 from his career. He has made it possible mainly from his main career, football, and the bonuses he gets due to his performance. Moreover, we have also come to know that Ansu Fati is earning from sponsorship deals with some major brands like Nike.

Anssumane Fati Vieira is one of the well-known professional Spain footballers who plays for Barcelona Club La Liga and the Spanish National team. He plays as a left winger and is known for his versatility because he can also play in other positions, such as right winger and center forward.

He is a young player who started playing football at the age of 10 and is known because of his next-level football performance. His net worth at such a young age is currently ₦ 34,607,933,134, and for now, the player is playing for the La Liga club at a salary of ₦ 896,437,828 per week. The guide talks about salary, career, assets, and income sources so you can get to know everything about your favorite player in one place.

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