Victor Osimhen Salary per Week & Net Worth in Naira

  • Monthly Salary: ₦401126764.42
  • Salary per Week: ₦100281691.105
  • Annual Salary: ₦4813521173.04
  • Other Income Sources: Club Napoli, Endorsement Deals, Performance Bonuses and Prize Money, Image Rights and Media.

How much does a Nigerian football star, Victor Osimhen, earn? This question raises curiosity and sparks discussion among its devoted fans. This young football player’s financial success reflects his prowess and dedication on the field.

In this article, I will explore in depth the earning potential of Victor Osimhen and uncover his primary sources of income along with his net worth and assets. Therefore, keep reading this interesting guide to uncover the financial achievements of Nigerian football star Victor Osimhen.

Victor Osimhen Salary

Victor Osimhen Salary
Name:Victor Osimhen
Date of Birth:29/12/1998
Profession:Nigerian Football Player

Who is Victor Osimhen? Victor Osimhen, born on 29 December 1998 in Lagos, Nigeria, is a young Nigerian football player and is acknowledged as one of the best young strikers. Moreover, he also holds the position of one of the best players in the world.

Osimhen started his football career in 2017 in Germany with VfL Wolfsburg. However, after spending a season and a half with the club, he switched to Belgian Side Charleroi in 2018-19 on loan before moving to France, signing with Lille. Additionally, Osimhen made his first European football debut in the 2019-20 UEFA Champions League with France.

In 2020, he shifted to Serie A powerhouse Napoli, commanding a significantly huge fee of ₦57,170,733,536.00. Furthermore, in the 2021-22 season, he obtained the Serie A Best Young Player award and, in the upcoming season, assisted the club in winning its first Serie A title in 33 years. In addition, he is considered the highest goal-scoring African player in Serie A.

Brief Overview of Victor Osimhen’s Compensation Structure

What is the salary of a young Nigerian football player? Victor Osimhen plays for a Serie A club, Napoli, and earns approximately ₦4,813,521,173.0 per year. He commands a salary of ₦401,126,764.42 per month and ₦92,567,714.87 per week.

Osimhen is currently negotiating a new contract with Club Napoli; if the discussion is successful, his stay at the club will extend until 2027, and his annual salary will be doubled to N9.9 billion. As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be ₦1,530,659,124.0, and he is regarded as one of the wealthiest Super Eagles players in 2023.

Victor Osimhen’s Income Sources

Victor Osimhen, a renowned Nigerian football player, drives income from different sources that contribute to his overall wealth and financial achievements. The following are his primary sources of income:

Salary From Club Napoli

Victor Osimhen’s main source of income is salary from the club he is playing for. He has signed a contract with the club Napoli, which will expire in 2025. The annual salary he earns from the club is approximately ₦4,813,521,173.0.

With a monthly salary of ₦401,126,764.42, he is regarded as the second highest-paid Nigerian player. Furthermore, in 2020, Serie A Napoli club signed a contract with Victor Osimhen for ₦57,170,733,536.00, making him the most expensive African transfer ever at the time. He definitely earned a lot from the contract he signed with the Italian Club Napoli.

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Endorsement Deals

Endorsement deals also contribute a lot to the young Nigerian football player’s financial success. As player’s market value grows, many popular brands and companies rush to sign agreements with them. These contracts can be very beneficial and profitable for both parties.

The brand uses the name and fame of the popular players to enhance their own image and sales. Victor Osimhen has signed deals with major brands, including Nike, and he will be wearing the Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 soccer cleat in the 2023-2024 season.

Moreover, he has also signed a multi-million Naira contract with Reckitt Nigeria, the manufacturer of Dettol soap. This partnership or event took place in Lagos.

Performance Bonuses and Prize Money

Performance bonuses are another part of the contract with the club. If a player achieves success on the field, they receive bonuses as a form of recognition and acknowledgment. Performance bonuses are offered to those who achieve a specific milestone during the course of a season or competition.

Napoli club has agreed to offer an NGN 64 million bonus to Victor Osimhen if he scores 20 goals in a season. In addition, he will also earn another bonus if he manages to score 25 goals. However, remember one thing: the amount of bonus can vary due to the club’s financial resources and the player’s experience and status.

Image Rights and Media

If a player has a high market value, many company reaches out to them in the hope of using their popularity to promote their products. Professional footballers like Victor Osimhen have image rights contracts that allow them to make a profit from the commercial use of their image and likeness.

The image rights contract gives permission to the player to use their own image for advertising, marketing, and promotional activities. The player’s image right is his other source of income and contributes to his financial success, although the exact amount is not known.

Furthermore, Osimhen’s media appearances, such as interviews and other media-related activities, are another source of income. The profits made by his media appearances are not disclosed to the public.

In addition to the above-mentioned sources, Osimhen also receives compensation for playing for the Nigerian national team. He also receives bonuses, match fees, and other financial incentives. In essence, Victor Osimhen’s income comes from multiple sources, including his club, endorsement deals, image rights, and media appearances.

Victor Osimhen’s Assets and Net Worth

Victor Osimhen is considered the second-highest-paid Nigerian football player due to his immense wealth and net worth. He possesses multiple assets that significantly contribute to his financial success. However, most of his assets are not disclosed to the public, which adds a sense of mystery.

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Osimhen’s net worth is ₦1,530,659,124.0, which reflects his financial achievements. He has amassed huge wealth due to his earnings from his career, endorsement deals, and more. Besides his wealth, he has also accumulated numerous assets, which are listed below:


He owns a beautiful house in Mowe Town, near the Redemption Camp, in his country, Nigeria. In addition to this, he recently purchased a house in Italy due to his contract with the Italian club Napoli. The house is located in a chic community in Naples, Italy.

Besides these two residences, no information is available about Osimhen’s other properties. He keeps his financial life quite private.


Victor Osimhen recently bought a luxurious 2021 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon for an astonishing price of ₦65,000,000. He was seen driving his new car in the streets of Naples. Besides this Mercedes, he also owns a van and Rolls Royce.

Assets TypeDescription
ResidenceHe owns a property near the Redemption Camp at Mowe Town (Nigeria). He also owns a house in the neighborhood of Posillipo in Naples (Italy).
Endorsement DealsOsimhen signed a multi-million endorsement deal with Reckitt Nigeria. He also signed a contract with Nike, and he will sport the Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 soccer cleat in the 2023-2024 season.
CarsMarcedes Benz G-Wagon (₦65,000,000), Rolls Royce, van
Net Worth₦1,530,659,124.0

What is the salary of Osimhen?

Victor Osimhen, a professional Nigerian football player, recently signed a contract with the Italian club Napoli, and it will expire in 2025. The salary of Osimhen at Napoli Club is approximately ₦4,813,521,173.0 per year. Besides his salary, he earns additional income from contracts, performance bonuses, image rights, and media appearances.

How much is Osimhen salary per week and month?

Osimhen receives about ₦401,126,764.42 salary per month and ₦92,567,714.87 per week. With such astonishing figures, he is ranked the second-highest Nigerian football player.

What is Victor Osimhen’s net worth?

The net worth of the young football player is approximately ₦1,530,659,124.0. However, the figure is subject to change due to his market value, investment, and other financial opportunities that can influence his financial achievements.

To sum up, Victor Osimhen is a professional Nigerian football player who is widely known for his athleticism, speed, and clinical finishing. He recently signed an agreement with an Italian football club called Napoli, and the contract will expire in 2025. The young football player receives an annual income of ₦4,813,521,173.0 from his club.

His monthly income is ₦401,126,764.42, and on a weekly basis, he makes about ₦92,567,714.87, which reflects his financial achievement. Besides his salary from the club, he also has other sources of income, including his endorsement deals with big brands like Nike and Reckitt Nigeria. His additional income also comes from his image rights, media appearances, match fees, and performance bonuses.

Furthermore, as of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be ₦1,530,659,124.0. In addition to his enormous wealth, he also possesses multiple assets, including luxurious property in Nigeria and Italy, as well as expensive cars. However, remember that the player’s net worth can vary significantly over time because of his market value, performances, endorsement deals, investments, and other factors.

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