Bukayo Saka Salary per Week & Net Worth in Naira

  • Monthly Salary: ₦7586676732
  • Salary per Week: ₦1896669183
  • Annual Salary: ₦91040120784
  • Other Income Sources: Interviews, Media appearances, endorsements, advertisements, and investments.

The senior player of Arsenal’s Hale End Bukayo Saka is in the headlines because of his last performances. He is one of the few European soccer players who gained mountain-like popularity at an early age. Now, he is enjoying millions of naira from salary, sponsor money, and interview payments.

According to his social media accounts, his lifestyle is completely different from other members of the team, as he lives in a large mansion with his family and owns sports cars. It raises a question of how much he earns per month, and the statistics are pretty mouth-opening. Let’s reveal his salary, per month income generated by the leagues, and other sources of income.

Overview of Bukayo Saka & His Salary

Bukayo Saka Salary
Name:Bukayo Saka
Date of Birth:05/09/2001

Very few people know that Saka’s parents are from Nigeria, and they moved to England at the very early age of their marriage. Well, the boy took a great interest in football and got admitted to Arsenal’s Hale End at the age of eight. Saka is one of Arsenal’s best investments as he became a well-known footballer in 2018 when he was playing a match against Vorskla Poltava.

He gained so much fame and popularity since that day, and it also increased his worth in the club. Currently, he is the 11th highest-paid soccer player of the club, receiving ₦7,586,676,732 per month. Additionally, he has other sources of income, including interviews or media appearances.

There is no doubt that his soccer skills are matchless even though he is too young but still plays like a senior soccer midfielder. The club has increased his salary after reviewing his performance. He has rejected the invitations of other clubs for the sake of Arsenal’s Hale End, which shows his sincerity and strong affiliation with the team.

Bukayo Saka Career As A Footballer

Bukayo Saka is a well-known player in England and one of the best in Europe. If we see the graph of his progress, he has gathered a lot of fame in a very short time period. Because he has become a popular player, brands and companies hire him for advertisements or channels for interviews; let’s see his other sources of income in detail.

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The very first source of earning is football, but as the match ends, you often see his press conferences. These press conferences have featured backgrounds with many logos or the names of the brands. If you observe it clearly, it is a passive way to advertise the brand, so he charges for such interviews.

Secondly, the interviews on EA Sports, Tens Sports, and other sports channels are also not free. He gathers money via different types of podcasts and YouTube shows. Lastly, the documentaries are also charged according to the duration and the type of information.

Media & Public Appearances

Another passive source of income is appearing in public events or on media channels. Bukayo Saka is a famous personality in the football world, and he is also known as a Nigerian celebrity. He often appears in media events, such as in sports fashion shows, sports modeling, or in modeling shows.

He has been spotted inaugurating the leagues in which he does not even play, for example, PSL of South Africa or the African Cup. All these public and media appearances are not free, and he charges for them. The rates are determined after seeing the duration and the type of activity; however, he does not charge more for charitable organizations and welfare program events appearances.


Some people mix up endorsements with advertisements, but there is a clear difference between them. Bukayo Saka often endorses a few products from England, such as clothing brands or shoe companies. In these endorsements, he wears or uses the particular brand’s product to make it famous, and he charges for such activities.

Advertisement & Investments

The last are the advertisements and the personal investments. He has been spotted in the ads for drinks, cold drinks, and Beats by Dre. Additionally, he has invested in a list of businesses, including the stock exchange and restaurants or hotels. He also runs a personal clothing brand, which is increasingly famous in England.

Bukayo Saka’s Assets

Saka’s personal life is completely different from his professional life as he is a humble, nice, and respectful person. He is a fan of sports cars and supercars, but the element of nobility is visible within him. Let’s see what are the cars and houses he possesses in England.


Bukayo Saka does not like to reveal his personal life on social media, but records claim that he owns a white Lamborghini. According to an estimate, the price of this vehicle in Nigeria is ₦200 million. The amount is high for Nirgerians but not for Saka, so he can afford a Lamborghini.

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Bukayo Saka has purchased a mansion worth 1 billion naira, which has all the facilities one can imagine. He has a large parking area, with a pool and gym section, which is attached to a football training area.

What is Bukayo Saka famous for?

Saka is famous because of his skills and performances in the Premier Leagues. He has played in a list of tournaments and won numbness awards. Currently, he owns the London Football Awards Men’s Young Player of the Year: 2023 title.

What has happened to Bukayo Saka?

He had a severe hamstring injury after the match on October 19, 2023. According to Arsenal’s Hale End, he will be able to play matches after the recovery, which is expected in 3 to 4 weeks.

Who inspired Bukayo Saka?

Saka has explained multiple times that David Rocastle inspires him. He said Rocky is his role model, and he always follows Rocky’s footsteps.

When was Arsenal most successful?

The most successful time for Arsenal was the 1990s to the 2000s, in which it won a list of awards and cups.

How old was Bukayo Saka?

Bukayo Saka is one of the youngest players on the team. He is only 22 years old, as he was born on September 5, 2023. He only plays for Arsenal’s Hale End.

Bukayo Saka started playing for the club at a young age, and his age did not restrict him to become one of the best players in England. He possesses a number of awards, such as the London Football Awards Men’s Young Player of the Year: 2023 and PFA Team of the Year: 2022–23 Premier League. There is no doubt he has emerged as a role model for football fans who want to become professional players in the soccer world.

According to Saka, he has spent hours in the practice sessions to get selected for Arsenal’s Hale End. Now, his efforts pay him back billions of naira as he is the top soccer player in the club. Anyhow, we should acknowledge the efforts and the diligent work behind his performance, and we should appreciate all his successes.

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