Gabriel Jesus Salary per Week and Net Worth in Naira

  • Monthly Salary: ₦91339189
  • Salary per Week: ₦22834797.25
  • Annual Salary: ₦1096070268
  • Other Income Sources: Brand endorsements and real-estate investment

Gabriel Jesus is a Brazilian football attacker, highly popular across the globe for his partnership with Manchester City. After enjoying lucrative contracts with Arsenal and the national team, the player is exploring new opportunities through his 2017 signed deal with Manchester City.

If you want to know more about Gabriel Jesus’ salary and net worth, here is a refresher course on the players’ net worth, brand endorsements, and assets. So, keep on reading to know more.

Gabriel Jesus Income Details

Gabriel Jesus Salary
Name:Gabriel Fernando de Jesus
Date of Birth:03/04/1997

Back in 2017, Gabriel Jesus signed a lucrative contract with the English club Manchester City with a transfer fee of anywhere around ₦4,749,637,834 on an annual basis and ₦91,339,189 on a monthly basis. This, along with another lucrative contract with the national Brazilian football team, has added significantly to his income and made him a marketable athlete.

Gabriel Jesus Football Player

Gabriel Jesus enjoys a high reputation across the globe for his stellar performance in club, league, and international cricket, adding to his net worth. The player has also earned significantly over the years through endorsement deals. So, let us break down his net worth and market value.

Net Worth

Gabriel Jesus has an estimated net worth of ₦20,162,500,000, which is a result of some lucrative contracts he has signed with teams in the Premier League and the Brazilian national team. Aside from this, the players earn significantly from the endorsement deals and passive income assets.


The player is also popular for his endorsement deals and has managed to build a side income through brand deals over the years. Currently, he is the face of many campaigns for international brands like Nike, Puma, and Vivo. The player has also entered a 4-year deal with a local Brazilian sports brand, Gatorade.

Market Value

Currently, the player has a lucrative contract with England’s Premier League club, Manchester City, under which he is sold for around ₦4,844,663,381 on a yearly basis. The contract is expected to end in 2025; however, there are speculations that the player will extend the partnership with the club while continuing his national performances.

Gabriel Jesus Income Assets

Aside from active sports and endorsement deals, Gabriel Jesus has managed to build a variety of material things that add significantly to his net worth and yearly income. Here is a list of all the public things he owned as a Brazilian national player across the globe.

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Stellar Car Collection

Like any other football player, the Brazillian player Gabriel Jesus enjoys a stellar collection of luxury cars like G63 and GL63. The most popular cars in his collection include the Mercedes GLS 450, Mercedes Benz V Class, and Mercedes Benz G Class, most of which are from exclusive releases. The latter two cars are above the worth of ₦806,500,000.

London House

Gabriel Jesus enjoys a fairly costly house in North London from where he plays for Manchester City. It is a two-story luxury house fully refurbished where the player lives with his girlfriend. Though real estate properties have added to his active net worth, the player has been discreet about these investments in public.

Luxury Shoe Collection

Given this Brazilian player’s interest in signing deals with international sports brands, he has an entire luxury collection. It has rare pieces from Nike, Puma, and Adidas exclusive collections. Aside from this, the young attacker also has an entire luxury shoe line from Gatorade, a local Brazilian brand for which Gabriel has also done an entire campaign.

What is the expected yearly income of Gabriel Jesus?

On a yearly basis, Gabriel Jesus earns anywhere around ₦4,844,663,381.

Who does Gabriel Jesus play for?

Currently, Gabriel Jesus plays for Manchester City in the Premier Club League. Moreover, he also enjoys a presence as an attacker in the Brazil national team.

What is the estimated net worth of Brazilian football attacker Gabriel Jesus?

The estimated net worth of Gabriel Jesus, a Brazilian football player, is anywhere around. ₦20,162,500,000

How much does Gabriel Jesus make in a month?

According to Business Insider, Gabriel Jesus makes anywhere around ₦91,339,189 on a monthly basis.

What is the contract worth of Gabriel Jesus?

According to Football London, Gabriel Jesus is currently bound in a contract with Manchester City, with a lucrative contract worth around ₦4,416,620,000.

Where is Gabriel Jesus originally from?

Gabriel Jesus was born and brought up in a small neighborhood of Jardim Peri in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In essence, Gabriel Jesus is an emerging talent in a Brazilian national team, currently playing as an attacker in Manchester City. Ever since her debut with local club teams in Brazil, Gabriel Jesus attracted a lot of international clubs, which made him income significantly. Apart from active football games, he has also built a net worth from brand endorsement and real-estate properties.

Finally, I hope this guide has managed to give you some valuable insight into Gabriel Jesus’ salary and net worth.

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