Architect Salary in Nigeria

Recent surveys show that the salaries of architect experts are higher than corps officers, professors, and a few medical professionals in Nigeria, but some claim that they are not earning according to the efforts they put into the work. The profession has become essential in the past few years because of new trends and improved economic conditions in the country. Currently, there are 5000 architects in the country, but the demand is still high.

Monthly Salary Range:₦123836 – ₦350000
Average Monthly Salary:₦236918
Description:An architect is responsible for designing the building with the help of technical expertise and supervising the construction to bring the client’s satisfaction.
Minimum Qualification:An aspirant should have a bachelor’s degree in architecture with an internship.

It intrigues people to pursue an architectural career in order to get high salaries. However, one should see whether these architects are getting satisfactory pay and whether there are extras available for the architects in Nigeria. Additionally, you should observe the salary structure and the responsibilities to understand all about the profession.

Overview of Architect Salary

Architects are one of the highest paying professions in Nigeria as one gets a 6-digit salary at the entry level. An architect is a person who designs buildings, including houses, malls, or hotels. He also supervises the plan to construct a building by gathering resources and checking the risk elements.

The entry-level income of an architect is ₦123,836, whereas the highest recorded according to 9 salaries is ₦350,000. If you look, the average income is about ₦236,918, and the median is ₦166,667. Not only this, but the architects also get other facilities such as extras, including bonuses and allowances if they are associated with a company.


Performance-based bonuses are often given to architects for impressive performance. If they complete a task before the due date or they provide something exceptional, then the chances are high that the artists get performance bonuses. Additionally, the overall company progress bonuses are also available for them.

Some companies offer architects accommodation by giving hotel apartments or rental expenses. Medical insurance and life insurance are also part of the extras in which one can have expensive treatment for free. Lastly, if an architect improves the qualification, then he may get a major addition to his income.

Salary Structure

There is no complication in the structure for the salaries of architects, but a few factors can influence the overall payment. For example, gender differences, education, location, and the type of firm can determine your per month salary. Additionally, experience and achievements can add increment.

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RankMonthly SalarySalary For Women
Entry level₦123,836₦112,591
Senior Level₦350,000₦318,500
Average Salary₦236,918₦215,595


Education is one of the factors that determines your salary if you are an architect. For example, the master’s degree holder gets 43% more salary as compared to his bachelor’s degree holder architect. Additionally, the highly educated ones also get superior levels.


Another factor that can determine your salary is the experience. For example, entry-level architects working in organizations with an internship of 1 to 2 years get a better amount as compared to 100% fresh colleagues. That is because the company prefers more skilled employees instead of the newly arrived ones.

Responsibilities Of Architect

  1. Designing: The very basic task of an architect is to develop a design. For this, he visits the place and meets with other experts to analyze everything.
  2. Research: An architect is not only the designer but a researcher who focuses on the resources and gathers data by conducting research.
  3. Supervising Construction: It is also important that the architect supervise the construction carefully to spot undesired mistakes.

What do architects do in Nigeria?

The architects are responsible for designing buildings and supervising the construction process.

How long is Architecture in Nigeria?

There are two programs for learning architecture. The four-year program and a three-year program are known as the Degree of Bachelor of Science.

How many registered architects do we have in Nigeria?

There are almost 5000 licensed architects in Nigeria.

How much does it cost to study Architecture in Nigeria?

It costs almost ₦1,350,000.

Where do architects work in Nigeria?

Architects work in a variety of places, such as Cloud Architect at GVA Partners, Architect at Willers Solutions, and Project Architect at MacTay Consulting.

How many female architects are in Nigeria?

There are 75% male architects and 25% female architects in Nigeria.

Architecture is an evolving field in Nigeria, and within a few years, it will become the top-earning profession. The rumors related to more effort and less value have no factual basis, so if you are eager to earn bundles of naira, then choose architecture. The salary structure with responsibilities and extras is mentioned above; thank you.

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