Taiwo Awoniyi Salary per Week and Net Worth in Naira

  • Monthly Salary: ₦152885543
  • Salary per Week: ₦38221385.75
  • Annual Salary: ₦1834626516
  • Other Income Sources: Brand Endorsements

Taiwo Awoyini is a popular Nigerian football striker who is currently playing in the Premier League Club Nottingham Forest, enjoying a significant yearly income. The player also actively participates in the country’s club football as a striker, another income source he enjoys. However, many wonder how the player is living a luxurious life while not attracting brand deals.

Are you one of them and want to know more about Taiwo Awoyini’s salary? Dive right in and give this guide a quick read.

Taiwo Awoniyi Income Details

Taiwo Awoniyi Salary
Name:Taiwo Micheal Awoniyi
Date of Birth:12/08/1997

Taiwo Michael Awoniyi, popularly known as Taiwo Awoyini, is a Nigerian football player currently playing for Nottm Forest player and enjoys a contract with the club up until June 30, 2027. According to Business Insider, he earns anywhere around ₦40,980,710 on a weekly basis. Previously, the Nigerian player has been associated with Liverpool, NEC, Mourscron, and Gent; however, the current salary is relatively higher than the previous ones.

Taiwo Awoniyi Football Player Net Worth

Most of Taiwo Awoyini’s net worth is accredited to his active participation in club football and lucrative contracts with local Nigerian teams. Despite not having direct involvement in international brands, the player enjoys a considerable net worth. If you want to know more about his net worth and market value, keep on reading this section.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Business Insider suggests that the player has an estimated net worth of anywhere around ₦3,609,310,328, including his lucrative contract with Nottm Forest. Aside from this, the player further enjoyed a lucrative salary of ₦1,739,110,320 up until 2020, when he was working with Union Berlin, though his current yearly salary is widely disputed among sports portals. A large portion of his net worth is attributed to his active participation in football as a striker.


When it comes to endorsement, there have not been many details about his campaigns, considering that the player does not approach international brands. The only endorsements he does is for local sports brands through social media. So, it is best to assume that his net worth is not significantly accredited to his brand campaigns, especially international ones.

Market Value

Despite not actively participating in brand campaigns and promotional events, Taiwo Awoyini has a massive market value, most of which is due to his stellar performances in club football. In 2022, Taiwo Awoyini was reported to be valued at ₦798,652,016, and many reports are expecting to have a similar value this season, too. This is definitely better than the amount he was having when Taiwo Awoyini was playing with Union Berlin.

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Taiwo Awoniyi Income Assets

Despite actively playing for Nigerian clubs and league teams, the player has not built many assets, or he does not like to show them in public. Whatever the case, there is still something to know about the player, like his properties and car collection. So, let us get into it.

Speaking of properties, Taiwo Awoyini recently purchased a luxury house in Nottingham, England. He currently lives with his family in his home, though he also owns several properties in Nigeria. Aside from this, the player has been discreet about his collection of cars and is only popularly seen driving an Audi Q7 on the streets of London.

How old is Taiwo Awoniyi?

Taiwo Awoyini was born in August 1997, which makes him around 26 years of age as of now in 2023.

What is the yearly salary of Taiwo Awoniyi?

On a yearly basis, the Nigerian player Taiwo Awoniyi earns anywhere around ₦2,107,303,210 associated with Nottm Forest.

How much does Taiwo Awoniyi earn on a weekly basis?

According to Business Insider, Taiwo Awoyini earns an average of ₦40,980,710 on a weekly basis. However, the amount can go up significantly based on his performance in the tournaments and medals.

For whom does Taiwo Awoniyi play?

Currently, Taiwo Awoyini plays for Nottm Forest in the Premier League Club. He originally signed the contract in 2020. Apart from this, the player also enjoys active participation as a striker in the Nigerian National Team.

When will Taiwo Awoniyi’s current contract expire?

Taiwo Awoyini’s current contract is expected to expire on June 30, 2027. There are several reports suggesting that the player will be renewing the contract with the group later after expiration.

Where is Taiwo Awoniyi originally from?

Though Taiwo Awoyini currently lives in England, he is originally from a small town in Nigeria, Ilorin.

Taiwo Awoyini is a highly successful Nigerian football striker currently playing for Nottingham Forest. Despite Taiwo not enjoying brand deals and international endorsements, the player is compensated heavily for his stellar performances in the tournament. Therefore, he has managed to build a decent income and net worth to live a luxurious life.

Finally, I hope this guide has given you a sneak peek into the salary and net worth of Taiwo Awoyini.

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