Chukwueze Salary and Net Worth in Naira

  • Monthly Salary: ₦392066093
  • Salary per Week: ₦98016523.25
  • Annual Salary: ₦4704793116
  • Other Income Sources: Not confirmed

After the transfer of Samuel Chukwueze to the AC Milan club, he is among those footballers who have been in top searches for the last few months. Chukwueze is a 24-year-old Nigerian footballer who is the fourth-best footballer in Nigeria. He plays as a right winger for both his Nigeria national football team and AC Milan, his club.

The player is known for his balance and ball control, and because he has had an interest in the game since the age of 8, he is one of the most passionate footballers in the world. With a net worth of approximately ₦ 4,200,200,000.00, the player is currently in an AC Milan club, where he has signed a five-year contract that will end in 2028.

Chukwueze is known for his super moves and is getting popular day by day because of the performance he gave and his earnings. Let’s look at the in-depth overview of Samuel Chimerenka Chukwueze and his Salary, career details, assets that belong to him, and additional income sources.

Overview of Samuel Chimerenka Chukwueze & His Salary

Chukwueze Salary
Name:Samuel Chimerenka Chukwueze
Date of Birth:22/05/1999

Samuel Chimerenka Chukwueze was born in 1999 on 22nd May and is known for being one of the most popular and rich Nigerian professional footballers. He has a good professional life and is among those players who do not prefer to spend their money on lavish lifestyles and instead focus mainly on games. He was previously playing for Villarreal CF club and has recently moved to AC Milan on a five-year contract.

Samuel is known for his flexible moves and his speed. He is one of the rough and tough players who has been playing football since he was eight. With outstanding balance and ball control, Chukwueze makes sure to deliver the best performance that is actually responsible for making him one of the favorite stars in the football world.

Here, we will talk about his career history, what he has earned, his additional income sources, and the assets that belong to him. We will also look at the details of the player’s career and how he managed to gather this much of his net worth at such a young age.

Samuel Chimerenka Chukwueze’s Career as Footballer

Samuel Chimerenka Chukwueze is one of the popular stars of football who is known for his perfection in the game. He was among those players who took up football at an early age. The Nigerian professional footballer says that Jay Jay Okocha is one of the top inspiring personalities for him, and he follows him as his idol.

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His limelight period was in the 2015 U-17 World Cup when he was playing on behalf of spain and delivered next-level performance. Here in this guide, we will look at the in-depth details of Samuel’s career, how much he has earned throughout his career, and what clubs he has joined. Let’s look at the career history of Samuel Chukwueze.


Chukwueze started his career with the Future Hope U-10 and U-8 teams when he was a student in high school. He later joined Diamond Football Academy in 2012, where he became a professional and became a competitive winger. Then, the academy made him a part of their squad.

The squad had to go for the 2013 Portuguese Youth IB ER Cup Tournament. This game was in favor of the player, and he became the highest goal scorer in that game. The Academy won the game.

After that, in 2015, 2 years later, the player got the chance to play for the Nigerian squad. It was again in the favor of the player as the team won the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup in Chile.

His performance soon got recognition, and he began attracting interest from European teams. The player, after visiting several clubs and European football teams, accepted Villarreal club because the club has a better deal for both the Academy he belongs to and him. He made his senior debut in April 2018 and was featured in the first team match of the club in September 2018.

Within a year, he became part of the Nigerian squad. This Nigerian squad won bronze in the African Cup Of Nations in 2019 when Chukwueze joined the squad. Recently, we got the news that Chukwueze has joined the AC Milan club and left Villarreal after signing a 5-year contract with his new club.

How Does He Earn? Additional Income Sources

The additional income sources of the Nigerian footballer have not been publicized by the player, but it has been said that he must be earning from sponsorships and endorsement deals. The footballer is known for his next-level performance. Because he has been in the field for the last few years, we can assume that he must not have any types of investments or other income sources because it’s been only a few years that he has become in the limelight and professional in his career.

Samuel Chimerenka Chukwueze’s Assets

When we talk about Samuel’s Assets and the possessions that belong to him, we come to know that he has not yet localized every asset that he owns. What we all know about him is that the player right now is not interested in living a lavish lifestyle; instead, he is focusing on his career.

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Moreover, from our resources, we have come to know that Chukwueze has a Mazda MX5 MIATA that costs approximately ₦ 22,681,080.00. He also owns a Toyota Prado Cruiser that is worth approximately ₦ 55,442,640.00. Moreover, in 2019, the player also bought a Mercedes Benz CLA 250 4Matic.

And when we talk about the houses, what we know is that he lives in Spain in an apartment and is the owner of a mansion in Nigeria. Although these are rumors, we have no authentic news regarding the details of the houses the player owns.

Are there any other sources of income for Samuel Chukwueze?

Well, everybody is interested in knowing the Chukwueze income sources. We have no idea about his additional income sources, and that is because he is at the very start of his career. But we can say that he must be earning from sponsorship deals and endorsement deals to some extent.

What is Samuel Chukwueze’s yearly salary?

Samuel is one of the well-known and famous Nigerian professional footballers who is also a rich football player and is currently playing for the AC Milan club. He is one of the highest-paid players in the club, earning approximately ₦ 4,704,793,116 per year as a salary from the club.

What is the net worth of Samuel Chukwueze?

Samuel Chimerenka Chukwueze started his career when he was very young. He is very skilled and has received many awards and achievements throughout his career. The player has played with different clubs and has a net worth of approximately ₦ 4,200,200,000.00 as of 2023.

Samuel Chukwueze is one of the well-known 24-year-old football players who plays as a right winger and belongs to Nigeria. He has a current market value of ₦ 16,800,800,000.00 and has earned approximately ₦ 4,200,200,000.00 as of 2023. He plays as a right winger and is known for his flexible moves, ball control, and game.

This above-mentioned guide tells you everything about Chukwueze, his assets, income sources, and career details so you can have an idea about how the player reached the place where he is today. You can have an idea about the player’s history and biography in detail above.

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