Nigerian Navy Ranks & Salary + Allowances in Nigeria

The Nigerian Navy is the largest in West Africa regarding manpower and technical superiority. Nigeria is blessed with vast coastal regions and significant maritime interests and strongly relies on its naval forces to safeguard its waters. Moreover, if you are considering joining the Nigerian Navy as a career, it is crucial to understand its pay structure.

Organization Name:Nigerian Navy
Monthly Salary Range:₦45854 – ₦1358595
Average Monthly Salary:₦702224.5
Organization Description:Nigerian Navy officers are highly trained professionals responsible for maintaining the sovereignty of Nigeria’s territorial waters and safeguarding it.
Minimum Qualification:you need to possess any of these degrees: West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level, National Examination Council (NECO), National Business and Technical Examinations (NABTEB), WAEC City and Guilds or London City and Guilds, and Ordinary National Diploma (OND).

Nigerian Navy personnel choose this field for its honor and prestige because they are not just regular employees but the guardians of the nation’s marine borders, facing threats and challenges on a daily basis. Moreover, the average monthly salary of a Nigerian Navy officer is ₦702225. Furthermore, let’s look into Nigerian Navy ranks, salaries, and allowances.

Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary + Allowances

There are various jobs and ranks under the Nigerian Navy; however, their collective mission is to protect Nigerian waters and maritime. Moreover, the average salary of the Nigerian Navy is ₦702225 per month and ₦8426700 per year. This income is just an average figure to give you an overview; the actual salary may vary.

The monthly salaries in the Nigerian Navy depend on rank, experience, and qualification. So, the more experienced and highly qualified you are, the higher your income will be.


The Nigerian Navy commissioned and non-commissioned officers get 40% of the pay as a lodging allowance. Moreover, they have barracks for accommodations, but if any of them do not have a place in the barracks, only then they will get 40% of the pay. Furthermore, they receive training allowances based on the positions they are training for.

Trainee Allowance

A Nigerian Navy trainee gets paid roughly ₦10,000 to ₦12,000 per month. Short-term cadets receive ₦15,000 to ₦20,000 per month. Moreover, regular trainers’ income at the Nigerian Defense Academy is between ₦25,000 to ₦30,000.

Salary Structure

The Nigerian Navy, the nation’s pivotal force responsible for protecting maritime interests, has a hierarchical system in operation. Moreover, this system ranks employees on their education and experience within the organization. Furthermore, there are two types of Nigerian Navy personnel: commissioned officers and noncommissioned officers.

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Commissioned Officers

The commissioned officers are typically university graduates who enter through the Nigerian Defense Academy or the Direct Short Service Commission. These officers hold the leadership roles and actively participate in the decision-making processes. Furthermore, there are eleven rank levels for these officers and get the maximum salaries; moreover, here is the tabulated list of ranks and salaries of the Nigerian Navy Commissioned officers;

RankMonthly Salary (₦)
Vice Admiral1,113,602
Rear Admiral1,003,245
Lieutenant Commander230,652
Acting Sub-Lieutenant130,852

Non-commissioned Officers

Non-commissioned officers have less say in the decision-making processes; however, they play essential roles within the Navy. These officers are enlisted through general recruitment and are referred to as the “ranks and file” of the naval forces. Moreover, here is the ranks and salaries of Nigerian Navy non-commissioned officers;

RankMonthly Salary (₦)
Warrant Chief Petty Officer120,853
Chief Petty Officer90,825
Petty Officer80,852
Leading Rating70,855
Able Rating50,855
Ordinary Rating45,854

Nigerian Navy Responsibilities

The Nigerian Navy is responsible for a range of crucial roles to ensure the security and protection of Nigerian waters. Moreover, these roles evolved and expanded with time, and here are some of the key responsibilities of the Nigerian Navy. They are responsible for;

  • The defense of Nigeria’s territorial waters, protecting it against foreign and domestic threats.
  • Protecting the Economic Exclusive Zone, which extends beyond territorial waters.
  • Ensuring a safe passage of merchant vessels to maintain the security of international trade routes.
  • Protecting and monitoring Nigerian marine ecosystem and biodiversity.
  • Projecting Nigeria’s prestige and hard power.

What is the highest rank in the Navy in Nigeria?

The highest rank in the Nigerian Navy is Admiral in the commissioned Navy.

What is the lowest pay in the Nigerian Navy?

The lowest pay in the Nigerian Navy is ₦45,854 per month.

In short, the Nigerian Navy encompasses an array of critical roles, like protecting and safeguarding Nigeria’s territorial waters and maritime interests. Furthermore, the average monthly salary of the Nigerian Navy is ₦702225 per month. However, it largely depends on the rank and the type of Navy.

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