Gold Quest International Salary in Nigeria

Do you get curious to know that big companies like Gold Quest International pay the same amount to their employees in Nigeria as they do in the US? If yes, then today’s article can help end the curiosity because some figures are given below.

Organization Name:Gold Quest International
Monthly Salary Range:₦34000 – ₦1900000
Average Monthly Salary:₦967000
Organization Description:Gold Quest International provides different services, such as device repairs, tech support, IT management, and depot services. People working with the company are liable to fulfill their responsibilities. The company works with different departments and helps them with services.
Minimum Qualification:Gold Quest International provides several services to different departments and companies worldwide, hiring people from diverse educational backgrounds. You must have relevant experience when applying for a job at this company.

A list of salaries and job titles is given so the Nigerian people can know about it. If you’re interested in working at Gold Quest International, refer to the information below before making up your mind.

Overview of Gold Quest International Salary in Nigeria

The Gold Quest International is the post-service support partner of OEMs. It has worked with over 500 companies worldwide and is still leading the market. Gold Quest International provides different services, so it has to hire professionals in various fields.

The popularity and reputation of the company make people intrigued about how much Quest International pays to employees associated with it. I ended my curiosity by discussing the salaries of some employees. Please stick till the end to know the exact figures one can make.

Hence, the average salary of a worker working at Gold Quest International is around ₦ 700,000. The employees get a decent amount every month if they are associated with the company when residing in Nigeria.

Salary Structure

The table states some employees’ salaries associated with Gold Quest International. You can refer to the table to know how much the workers earn monthly.

Job TitleMonthly Salary In Naira
Web Support₦ 2,940,140
Global Account Manager₦ 1,644,840
Depot Representative₦ 137,000
Boiler Technician₦ 126,000
Technician₦ 34,000
Senior Management Analyst₦ 720,000
Marketing Assistant₦ 336,000
Lead Internal Auditor₦ 772,836
IT Network Engineer₦ 823,000
Business Analyst₦ 714,000

An informative article with an overview of Gold Quest International’s salary is given so the people of Nigeria can have an idea. The employees associated with this company get different salary packages depending on their expertise. I hope the information was enough for you to know how much Quest International pays its workers.

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