Nurse Salary in UK

Nurses are significant members of the healthcare system who are responsible for the treatment of health conditions. Nursing is undoubtedly a rewarding profession, so if you are planning to pursue it, you must understand the salary structure as well as their responsibilities to make an informed decision. In this guide, I am going to walk you through the UK nurse salaries and their roles.

Monthly Salary Range:₦2593997.12 – ₦4062349.14
Average Monthly Salary:₦3328173.13
Description:Nurses perform the role of caregiver by ensuring that every patient receives the treatment and care they need.
Minimum Qualification:To become a nurse in the UK as a foreigner, you must have a four-year bachelor’s degree in nursing to complete a nursing program. You must possess a nursing license in your country (Nigeria), as well as English language competency as proof. In addition, you should also complete the NMC Application Assessment and pass the Computer-Based Test (CBT).

Overview of Nurse Salary in the UK

On average, nurses in the UK earn a salary of about ₦2,902,882.32. However, keep in mind that this is the estimated figure, and nurses earn more or less than the provided figure.


Nurses also get various benefits, especially if they are working in the government sector. Nurses can receive additional benefits or compensation if they work during a bank holiday, night shift, or weekend. Furthermore, nurses can also receive more if they work additional shifts.

Salary Structure

Salary in the UK depends on the sector you are working in, either private or government, as well as the qualification, experience level, and location. The following are the salaries of nurses depending on their rank and experience level:

Experience LevelSalaries
Newly Qualified Nurse (Band 5)₦28,341,413.92 Per Year (or more)
Deputy Ward Manager, Specialist nurses₦35,310,286.95 Per Year (or more)
Clinical Specialist₦43,641,008.47 Per Year (or more)
Chief Nurses₦96,153,487.09 Per Year
Nursing Consultant₦114,683,605.75 Per Year

Responsibilities of Nurse

Nursing is a healthcare profession that involves taking care of patients as well as educating them. The following is the list of responsibilities that nurses perform:

Providing Basic Care

A nurse’s main responsibility is to thoroughly take care of patients and help them recover from injury or other health conditions. Furthermore, they also prescribe medicines to the patients on the physician’s orders. Nurses also provide basic treatment such as cleaning and dressing wounds, replacing bandages, and inserting catheters.

Managing Records

Nurses also manage and maintain the patient’s records. They collect information regarding the patient’s medical history and their symptoms.

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Assessment of Patients

Nurses carry out different medical check-ups and physical examinations to assess the patient’s physical health. This examination gives doctors and nurses an idea about the patient’s health, allowing them to design treatment plans based on the results.

How much do nurses earn in the UK?

The average salary in the UK ranges typically ranges between ₦34,919,192.0 to ₦37,912,265.60 per year. However, keep in mind that the nurse’s salary might vary due to multiple factors, including the sector you are working in, location, experience level, and qualification.

In conclusion, nurses are significant members of a healthcare system that are responsible for the overall health of patients. Their annual average salary typically ranges from ₦34,919,192.0 to ₦37,912,265.60.

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