Immigration Salary Structure & Ranks in Nigeria

One job that will always remain in demand in every country is in the Department of Immigration. The same is the case with Nigeria, and when the applicants find out about the job prospects and the salary range, then the job becomes more appealing.

Organization Name:Immigration
Monthly Salary Range:₦31188 – ₦197368
Average Monthly Salary:₦114278
Organization Description:Every person who works in immigration is responsible for the people who enter and leave Nigeria. They issue and check the documents of the people and also make laws regarding immigration.
Minimum Qualification:In order to become an Immigration officer, the individual needs at least a National Diploma or Higher National Diploma.

On average, an immigration officer can easily make ₦374,259 annually. If you wish to indulge in more details about the career prospects and earnings of Immigration in Nigeria, then read the article below.

Overview of Immigration Salary Structure

Immigration officers in Nigeria are in high demand, as always. However, the salary packages are not the same for every officer; they depend upon the grade of the person. On average, the salary of an immigration officer of lower grade is ₦31,188.

On the other hand, the average monthly salary of a higher-grade officer is ₦197,368. If an officer has a higher level of qualification, they will get better salary packages as compared to those who only have diplomas.

Salary Structure

Immigration in Nigeria has many grades. Each grade has a different salary level; the average monthly as well as annual salary of each grade has been shared in the table below.

Grades in ImmigrationSalary per MonthSalary per Year
Immigration Assistant₦31,188₦374,259
Assistant Inspector of Immigration₦32,034₦384,419
Senior Inspector of Immigration₦43,753₦525,039
Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI II)₦76,914₦922,973
Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI I)₦83,155₦997,863
Deputy Superintendent of Immigration₦89,837₦1,078,050
Superintendent of Immigration₦97,752₦1,173,032
Chief Superintendent of Immigration₦103,475₦1,241,703
Assistant Comptroller of Immigration₦109,626₦1,315,516
Deputy Comptroller of Immigration₦143,543₦1,722,518
Comptroller of Immigration₦155,258₦1,863,101
Assistant Comptroller General of Immigration₦197,368₦2,368,424

Immigration Salary with Diploma

If an individual gets hired based on a diploma, then they will be hired for lower-grade positions such as Immigration Assistant or Assistant Inspector of Immigration. The salary range for such individuals will be ₦31,188 to ₦32,034.

Responsibilities of Immigration

Immigration officers are responsible for multiple things in Nigeria; however, their major responsibility is border control. This means that they are in charge of noting and controlling every single individual who comes and goes out of Nigeria. They need to check the documents and conduct searches of the luggage of every person to control contraband smuggling.

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In addition to that, verifying and issuing travel documents and passports to the people traveling is also the responsibility of immigration officers in Nigeria. Coming up with new immigration laws and making sure that each of these laws is implemented and followed is also the job responsibility of immigration officers. Ensuring that immigration fraud does not happen also falls under their job list.

What are the different salary grades for immigration officers?

There are multiple salary grades for immigration officers. They start with Immigration Assistants, Inspectors of Immigration, Assistant Superintendents, Deputy Superintendents, Chief Superintendents, and many others that come after that. The salary of each one of these grades is different.

What is the total monthly salary for an immigration officer?

The total monthly salary for an immigration officer depends upon the grade of the officer. The lower-grade officers earn a monthly salary of ₦31,188, which can increase with time. On the other hand, the higher grade officers earn an amount much higher than this, approximately around ₦155,258 to ₦197,368, depending upon their grade.

What are the career prospects for immigration officers in Nigeria?

The career prospects for immigration officers in Nigeria are very promising. There are always opportunities for promotion and growth in this career. Furthermore, along with promotion in the same department, there is also the option of getting transferred to some other government agency with a better salary package.

What are the educational qualifications required to become an immigration officer?

In order to become an immigration officer in Nigeria, the person needs to have the National Diploma or the Higher National Diploma minimum. Ideally, those candidates who have a Bachelor’s degree in Law, Security and Strategic Studies, International Relations, Political Science, or any other similar field are preferred.

What is the age limit for becoming an immigration officer?

The age limit for becoming an immigration officer is 18 to 30 years. The applicant needs to be older than 17 and younger than 31; otherwise, their application will not get accepted.

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