NESREA Salary in Nigeria

NESREA is an environmental agency working towards the enforcement and maintenance of environmental policies established at local and international levels. The agency actively recruits employees and offers a fair share of salary and fringe benefits on a monthly basis.

Organization Name:Environmental Protection, Environmental Regulation Enforcements
Monthly Salary Range:₦10000 – ₦314994
Average Monthly Salary:₦162497
Organization Description:Ensuring the implementation of government’s policies for environmental protection
Minimum Qualification:West African Senior School Certificate passed by NECO National Examination Council, undergraduate and graduate qualification (for some roles). Preference is given to people with a background in environmental protection.

Are you interested in knowing more about NESREA’s salary and department ranks? Here is a quick one-stop guide on the salary scale, departments, and extra benefits the NESREA staff enjoys.

NESREA Salary Overview

NESREA is one of the leading government agencies working for the regulation and protection of environmental laws implemented in the country. The agency offers highly competent salary packages and increments based on their ranks, qualifications, and expertise in the field. The best part is that it offers individual-specific bonuses to employees who have a background in environmental protection.


Aside from the monthly salary, NESREA employees enjoy a fair share of benefits and allowances, depending on their working role, qualifications, and number of years they have served in the positions. However, if we discuss the allowances, NESREA staff enjoy insurance, medical waiver, pension schemes, paid leaves, rent allowance, transportation, and other fringe amounts accordingly. This amount is applicable to all employees, irrespective of their qualifications.

Nesrea Employees Salary Structure

Though NESREA is distributed into several departments, its salary structure is set into a hierarchy applicable to all ranks working in the organization. Here is a breakdown of the salary structure applicable to the NESREA employees.

Level 1-6

These levels include NYSC Corps members, who usually get a monthly stipend anywhere between ₦10,000 and ₦15,000.

Level 7

Level 7 employees working in NESREA earn anywhere between ₦73,231 and ₦106,633.

Level 8

Level 8 employees in the organization have an estimated salary between ₦87,358 and ₦143,572.

Level 9

Level 9 employees have a monthly salary of anywhere between ₦103,054 and ₦161 681.

Level 10-11

Level 10 and 11 employees have a similar monthly salary range, anywhere between ₦121,233 and ₦179,469.

Levels 12-13

These two levels have a similar salary range. It lies anywhere between ₦175,499 and ₦221,399 on a monthly basis.

Level 14

The employees working at level 14 earn anywhere between ₦240,202 and ₦314,994, respectively.

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Level (Based on Position in a Department)Salary Range (Monthly)
Level 1-6₦10,000 and ₦15,000
Level 7₦73,231 and ₦106,633
Level 8₦87,358 and ₦143,572
Level 9₦103,054 and ₦161, 681
Level 10-11₦121,233 and ₦179,469
Levels 12-13₦175,499 and ₦221,399
Level 14₦240,202 and ₦314,994

Responsibilities of NESREA Employees

NESREA has several departments working in collaboration to ensure environmental protection. Here is a breakdown of the roles played by NESREA employees based on their department.

Inspection and Enforcement Department

  • Coordinating the entities and corporation bodies working for environment promotion.
  • Enforcing the compliance of the agency to the laws, rules, and guidelines for chemical handling and commercial pollution.
  • Ensuring compliance with the environmental legislation.

Planning and Policy Analysis Department

  • Ensuring effective promotion of emerging and established policy issues.
  • Adapting to stakeholders’ feedback for better engagement in environmental governance.
  • Capacity building and strengthening the situation of environmental governance within Nigeria.
  • Monitoring the agency’s running programs and events for better quality assurance.

Environmental Quality Control Department

  • Monitoring and endorsing national regulations on air and water quality.
  • Collaborating with local authorities to maintain ecosystem integrity and human health.
  • Compiling emission databases for further monitoring and enforcement.
  • Enforcing the guidelines for international environmental agreements.
  • Enforcing control measures on vegetation protection.

What is the full form of NESREA?

The full form of NESREA is the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency.

How much does a beginner earn at NESREA?

An entry-level employee working at NESREA earns around ₦10,000 on a monthly basis.

What is the highest salary of a NESREA employee?

The highest reported salary of a NESREA employee is anywhere around ₦314,994.

How many departments does NESREA have?

There are a total of three departments in NESREA, including the Inspection and Enforcing Department, the Planning and Policy Analysis Department, and the Environmental Quality Control Department.

Does NESREA have a salary rank system?

Yes, NESREA has a dedicated salary rank system. It consists of 14 ranks for all departments on the basis of position in each department.

NESREA actively recruits employees in all three departments. The thing that attracts most aspiring professionals to the agency are their impressive pay packages and extra benefits. I hope this guide has been helpful in providing you with a sneak peek of the NESREA salary scale.

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