HYPPADEC Salary in Nigeria

The Hydroelectric Power Producing Areas Development Commission (HYPPADEC) is responsible for addressing the ecological challenges that arise from the operations of hydroelectric dams. Their main goal is to promote the socioeconomic development of communities affected by the hydroelectric dam operations in different states. Wondering how much does a person earn at HYPPADEC?

Organization Name:HYPPADEC (Hydroelectric Power Producing Areas Development Commission)
Monthly Salary Range:₦18900 – ₦43163.75
Average Monthly Salary:₦31031.875
Organization Description:HYPPADEC is a federal government agency that focuses on preventing and addressing ecological challenges caused by the operation of dams. They play a significant role in the improvement of the environment.
Minimum Qualification:To join any federal government agency, you must at least have a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree from an accredited university in any relevant field. Furthermore, you must also possess a WAEC, SSCE, NECO (minimum 5 credits), HND, or NCE to get admitted into any federal government agency. Moreover, the qualification depends on what post you are applying for at HYPPADEC.

I am going to walk you through the roles and responsibilities of HYPPADEC staff and their salary structure. Therefore, keep reading to enlighten yourself.

Overview of HYPPADEC Salary

The salary of any staff at HYPPADEC depends on their grade, experience level and qualification. You can expect to earn an average monthly income of about ₦62,063.75. However, keep in mind this is only the approximate amount; you may earn more or less than the stated figure.


Individuals applying for government agencies like HYPPADEC can expect to receive bonuses and allowances. However, allowances and bonuses depend on your performance, success in projects, and grade level. The bonus might also vary from agency to agency.


The salary structure of any government agency is generally the same. The staff’s salary depends on their promotion, grade level, years of experience, and more. Let me list the salaries of HYPPADEC staff at different posts and grade levels.

Creer LevelEstimated Salaries
Entry-Level₦18,900 Per Month
Mid – Level₦43,163.75 Per Month

Moreover, salaries vary from post to post and depend on the position you are applying for. In addition, salaries may also vary by city due to the difference in living costs and demand.

Responsibilities of HYPPADEC

HYPPADEC is a federal agency with one core aim. So, what are its responsibilities? Let me list them down.

Development of Affected Areas and Environmental Sustainability

HYPPADEC’s main aim is to focus on certain regions or areas negatively affected by the hydroelectric dam. One of their mission also includes effectively managing the resources in a cost-effective and transparent manner. Additionally, their main priority is the development of the targeted areas or regions.

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In conclusion, HYPPADEC is a government agency that was established to address the ecological problems in certain regions affected by hydroelectric dams. They focus on environmental sustainability. The entry-level staff with little to no experience earn the approximate amount of ₦18,900.

Furthermore, keep in mind that an individual’s salary significantly depends on their experience, qualification, grade, and promotion. Lastly, the salary also depends on the position you are applying for.

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