NITDA Salary in Nigeria

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) is an IT sector regulating body that works under the Federal Government of Nigeria. The agency is responsible for implementing policies regarding information technology. IT is one of the sectors that are growing faster than any other industry because of new trends in businesses.

Organization Name:NITDA (National Information Technology Development Agency)
Monthly Salary Range:₦22500 – ₦258333
Average Monthly Salary:₦140416.5
Organization Description:Developing and deploying policies and strategies regarding IT and ensuring consumer protection for fair competition.
Minimum Qualification:The applicant should have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a related field and be registered with the Computer Professional Council of Nigeria.

Therefore, reforming NITDA can help the government to widen the fabric of the IT Industry in Nigeria. The government has reformed the ranking structure and increased the salary of the NITDA workers to bring out the quality. Let’s dig into the details of how this institute works and see the sphere of its financial matters, such as salaries, extras, and so on.

Overview of NITDA Salary

The IT sector is increasing by leaps and bounds, and to control this huge progress, the Nigerian government needs a body that can deal with the barriers and develop policies to clear the path of development. For this, the government has formed an agency called NITDA for the IT sector. It is one of the most famous agencies in Nigeria because of its success and the salaries it pays to the employees.

According to a report, the minimum salary of an employee at the energy level is ₦22,500, and the maximum pay is ₦258,333 monthly. The average salary in the department is about ₦140,417, and the expected median is ₦24,958. Interestingly, the agency also offers its employees a list of the extras.


It is a growing sector, so the agency offers a number of extras to its employees. Firstly, a NITDA employee gets housing allowances from the department whether an employee receives an apartment or rental expenses from the department. Additionally, an employee gets medical allowances such as free or subsidized treatment by the agency in a famous and first-class hospital.

Because the department belongs to the government, the employees receive a heavy amount as a pension at the end of the job. In case there is an accident, the employee can get paid leave from the agency. Lastly, there are performance allowances and bonuses based on the performance of an employee in the department.

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Salary Structure

The ranking system is a bit complicated in the NITDA as the agency depends upon hundreds of employees. Each one is designated with a rank in which he can exercise limited power, and there is a proper hierarchy in the agency. The lower ranks get minimum salaries as compared to the higher ones.

Intern INTERNSHIP₦ 22,500₦ 19,125
Program Officer CONTRACTOR₦ 200,000₦ 170,000
Legal Officer₦ 250,000₦ 212,500
NYSC Youth Corper₦ 20,833₦ 17,708
Accountant₦ 26,000₦ 22,100
Computer Engineer INTERNSHIP₦ 15,583₦ 13,2455
Software Developer₦ 166,667₦ 141,6665
SCIENTIFIC OFFICER₦ 191,667₦ 162,9165
Software Engineer₦ 43,083₦ 36,6205
Industrial Placement Student₦ 10,417₦ 8,8545
Cybersecurity Analyst₦ 26,083₦ 22,1705
Cybersecurity Officer₦ 258,333₦ 219,5835


Gender can create a major difference in salary in an agency. NITDA structure is also based on the traditional ways as it is a governmental body, so NITDA salaries for women are almost 12% to 15% less than their male counterparts. The difference is clear in the table mentioned above.


According to the reports, the number of employees living in bigger cities is higher than the smaller ones. For example, the NITDA department located in Cape Town offers higher salaries to its employees than the Hogsberg and Clarens. That is because the bigger cities have large departments with experienced employees; therefore, NITDA needs to pay them more for their qualified services.

Responsibilities of NITDA Employee

  1. Developing Policies: The first and foremost part of the NITDA employee is to develop policies. These policies are related to the development of the IT agency to enhance the IT business in Nigeria.
  2. Implementing Strategies: Implementation is tougher than the development of a policy. That is because the higher authorities should divide the duties perfectly so the employees can carry out and implement the orders.
  3. Research: The last part is to research which the employees see the mistakes in their policies and find out the ways to fix problems.

NIDA has played a crucial role in the development of the IT sector in the past few years. If we see the graph of the NIDA successes, the progress in the IT business is clearly visible. We should acknowledge the planning and strategies of the agency and appreciate the complicated structure of employees NITDA is dealing with efficiently.

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