ICPC Salary in Nigeria

Do you know what ICPC is and how much it pays its employees? The Independent Corrupt Practices is a public agency that aims to eradicate illegal and corrupt practices. All the employees are hired at different ranks, according to which the salary and allowances are determined.

Organization Name:ICPC (Independent Corrupt Practices)
Monthly Salary Range:₦53000 – ₦138500
Average Monthly Salary:₦95750
Organization Description:The ICPC, or Independent Corrupt Practices, is an agency that hires many workers of different ranks. All the employees are responsible for passing laws and taking preventive measures against corruption in the country. They deal with the public sector and try to eradicate illegal practices.
Minimum Qualification:The employees are hired according to their qualifications and experience in ICPC. An employee with an SSCE certificate is employed as an Assistant Detective Superintendent, whereas the NCE certificate holder is hired as an Assistant Chairman. Hence, the educational requirements are different for each rank.

If you’re an NCE certificate holder and want to join ICPC, dig into the details below. It will help you understand the salary structure according to rank and experience.

Overview of ICPC Salary

The Independent Corrupt Practices or ICPC is an agency in Nigeria that fights corruption. It is a public agency that deals with corruption and implements laws and preventive measures. Like all the other agencies, the ICPC hires employees at different ranks and pays them according to their job titles.

Although the pay might not be similar to the EFCC, it isn’t bad. If you want to join the ICPC but aren’t sure about the salary structure, ranks, and allowances, refer to the information below. It will help you understand how the salaries are categorized.


The ICPC workers get allowances like all other government employees in Nigeria. They get training allowances, parking allowances, transport allowances, maintenance allowances, and accommodation allowances as well.

The ICPC pays reasonable allowances to all employees. More than ₦ 200,000 are set aside for these employee allowances and bonuses.

Salary Structure

The salary structure of the ICPC employees is explained in the table below. After getting hired by this public agency, people are paid according to their ranks.

RankMonthly Salary in Naira
Chairman₦ 138,500
Assistant Chairman₦ 120,500
Director₦ 105,000
Deputy Director₦ 92,000
Assistant Director₦ 80,500
Chief Investigator₦ 70,500
Assistant Chief Investigator₦ 63,000
Assistant Chief Detective Superintendent₦ 56,000
Detective Superintendent₦ 54,000
Assistant Detective Superintendent₦ 53,000

A brief article on the ICPC salary is written so Nigerians can know about this public agency’s salary structure. Interested people can apply for a position and earn a decent monthly salary.

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They get a monthly allowance depending upon their rank. I hope the information was helpful for everyone who is looking for a position at ICPC.

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