ODG Africa Salary in Naira

Do you know about the Outstanding Diamond Group or ODG Africa? If yes, then you must be intrigued about how much the group pays to the professionals hired to train Nigerian people. The article overviews how much ODG spends on paying professionals to help people earn money.

Organization Name:ODG (Outstanding Diamond Group)
Monthly Salary Range:₦2862125 – ₦5315375
Average Monthly Salary:₦4088750
Organization Description:The Outstanding Diamond Group provides training and mentorship to people who need help. It ensures that people learn business-building skills to earn a decent amount every month.
Minimum Qualification:Every employee’s academic requirements differ because of their job. An interior designer must have a creative educational background, whereas an engineer must have a relevant degree. It is essential to fulfill the criteria to get associated with ODG South Africa.

If you wish to work with this group, you’ll find the information interesting. The hands-on training sessions and mentorship make employment easy and enjoyable.

Overview of ODG Africa Salary

The ODG, or Outstanding Diamond Group South African, is a business owner group aiming to eradicate poverty in Nigeria. Their mission is to help the Nigerian people by providing training, mentorship, and developing business-building skills. The ODG has around 500 employees to provide services to people.

A common question that crosses people’s minds is how much ODG pays its employees, considering that it aims to make everyone independent. The discussion in the article revolves around the salaries ODG pays their employees. You can stick around if you want to know the exact figures.

Hence, the Outstanding Diamond Group pays a decent amount to employees for training and mentoring people. They make sure to retain the talent and pass it on to others who can take advantage of it.

Salary Structure

The table below has different salaries according to the job titles of employees at ODG. It helps to know about the annual salaries of employees working in this group.

Job TitleAnnual Salary in Naira
Senior Business Analyst₦ 62,966,750
Senior Mechanical Engineer₦ 65,420,000
Interior Designer₦ 36,798,750
Rdh₦ 55,607,000
Senior Content Writer₦ 39,252,000
Special Projects₦ 34,345,500
DevOps Engineer₦ 63,784,500


The Outstanding Diamond Group has only one mission: to help all Nigerians overcome poverty. All the employees at ODG have a few responsibilities that are mentioned below.

  • They are hired to train Nigerians and help them develop entrepreneurial skills.
  • The employees at ODG must be good mentors. They should help develop business-building skills.
  • The staff at ODG must be excellent at business development and cooperative training to pass it on to others.

A brief yet informative article on ODG Africa’s salary is written so people can know about it. The group aims to make everyone independent and hires people to do so. They pay a decent amount to the professionals on a mission to eradicate poverty in Nigeria.

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