Military Nurse Salary in Nigeria

Military nursing is almost similar to civilian nursing, but keep in mind that both professionals work under different circumstances. Although their goal is expected to treat and promote the well-being and health of the patients by taking care of them, they work in different environments and scenarios. Military nurses are the nurses who work and provide their services at military hospitals, military clinics, and military bases under military organizations.

Occupation:Military nurse
Monthly Salary Range:₦100000 – ₦500000
Average Monthly Salary:₦300000
Description:Military nurses work in hospitals, mainly military hospitals, military clinics, and military bases, and ensure to treat patients and promote the health of needy people.
Minimum Qualification:BSN degree and clearance of NCLEX Exam

So, for those who are interested in becoming a military nurse, this article is for you. The article contains an overview of military nurse salaries in Nigeria: what are the chances of getting bonuses and extras in the field, what is the salary structure, and what are the professional responsibilities that you have to fulfill as a military nurse? Make sure to pay attention to the details below so you can understand everything about the military nurse salary and what you will get if you pursue the profession.

Overview of Military Nurse Salary in Nigeria

Military nursing is almost similar to civilian nursing, but as a military nurse, you have to be aware of the severity of the circumstances in which you have to work. There are chances that you have to work in war conditions, which means you have to be emotionally stable to become a military nurse. To pursue your career as an army nurse, you must have to make sure that you have a nursing degree firsthand.

Well, the minimum monthly income professional military nurses can get is approximately around ₦ 100,000, and the maximum monthly income military nurses can make is ₦ 500,000. Keep in mind the salary varies according to your education level, your rank, the certifications you have, and your skills. Moreover, the average wage a military-serving nurse in Nigeria can earn is around ₦ 300,000 per month.


As a military nurse in Nigeria, you also get lots of bonuses and student loan repayment. You also get allowances and extras as a military nurse in Nigeria, which definitely helps in living a good life. The subsidies the military agency provides to their nurse staff include;

  • Free medical care
  • Transportation allowance
  • Leave allowance
  • Retirement benefits
  • Housing allowance
  • Uniform allowance
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Salary Structure

The salaries of Nigerian military nurses are different from each other due to their professional experience, skills, certificates, and ranks. The salaries mentioned here are not the specific salary but instead are the approximate figures.

Ranks And Salaries

  • A nurse in military service earns ₦ 100,000 per month.
  • Whereas a staff nurse can earn ₦ 150,000 per month in Nigeria.
  • Moreover, senior staff nurses get a monthly wage of ₦ 200,000 as an average amount.
  • A principal nursing officer can get up to ₦ 250,000 per month.
  • Furthermore, the chief nursing officer, who is the highest rank in the military nursing field, gets an amount equal to ₦ 300,000 per month as a salary.

Professional Responsibilities

Following is the list of critical roles and responsibilities that a military nurse has to fulfill in Nigeria. Before opting for the profession, make sure to clearly understand what your rank will demand from you. Moreover, keep in mind daily duties vary according to the work setting, but the following are some of the key responsibilities that a nurse must have to fulfill as a nurse in his service.

  • The fundamental responsibility of a nurse in a military setting is to take care of patients who are ill, disabled, or unable to take care of themselves on their own.
  • They work at homes, military hospitals, and military clinics and have to provide their service in disaster areas and active war zones.
  • Military nurses also have to encounter trauma cases in emergency situations in case of emergency in the country.
  • They are responsible for providing appropriate care to make sure their patients are stable and are not critically injured in war scenarios.
  • They are also responsible for maintaining the medical records and are responsible for creating the facts and figures reports about their service.
  • They also have to assess and monitor patients in military hospitals and have to prepare and plan the proper treatment and care plans that they will give to their patients.
  • Military nurses also educate their patients about their diseases and the treatment plans that they will give them in order to develop a friendly atmosphere between them and their patients.
  • Military nurses are also responsible for treating Military Service members’ families.
  • They are responsible for the distribution of vaccinations among children in developing countries.
  • They provide caring and treatment facilities to wounded soldiers in the war times of the country.
  • Moreover, they are also responsible for providing emergency care to individuals who have suffered from man-made or natural disasters and now are in need of help.

What is the highest maximum income that you can get as a nurse in Nigeria?

The maximum monthly income that you can get as a nurse in Nigeria is ₦ 500,000 per month. To earn that much money, you have to make sure that you are properly skilled in your field, have a higher degree and extra certifications, and also have experience of more than 5 to 10 years.

What is a military nurse?

A military nurse is basically a nurse who has a military rank and serves in a significant military organization. They work under Army, Air Force, and Navy organizations and are responsible for providing treatment to ill, disabled, and dying patients to save their lives and take care of them.

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