NIMASA Salary & Levels in Nigeria

Are you curious about the salary structure of workers working at NIMASA? The Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency is responsible for safeguarding the water and monitoring the activity. People are hired to perform different responsibilities, and as a result, they earn a reasonable sum of money every month.

Organization Name:Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA)
Monthly Salary Range:₦75000 – ₦150000
Average Monthly Salary:₦112500
Organization Description:The workers of NIMASA are responsible for inspecting the Health and Safety regulations. They are liable to perform port duties and follow the rules and standards. Moreover, the NIMASA workers are responsible for maintaining security, performing coastal surveillance, and preventing pollution.
Minimum Qualification:The workers hired by NIMASA are hired and trained by the federal organization. Maritime education and training are mandatory after getting theoretical knowledge by doing courses. The NIMASA only employs qualified workers who are trained and have seagoing experience on ships.

If you’re interested in joining this federal organization and want to know the salary structure, read the information below. It will help you understand the CONRAISS salary scale better. Moreover, you’ll have an idea about the responsibilities of NIMASA workers.

Overview of NIMASA Salary

The Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, or NIMASA, is responsible for maritime labor, coastal waters, inspections, and rescue operations. It was made in 2006 and is responsible for monitoring the spillage and marine pollution in the water. The agency is responsible for many things and hires workers at every level.

It is a federal organization that follows the CONRAISS salary scale for workers. The salary structure of NIMASA isn’t different than other organizations as most workers are paid according to their level and experience. If you want to know about NIMASA’s worker’s basic salary, dig into the details to know the exact figures.

The Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, or NIMASA, hires people who are trained and have experience in the field. They are paid according to their level, which is common in most federal organizations. The average pay of an NIMASA worker is around ₦ 112,500, excluding allowances.

Workers are hired at three levels, and their pay varies according to their experience in the service. NIMASA is known for paying good salaries to their workers because they follow the Consolidated Research and Allied Institutes Salary Scale. Although the salaries are good, taxes are deducted from them.

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As mentioned, the salary structure varies according to the level and experience, but workers get allowances and benefits. The NIMASA grants benefits, but the taxes are deducted from it. The current salary structure has increments, but decrements can be made anytime.

Salary Structure

The Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, or NIMASA, has a different worker wage structure. Three categories are mentioned that explain the salaries and annual incomes of the workers working on each level.

Casual Workers

The casual workers are at the lowest level and earn between ₦ 50,000 to ₦ 75,000 each month. Workers in this category are cleaners and guards and get allowances.

Grade Level 7 Workers

The Grade Level 7 workers get ₦ 90,000 monthly and can make more than ₦ 1,000,000 annually. This amount can vary after the deduction of taxes.

Grade Level 8 Workers

The Grade Level 8 workers earn more than the Level 7 workers. They get around ₦ 103,000 in a month, excluding the benefits or allowances offered by NIMASA. The annual salary for workers of level 8 is more than ₦ 1,000,000.

Entry Level Workers

The entry-level workers at NIMASA have a monthly salary of ₦ 150,000. They make around ₦ 2,000,000 annually, the highest amount amongst all the levels.

Responsibilities of NIMASA Employees

The responsibilities of NIMASA workers are explained below.

  • Firstly, the workers are liable to regulate the matters related to shipping and supervise the process. Moreover, they must ensure safety during navigation and construction.
  • The workers should prevent pollution and secure water territory.
  • The NIMASA officers must ensure security measures and follow the rules. All the safety measures should be followed throughout the operations.

How much does the NIMASA pay?

The NIMASA pays around ₦ 90,000 to ₦ 150,000 to workers at different organizational levels. These figures will vary according to the benefits or allowances given to each worker every month.

How many departments are in NIMASA?

Eight departments are present under the Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency. These departments work on separate things and report to the Director or CEO.

Is NIMASA a government agency?

The NIMASA, or Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, is a federal agency that secures the water territory. It is one of the best federal agencies that ensures safety and prevents pollution.

A detailed article on NIMASA salary is written so people can know about the salary structure and allowance. It is a federal organization that hires people and pays a reasonable sum of money every month.

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Workers fulfill their responsibilities and earn bonuses or incentives. The agency can alter the salary structure and the allowances given to workers.

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