Direct Short Service Ranks of Army, Navy & Air Force with Salary

Have you been nursing the dream of joining the Nigerian Army but couldn’t get in because of multiple reasons? The DSSC is a great opportunity for all the graduates who wish to join forces and get ranks like military officers. It is a commission that hires graduates and gives them ranks and salaries like a regular military officer.

Go through the details below to know the ranks for the Direct Short Service Commission after you join the Army, Navy, or Air Force. The tables show the monthly salaries of officers according to their ranks. It is a great opportunity to live your childhood dream after getting a degree.

Direct Short Service Ranks

The DSSC or Direct Short Service Rank Commission is open for civilians and serving military personnel. The DSSC recruitment is organized by the Nigerian military for the graduates only. Nobody can apply for a rank if they do not have a degree.

The Commission is only meant for professionals who have experience and knowledge related to a specific field. If you’re confused about how DSSC differs from the regular officers, just know that regular officers have more experience and do both military and academic training.

The salary for the recruiters for the Direct Short Service Commission differs according to rank. Salaries are different for the Nigerian Army Direct Short Service and Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service. The tables below will help you know the monthly salaries according to ranks.

Salary For Nigerian Army Direct Short Service Ranks

RankMonthly Salary in Naira
Lieutenant₦ 180,000
Captain₦ 220,000
Major₦ 300,000
Lieutenant Colonel₦ 350,000
Colonel₦ 550,000
Brigadier General₦ 750,000

Salary For Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service Ranks

RankMonthly Salary in Naira
Sub Lieutenant₦ 219,985
Lieutenant₦ 294,955
Lieutenant Commander₦ 340,967
Commander₦ 402,976
Captain₦ 450,975
Commodore₦ 745,979

Salary For Nigerian Air Force Direct Short Service Ranks

RankMonthly Salary In Naira
Flying Officer₦ 218,400
Flight Lieutenant₦ 232,484
Squadron Leader₦ 248,004
Wing Commander₦ 342,586
Group Captain₦ 352,631
Air Commodore₦ 677,895

The three tables above can help Nigerians have an idea about the salary structure of graduates hired by the DSSC. These salaries and ranks are the same as the regular officers or cadets who are hired by the Nigerian military. If you have a degree and want to join the forces in Nigeria, getting recruited by the DSSC is a great option.


A brief yet informative article on the Direct Short Service Ranks is written so all the graduates can have an idea about the salary structure. The Army, Navy, and Air Force ranks are mentioned along with salaries.

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These are the same as the officers of the Nigerian military but have more experience. Apply for a rank and enjoy the perks of other military officers in the country.

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